Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Painting Happiness

This is a happiness paintbrush!!
Lets run and paint something!
I want to paint something special.
Can we paint some magic bubbles
to swirl around our ears and tails?
 Or  can we paint purply skys
and fluffy clouds to sit on
when we dream?
What can we paint?
nitey nite

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Sun Puddle for Isabelle

Photos by Feist

 The most beautiful colors
were swirling from the heavens
and the brightest sun ray
ever created by the universe
  was reaching down
from the sky
 and touching Isabelle.

. Suddenly before my eyes,
I saw them!

 Holding hands,
 the angels came

surrounding little Isabelle,
reaching for her..
and lifting her up
up into their arms....
'Come with us,,
to the land of huge sun puddles!'

. And then her  little paws
 reached out
and Isabelle was lifted up .

The promise of the biggest sun puddle
awaited Isabelle..!

Isabelle was loved by so many
and had the best home ever.

Isabelles family Southern Fried Pugs
  Her sisters- Petunia and Tallulah
 and her mom
 have loved Isabelle for  many years,
and  now we can help dry the tears from their eyes
by  sitting shoulder to shoulder 
as we celebrate Isabelle and her  wonderful life.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

CarrieAnne your pawtracks are all over our hearts!!!

CarrieAnne,   at  Life at Golden Pines
You were the leader of the Pack-- and you are so missed
on this Pet Memorial Day.
Your pawtracks are all over all our hearts- forever..
Your family loved you so much

And we remember you and all the furrys who used to live here  at the old farmhouse.

For Ever and Ever Greta

Today is pet memorial day,,, and I have  many furrys to remember...
  I think about them all, Carrie Ann, Abby Lynn, Ranger, Payton, Shadow, Annie, so many more!!!
All gone too soon,, all too suddenly.
Hearts are hurting and empty- because their little loves are gone.
 I wish on their stars at night, and I  jump up the moon to see how happy they are at the seas of tranquility.
I remember them!
is also.....
  Greta Day.
Blogville is coming together to remember her life.
Look at her smile!
Its the best-- and she felt it with her heart!

I always wanted to be like Greta.
She always had fun....
 She teased,,
 she was naughty-
 but very smart!!!!
She ran with big dogs,,, Murphy and Stanley. How I wished I could do that!
 I always loved to hear about Greta and her mom going to obedience classes together,,
 and how Greta won  her Beginner Novice Obedience, and got an award.
  I was so proud of her.
  Oh how I wish I was smart like  Greta.
What a special time for Greta and her mom!
But most of all I loved the camping trip that Greta, Hazel, Bailey - mom and dad  went on together
 in beautiful Idaho.
 I gasped when I saw  the trails they walked on,,    .Greta talked  about how the forest smelled so good
 and when Greta spoke those words,,, I sniffed the air in my own forest,,
-- and I smelled exactly what Greta smelled.
 I loved to hear  Greta talk about the sound of the creek waters- natures music..  
 I loved to listen to every word as Greta spoke about  the campfire and happy days!
  And she showed us the special litttle bird nest with one little egg.
Greta and her daddy had a special moment too, when they walked in the cold Toponce Creek waters together.
  The water swirled around their feet!!
 Greta was brave and not afraid for any fishies to nibble on her toes!
I always wished I could go camping just like Greta and her family.
A most special post that was close to my heart was a  See Beautiful post ,
 that was dedicated to Goose and his mom.
 The post shows Greta  sitting in the sun with her  eyes closed  and she saw beauty all around her.
 She saw koolaid colored pink flowers, 
 a golden moth,
a bunny friend,
 a robin, a dove, and petal blossoms on the ground.
  And at the close of the post, Greta talked about the beauty of friends coming together and helping each other.
Greta was a gift that  was sent to all of us,,

Greta lived each day to the fullest,,
In our hearts forever Greta,, for ever and ever.
Your so loved,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Remembering Greta

High in the sky I saw them twinkle like diamonds.
They were the mostest bright stars that I have ever seen.
 Some of the stars were the color of red and green, and blue.

 I  had a feeling like I wanted to fly and leap to those stars,
and do things I have never done before.,
have you felt that way?
  I did not know how or  where to leap!

Suddenly I heard a voice say me name-
' Tweedles.......'
and then I saw my friend Greta from the Rainbow Bridge  sitting on the brightest star of all....
the gold one!

'Come to me Tweedles- ' Greta spoke,
Don't be afraid . Greta reached out her paw to me
and I took  a leap!
  Suddenly I was sitting on the brightest star
in the universe 
with Greta.!!
'Don't be afraid to try new things Tweedles,
Life is about having fun,,
 feeling good
making new friends,
  being happy,
 trying new things
and running as fast you can like I did with Murphy and Stanley!!
 And smiling!'
My momma helped me learn this important lesson. ' Try hard and have a good time' is what  momma always said.

Little Greta's eyes sparkled as she told me to not hold back- not to be afraid of taking chances..
  If you fall-  the angels will pick you up'-Greta said.
 Do you see all the angels around me??  Oh they are everywhere.. And do you know what Tweedles?
'I am going to get wings,, and I will be able to be your angel,, and my momma and daddys angel.
.and Hazels and Baileys angel too.
  I will be everyone's angel-  I will always be there with you all the time'.
And it was at that moment when Greta took my paw-
 and together we hopped to each and every star in the sky
and made wishes for love to fill the sadness in eyes and hearts right now.

I always wanted to be like Greta,,,
She did not hold back- she ran fast!
Every day was a new day for fun and new games.
 She was brave, courageous, and happy...
 and I still want to be,,, