Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun at the Park

Hi my friends
Don't you get so excited when a dream is about to come true? I had a dream last night, that my moms and I, were going to the park. And guess what? Well that is what happened.
My moms packed us a nice lunch- sammwiches, blue berry yogurt, bananna and moutain fresh water, and off we went to the nature park.
First of all kids and I, sharred all the fun stuff together. This slide was a lot of fun. When I slid to the bottom of the slide, a little brown eyed kid came over and placed a big kiss on my head, and then ran off giggling.

Have you ever wanted to go higher and higher? That is how I felt. I told moms to push me high above the clouds! Don't you just feel free when you swing? I do.

This was a little pony ride. It was kinda slow, and I am used to much faster.

My moms and I took a liitle nap after we ate our lunch.
But, I did not sleep long as I heard something down by the water sprinklers.
I thought I heard little crys of HELP! So off I ran, to go see what was wrong.
What do you think I found?

This little baby bird was sitting on the hot cement crying,,,," Help Me, my foot is stuck." I was not sure what to do. I tried to help- but I felt helpless. Have you ever felt that way? Helpless?

The baby bird said, "I had come to the park with my other brothers and sisters , and was having a happy time in the trees. My mom had told me about the fresh water, so I hopped down to the sprinkler to get a cool drink and I stepped on something squisssshy. And now look what happened"
Oh, I said to the little bird, if you can just move a tiny bit- then I can see.
You won't believe what was stuck on the little birds foot. It was a big was of pink bubble gum!
I thought for a moment, then I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and pulled and pulled the gum right off the little birds foot.
Ohhhhh, he was free at last, and immediately flew up to the tree tops, where his family was waiting. They were all so happy, they started singing.
I have always wondered why birds sing- it's because they are happy.

I ran back through the park trails to where moms were waiting for me. I picked up the piece of gum and threw it in the trash where it belonged

I passed by these flowers that Mother Earth planted. I stopped for a moment to smell them, ohh so sweet, they smelled like grapes.
When I got back to moms, they wondered where I had been, and wondered how I got bubblegum all over my mouth, and my feet.
I told them it was a secret,,,,,,, but you know,,,,,,,,- right?
How can a little piece of gum cause so much trouble?
I am sleepy now, so I am going to nap, and maybe dream a little, about happy birds

So until later



Thursday, May 28, 2009

When Your Feeling

Hi everyone,
I wonder if you have ever felt like you accomplished something, and it made you feel so proud?
I am feeling that way.
I feel like I have won a fast race.
I feel like I have taken my best dog bone to the fair and won a ribbon.
I feel like I won the American dog idol barking contest.
I feel like I learned a new trick and got a diploma and hat for my head.

You know I like to think,,,, and this is what I am feeling right now.

It is because of You, that I have these Awards.
You are the Reason, that I have become what I am.
Your cheering in the background keeps me going.
And so I thank all of you.

Look what was presented to me

This is the Splash Award that Mr James Parker( James Parker Art ) has passed to me. It is for being "alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive and inspiring".

When I looked at this award- I thought of someone- do you know who? (My friend Puff the Magic Sea Horse).??(And big splashes)

To be honest, I do amuse myself sometimes


This is the Kreativ Award that my friends Chase and the the TN Bull Terrors have passed to me.
I have received this award in the past and I thank you so much for honoring me again.

I thought maybe I could find some new things about me that you might not know.

1. I go around in a circle about 15 times before I go potty.

2 My mama and I have snooring contests. zzzzzzzzzz

3. Every nite at bed time, I play chase me if you can.

4. If someone comes to the door, I sound very mean. (and stay sounding mean)

5. Some people don't understand - that its ME that has storys to tell.

6. I love the forests.

7. My drinking water comes up from the roots of a tree.

It's not right for me to accept these without thanking you.

So that is what I am doing. It is too hard to choose who to pass these onto, so I would like to pass these awards onto anyone who would like to come visit me, and share some time.Will you come?

Nitey nite everyone, I will see you in my dreams.



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"There she is- my home"

Hi my friends,
I thought you might like to see where I live. So grab yourself a cup of tea, and lets go see a few sites. It will only take a minute- do you have time to come with me?

There she is- the big old farm home. Look at the big tree. It's almost as big as the house!
Well come on, lets take a look around. Here it is- this is home. This old house is 100 years old.
This is the yard that has the grass that I like to eat. And I run and play in this yard.

This is something my mama made out of a fallen bamboo tree. It makes pretty sounds when the wind blows . It's a nice way to remember the bamboo tree.

This was a massive project my moms did in a weekend. It's called a Pergula. They built it to give the flowers some shade while they rest. Do you see my little garden in the back corner, next to the soft tub?
Do you see the tall fence? That keeps the cougars, and deer- out of the yard - and me in the yard.

This is one of my friends. I am giving him a big kiss. He is quite friendly.

Lets tip toe on past the big crane, I don't want to disturb him. Do you see him in the Iris flowers?

This is my fern forest . We have LOTS of birds, owls , little snakes, chipmonks, squirrels, deer and a big cat called (a cougar)and oh yes, a creek.
The air smells fresh . We love to listen to all the sounds. If you listen quietly- you may hear the trickle of the little stream. We can sit here for awhile if you like. I am going to lay here in the sun for a bit and take a little nap.
I hope you enjoyed coming with me for the tour.
So until later,
Nitety nite

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Sink your roots into the ground"

If you need answers- sometimes its best to search.

I decided that if I was going to find the answers, that I was searching for, I would need to go look for them.
I could not wait any longer.
The time had come.
And so my story began last night, when I could not sleep.
It was a windy night, and the skys full moon had mysterous shadows that danced on the ground. I thought that I heard noises coming from the forest, so I decided it was best to go check it out.
The bedroom window was open just enough for me to slip out, and so very quitely I climbed out onto the ledge of the roof, and with a leap, I jumped down to the ground below.
This was a new experience for me to go out on my own,,,, sometimes,,, there is always a first.
I headed down the road, and through the woods, deep into the forest, to where I thought the noise was coming from. I ran as fast as I could.
I ran so hard that soon I was tired, so I sat down on a huge root that was sticking out of the soil.
All of a sudden the ground shook, and I fell off the root and tumbled into some soft moss that just happpened to be right there. Just as I was shaking myself off, a voice came from what looked to me, to be a talking tree. Not only was this tree talking, but it was leaning so much, that I thought it might fall over.
"Oh", I said to the tree, "I am Tweedles, and you must be Methuseulal. I have heard my mommy talk so much about you. You are the oldest tree in the forest, and look how huge you are! It would take at least 55 pugs to reach their arms around you! "
As I stood gazing up , Methuseulal reached one of his soft branches down to where I stood on the ground. With a soft, gentle voice, he said "hang on, little one". With one big swoop, he swooped me to the top of the tree.
He had very big eyes. Methuseulal cradled me very carefully in his arms, as he asked me "Well little one, what brings you out on a windy night like this, here in this dark forest.?"
"Well, to be honest", I said shyly, "I heard about you - you are the oldest tree in the woods, and I heard how everyone thinks you might be falling soon.
You might fall because your leaning so badly." And I have been a little worried especially hearing that sound in the forest. "
As I said these word, I felt a big sway. The branches bounced back and forth, and up and down and we rocked, and then everything was still!
"Don't worry Tweedles,,,, I was just stretching my roots. That is what keeps me standing tall in the forest,,,, is to strech your roots and hang on.
My day to fall has not come yet. No one knows when that will be.
" Who can say,,,, I wondered. ? Do we really need to know?

The words seemed to be just what I was searching for. I listened to some forest storys for a while, but then I was getting a little sleepy. By now I was worried about how I was going to get back home and into my bed.
"Hoot, hoot, hoot"....I looked up , and who do ya think came over and sat right beside me? It was my old owl friend Owlbert. He said "come one Tweedles, hop onto my back, put your paws around my neck and I will take you home." I did just what Owlbert said. I wrapped my paws deep into his feathers, layed my head on his soft warm head, and with a big swoop into the air, we were flying above the tree tops. We almost touched the moon.
Owlbert landed on the open window ledge of my bedroom, and I slid off. Owlbert gave a little wink, and then was gone.
I quicky jumped onto the bed and slipped under the blankys- just as if I had been there all night.

I will never forget the words of Methusula when he told me the secret is to stretch your roots, and just cause your leaning- does not mean you will fall soon. I am glad to hear that.
I can sleep better now.
And so everyone-
Nitey nite

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Because You Asked Me

Hi my friends,
I have been in deep thought ever since I received a new award from (the artist).James Parker Art
Sometimes it seems that, I am spilling over with thoughts. But then sometimes the thoughts never make it into a sound, to come out of my lips. Do you ever struggle with what you want to say?

Thinking, thinking , thinking. What a journey life has taken me on.
How can I tell you where the road has taken me?
And so, sitting in the sunshine, seems to help me get a clear perspective.
The Noblesse Award

Mr James Parker James Parker Art has presented me with the Noblesse Oblige Award. I am forever grateful, for his thoughtfulness.
I will need to put on my thinking cap, and share my words with you.
Look at the award. Isn't it magnficent? Read the details listed below, and then I will share my thoughts.
(1) Blog manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervade different cultures and beliefs.
(2) The blog contents inspire...striving to encourage and offer solutions.
(3) There is a clear purpose of the blog. One that features a better understanding on social, political, economic issues, and the arts, culture, sciences and beliefs.
(4) Blog is refreshing and creative
(5) Blog promotes friendship and positive thinking.
Bloggers who receive this award should....
(1) Create a post with mention and link to the blogger who presented the award to you.
(2) Display award conditions in the post.
( 3) Write some comments or a short story about what your blog has achieved..possibly citing an older post.
(4) The Noblesse Oblige award should be presented to bloggers in concurrence with the conditions.
(5) The award logo should be displayed somewhere on the blog.

I have an imagination that never ends. Or is it insite? I must say it is like magic to see the world through my eyes. Through bloggie- my mind can run free!
Sometimes I don't know what is real. But, does it really matter?
If I think it,,,,,,, then it's real. And if I share it with you- then you feel the magic too, and you always tell me so.
We are all so different.
We look different.
We talk different.
Our lives are different.
And YET,,,, we can still be friends.
Our beliefs can be different,,,,,,, And we can still be friends.
In some ways we are the same- we all have hearts that beat.
We all feel.
In my eyes, we are all equal. My hope, is that someday the world will feel the same way.
I have made many friends on bloggie, that I care so deeply for. Who would have ever thought that I would have friends that are famous bloggers and famoust artists and famous poets!
It's a world that I love, everyone cares for each other. Our world, that we share.
And I know everyone wants peace.,,,,, It's a good feeling in the heart.
Blogging has been a challenge- something I never thought I could do- but I overcame.,,,,,,,
Who ever thought a pug could blog?
Who would have ever thought someone would ask me what I thought?
After much thought, I would like to pass this award onto :
Sandra y Coco at PUGnetwork
The Blog of Manon Doyle
Diane's Mixed Art
The moon is shinning and the stars are out, so it is time for me to join you in my dreams and to say,
Nitety nite

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am coming home

Hi everyone.

What a fun time we had a PartyPalooza @ Emmitt's , but here I am coming home for my 3 year Birthday!

Many of you already wished me a Happy Birthday, and I thank you for those specially kind wishes.

But I wanted to share with you- the happenings.
My birthday was a fun day, and mama surprised me by making me another new outfit, all hand made.

What do you think?

Wouldn't you like to wear something so cheerful? I feel like I have gum drops stuck to me!

I have so many clothes now that moms had to buy me 20 little minature red hangers to hang all my outfits on.

This one is real fun to wear!

I had a good time playing with my duck,,,, running in the sunshine., and laughing. Have you evet heard a pug laugh! Well, I also, love to run and tease.

You would be shocked at how fast I can be! Zoom- right between your legs when you least expect it! You can't catch me! I was surprised I had so much energy after coming home from the big party at Emmitt's.

And then I had my Birthday cake with peanut butter frosting. It was soo yummy. I got a card and new toy from my moms. Ya can never have enough toys ! And if the toy basket gets full, then just get another basket.

Since my birthday was on Mothers Day, I thought I would share the cards I got for my moms.

Aren't they just enormously huge? Moms loves them. Some of the things I got for my moms was a lilac tree, and a Hops tree, and a beautiful Columbine.
It made them soo happy. I hope your moms Mothers Days were good too.
So until next time, I will say.
Nitey nite,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rainbow in the Stars

Hi everyone,

You would never know that PartyPalooza 2009 is on its final days. Everyone has been still having such a good time. Dogs and cats running everywhere. Games being played and plenty of food from Emmitt's kitchen. Emmitt has just plain outdone himself with all the entertainment and food that he has provided for us. Card games are being played, hoola hoops are twirling, tug of war games, keroki (not sure how to spell it) , more paw painting, face paintings,hiking, fishing. Some dogs and cats are still walking around in costumes. Toys are everywhere. Big balls of yarn are unraveled, and hanging from the curtains, and even up the trees. Virus , Alice and Jane are looking quite entertained.

Pop corn is everywhere! And no one has started packing to leave!

I woke up early this morning to the sound of the roosters crowing, and the sounds of snooring from all the dogs. I am not sure what was the loudest. I pulled off my ear muffs, and tiptoed quietly, being very careful not to step on any tails or paws, and I went outside just in time to see the clouds disappear. Another day- is here and I want to make sure I live every second of it.
I am not sure if it is going to be sunny or cloudy- it really does not matter. It is very beautiful.

I took a little walk and saw some pretty rocks along the path. There, among the stones was this word,,,,, Imagine. It is my mama's favorite word in the whole world. It was carved so delicately ,,,,, Imagine. That word is my favorite word too. I miss my moms. Tomorrow I go home and I should have a Birthday cake for me, cause I will be 3.
I did not want to be gone for long, cause I knew everyone would be getting out of bed and the partying will once again begin. I did not want to miss a minute.

But, as I was heading back to the house, I noticed a hot air balloon was sitting in the middle of the yard. I followed the trail of cookie crumbs from the balloon to the pond,,, and there was Stinky Feet, James Parker Art with all the dogs and cats and they were skipping stones! I ran as fast as I could to join in the game! The party had already begun!

At our bonfire tonight, we were all sitting around in our big circle, shoulders- touching- shoulders, paws touching paws. We sang songs and told storys. We talked about the wonderful time we had.

Emmitt talked about what it was like having an artist for a mom and how his mom inspires him, and then he inspires her, it's a sharring thing.

And Stinky Feet was with us too. Sitting there with Taco Bell and Pokey, listening, just as if he was one of us furry creatures. Every now and then he would wink at us, and his eyes just sparkled with smiles. He had some great stories and poems that made us laugh!

During a quite moment, I looked up in the sky and saw something very strange.

The stars were moving, they seemed to be following each other . They stretched across the sky and then formed this,,,,,, what does it look like to you?

To me, it looks like a rainbow of stars. If you look very closely, you will see what looks like names on the stars. Do you see them? What do you think about the rainbow of stars?
I have my own thoughts that are through my eyes, but I wondered what you thought. Tell me.

Suddenly dancing broke out around the bon fire and everyone was up dancing, singing and eating. I started stuffing food into my mouth and joined the party.

This party has been something to remember forever! Tomorrow I think we will all join in the clean up, as we want everything spic and span for when Emmitt's parents come home. And we have got to get some tricks or obedience learned! We have a lot to do!

T h a n k y o u so much Emmitt, for sharing your home and your world with us. We know the word thank you, does not seem like much, but it comes from our heart. We had the time of our lives
Nitey nite

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More fun at Party Palooza 2009

The fun just goes on and on. Let it rain, let it pour, let it be sunny. What a day!

New guests arrived. I could hardly believe my eyes when up the road on motor cycles came Apollo and Travis, Hank and Lex! Woah! That was some site. You should have seen them!

Travis was speaking over the roar of the bikes to Emmitt, "hey you want to go for a spin"? And, the brave soul that Emmitt is, he said "sure", so off they rode. They were gone for about an hour, and here they came back, pulling a little cart full of pizza! Pizza for everyone. It was tongue lickin good! Everyones favorites, cheese, sausage, peperoni, bacon, tomatoes. Yum.

The very still mountain air turned to a breeze, and the sky had just began to have a few clouds, and it looked like a cloud show! So beautiful.

And then over our heads, in just a matter of minutes, the clouds parted, and a beautifully huge hot air balloon started coming down from the sky. Over the sides bounded Pugsley, Java, Melby, Moe, Melin, Rosie, Daisy & Pearl. They looked like they had just had a thrilling ride! Hair and tails were blowing every which way. Look who is flying the air balloon- it's Stinky Feet!
He yelled "See ya all later, I have some fish to go catch"
Emmitt, the little gentleman that he is- was right there to give pug hugs and yellow roses to everyone. Oh, everyone was so excited to meet each other, there was a lot of sniffin going on!

Of course some of us smelled like all kinds of yummy food.

Everyone helped them selves to pizza, and the wonderful meat loaf, and popcorn, ice cream and cake.

In just a short time- some of the new arrivals had their bathing suits on, and were headed to the pool to cool off- there was Melin, Melby and Pugsley doing sync diving off the diving boards, making huge splashes. And then Apollo and Lex, grabbed a skate board, and were showing off their skills. Daisy, Pearl and Rosie , had some cold drinks and were comparing earrings and were going to get in some sun rays while the sun was still in the sky.
Emmitt , and Moe, and had life jackets and were heading down to the lake to try out canoeing. I was so glad they were thinking about safety and used their life jackets.
Hank was going to do some rock climbing. So, I decided to join him, as I have always wanted to do that. I must tell you it was quite fun, even if I did stub my toe. I fell a couple times, but my safety rope saved me. Hank just pulled me back up.
My attention was brought back to the pool- from all the giggling going on, and now Daisy , Pearl and Rosie were dancing, and jumping into the pool.
I am not sure what made me think of it,,,, but then,,,,,
I remembered a conversation that I had with Howie after he left to go back home "

"This here is Howie. AnnieSmelly and JavaCheesy are sleepin. That bus ride home jest did me in, but I would love to have some more of them delicious marshmallows. Do you think Emmy's mom will suspect when she sees all the dog toys scattered about that he was not alone?
I never thought of that. I only thought about ,,,,,,,,,

A whole bunch of us, found a huge box of Emmitts mom's paints, and we took them out and we "paw painted" a whole wall. What do you think? Do you think she will notice?

Do you think she will notice all the toys everywhere? What are we gonna do?

What other kinds of fun things did you all enjoy while at Party Palooza?

The mascerade party that Emmitt had was a real trip! Wasn't it funny?

I know I did not see everything. I would like to hear some of the fun that YOU had.

Is everyone here yet? I keep looking for all of you.

I am going to head for campfire with Kong, and take my marshmellos.
Everyone is down there waiting and Emmitt is going to sing. Maybe he will teach us some tricks
And then, I am going to bed, and dream.
Sleep tite
Nitety nite

Saturday, May 2, 2009

More fun at Emmitts Partypalooza 2009

Hi everyone,

This Colorado is so beautiful. I have never smelled fresh air like this!

Here we are day 2 of the Partypalooza 2009. But before I begin , I wanted to fill you in on what else was going on last evening. Remember, I mentioned that something came driving up and all kinds of dogs and cats were making a dash to the house? The jiant taxi had come straight from the airport. If I thought we had a celebration going on before arrived- well you should see it now! Everyone was starved, so first of all- everyone ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of meatloaf. I tell you what- that is the best meat loaf I have ever eaten and everyone agreed.

Some were asking for seconds- but no worries- there was plenty to go around. Emmitt had everything your heart desired.

Later we all headed down to the campfire. It was down by the lake. The warmth from the fire felt good, and we all sat snuggled close to each other, and told stories. And then I headed to bed, however some stayed up and partied.

Saturday morning,,,
Today, bright and early the activities began. A whole bunch of little dogs and big dogs were organizing a game called chase the big ball. That is when I noticed Maggie and Mitch were out there chasing the ball with Puggles, CG, Stubby, and Lexi. Then on another team was Tee, Chase, Pokey and Taco Belle. They are so athletic and fast. They would rumble and roll through the grass, and it looked like so much fun- so here I am joining in- chasing after a ball that got away from the gang! I am not sure I was cut out for this kind of activity- so I may look for something else to participate in.

The next game was called grab the froggie and run fast. I am quite good at this game, as you can see me running with the frog. It was a lot of fun. Pugley, Java, Melby, Moe and Maggie liked this game a lot. They are all good sports and we had fun. That's what it's all about- having fun.

Kong grabbed the frog and I found out how fast he could run!

It was not long before we heard a strange sounding motor stopping out in front-, It was followed by motor cycles and camera people. It was an odd looking limosine and it stopped.

The doors opened, and who do you think came out? It was Clementine and Winston! You know they are celebraties now, as they are going to be on Americas Funniest Videos on Sunday the 3 erd/. Not only a celebratie for that, but little Clementine won the award from Valentino for being beautiful. Look at all the camera people following them!

It was soo good to see Winston and Clemmie as I have heard so much about them. Yes Clementine is beautiful.

You can only imagine how hard it is, to keep track of everyone as they have arrived.
If I have missed anyone,,,, please know I have been looking for you!
Just when I think I am waiting for someone to arrive- there they are sitting on a bench together- for instance Suzukie and Checkers! I am not sure what they were talking about, good times I guess!

And there goes Hank , Gus and Waldo with their fishing poles. Where are they going?
Then we all heard an announcement- it was Emmitt on a loud speaker saying "Everyone come on up- I have an annoucement "Today is Harry Pugalicious birthday- so come on over here, and have some icecream and cake". Cake,,,, did we hear the word "cake"? Everyone ran over to the cake as Emmitt lead in birthday singing "Happy Birthday to Harry"! Harry blew out the candles as he made a special wish (which of course is a secret). And then everyone started grabbing mouth fulls of icecream and cake. What a sight! That was so good. And by the way, Emmitt can sing so good! Chase had almost a whole carton of icecream in his mouth!

There is so much to do! When everyone was done with the icecream and cake, some of us headed over to the pool. There, already jumping into the water, on the count of 3 was Cecil, Ty, and Pip. That was such a splash- like a tidal wave. Almost knocked me over. And then in the wading pool was Ollie and Honey. Pearl was laying on a towel, waiting for Harry.
I strained my eyes to see who was up on that skinny diving board, and it was Charlie! Charlie must think she is doing her obstacle course contest. Oh Charlie, I don't think you should jump,,,,, come on down! Come on down and we will go soak our paws in the wading pool.

Salinger was sunbathing with Feather, Darla, Pappy and Lizza Bella. They were all relaxing on some nice lounge chairs and they were all singing some song that sounded like " Lookin out My Back Door". Thier suntan lotion smelled like coconuts.

Soon it was time to go see some of those great hiking trails. Phantom, Dakota, and Thunder, all came marching by with hiking boots and back packs, and ropes. It looked to me like some serious hiking was about to take place. And then, charging from behind- miss Fluffy Tail Khyra, saying "Wait for me- I like hiking too!"

In the afternoon, Emmitt asked for all those who would like to go to the park , to line up in a row and hold hands. No taking chances of anyone getting lost. So we all marched hand in hand to the park, that is very special to Emmitt. It was a sight to see. The park was beautiful with shade trees and wading pools and sprinkers. We all sat in a big circle as we listened to Emmitt for a while. He told us stories of his mom Melissa, and how she helps make knitted bears - this is the story: about Mother Bear Project, to help the children in need and how you can help this effort. and how she volunteers her art work to help benefit resuced pugs.

And then Emmitt told us he wanted us to meet someone very special to him. We all sat quiet when all of a sudden, Emmitt whistled. Out from behind the bushes, came a little black pug- Olive was her name. She had a red ball in her mouth. She ran so fast, she almost tumbled in the grass! Emmitt ran to meet Olive, they rolled down a hill and laughed. You should have seen them frolocking about with the little red ball. Emmitt and Olive have been best friend forever. And because Olive was so special to Emmitt, he wanted us to meet her. ( This little Olive pug is portrayed in a book by Emmitt talked to us about how important it is to have best friends, to laugh and share. And to kiss and make up , if someone steps on your toe. And now, that we have all met at this special party, we can all become best friends with each other - just as he and Olive. But we all must try to be a friend, and love each other.

As you can see , the day in winding down and it is time to get out the marshmellows and head down to you know where!

Yes, it's time to sit around the camp fire. So as we all sit paws to paws and toast our marshmellows, lets remember the fun we had today at Partypalooza 2009.

Emmitt is singing to us now, these are some of the words.,,,,

Now our day is over, and so much fun we had.
And though, nite is upon us- the memories rest in our heart.
We laughed in the sunshine, we sang and we played.
And now its time to remember all the good times that we had.

Thank you Emmitt for all the fun we had on day 2!
We love you
Nitey nite

Friday, May 1, 2009

The time of our lives at Emmitts party

Hi my friends.
I say let the music begin!
Here we all are at Emmitts house in beautiful Colorado. Kong (my guest) and I arrived, and you could tell by all the balloons in the yard and the music playing , that a big party was a happening. Dogs were everywhere in the yard and cats were in the trees! Cats in the trees? Is that you Jane , Alice and and Virus?
I thought it would be fun to invite a friend to travel with me to this big event. Kong and I had never met, but we have corresponded by writing. Kong agreed that he thought this would be something he would never forget and, we could share the experience together. Kong is a charming black pug, with the biggest brown eyes and sooo sweet. He loves kisses and food!
It's fun to make new friends! And what a way to share this experience!
When we arrived, our noses led us directly into the house,,,,, the smell of meat loaf! Meat loaf everywhere. I have never seen so much meatloaf, and food in my life. Snacks and popcorn galore!
And then,,,,,,, there was Emmitt, with a little apron, and hat on, tidying up, trying to keep everything in tip- top shape while his mom Melissa and daddy Fred are out of town ,to the art shows.

Emmitt came over to us and gave the best pug hug ever! What a gentleman! He told us to make ourselves to home, and to eat when ever we felt an inking to! He offered us a nice big bowl of cold water. Yum ! He is sooo cute. Have you ever seen a tail so adorable? Have you ever seen an expression like his? Look at his smile. I know you have seen it- you could not miss it!

Emmitt gave us each a yellow rose - a friendship rose. How sweet is that! Everyone got a rose.

Emmitt, was not alone, working in the kitchen, he had plenty of help from some of the taller dogs who could reach the tall cubboards. Khyra, was helping keep the counters dusted off with her fluffy tail! Gus was keeping plenty of meatloaf in the bowls and Waldo was up to his elbows in the kitchen sink and was having fun splashing bubbles.

How fun is that to just yank the fridge door open and grab what you want to eat! Paradise- I say.

And there were the coffee yogurts and tofu sausage links that I FED-EX 'D just in case there were any vegetarian dogs and cats, and for snacks. Oh, I see brockoli in the fridge too!

All the furry dogs and cats, came by and introuced them selves, we all hugged and kissed, and sniffed and snorted. They were all so nice! Big ones, little ones, fluffy ones, long noses, short noses- no noses. big ears no tail dogs, fluffy tail dogs-- whoa- watch out for those fluffy tail dogs- those tails can take ya sailing! Kyhra and her beautiful tail!
Kong and I heard music, coming from the back yard - so out we went, and it was like a little band session going on. The yard was like a jiant park. There in center stage was Pearl with her party hat on -and Howie, all glamerous as always, dancing away, so I grabbed my harmonica and joined in the fun. There was Baja's, Roxy and Lucky playing the drums. They were great, its amazing all the talent everyone had! The words to one of the songs was something like this" Come on doggys and kitties, smile on your brother, and love one another right now".
And then the electric guitars started playing. I looked and there was Otis , Zoe and Zack, and Annie was playing a violin, they really had some talent with those instuments.
Emmitt must have outdone himself, as the house was spotless. You should have seen all the balloons everywhere and party hats and paintings on the walls- just like an art gallery! Everything was so beautiful.
Off to another part of the yard, a game was going on- it was a sniffing game to see who had the best sniffer nose. Guess who was winning? It was our friend Coco! Coco's got the best sniffer so a blue ribbon attatched to the collar! Way to go Coco! And there goes Poley and Ruki- they look like their running fast as they can down to the pond. It feels so good to be barefoot and to have all this soft gras to run and play on.
There is so much going on- this is just the beginning of the big party- of course all our pawrents think we are at Obedience School - learning- so please help keep this a secret- and this little update on what is going on- is not going to be heard by our pawrents. Promise?

I am just sitting here for a minute to contemplate what to do next There is so much to do!
I dressed up for this special occasion, in my rainbow dress.
The door bell rang again - here come somemore guests! Who just arrived?
I think I will grab Kong, and we will go see who is here. I think we are still waiting for
Pugley, Java, Annie, Maggie and Mitch, Meiby, Moe Maggie, Cecil, Ty, Pip, Pearl & Daisy, Rosie, Harry Pugalisious, Hank and Lex. Who else??? Gotta be more! Oh look, a whole bus load of dogs and cats are getting out!
Emmitt just ran out to meet the new arrivals!
Well, I want to eat some meat loaf, and sit and talk with Emmitt for awhile. My tummy is growling as it is so hungry. And then more party time, and then,,,,
the slumber party! I don't know about everyone else- but I need my beauty sleep! There are sleeping bags everywhere! I could not believe how cool Emmitts bed was!
Now the band is playing Who Let the Dogs Out!
This is the time of our life! Lets celebrate! I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings at Emmitts house party!
Nitety nite everyone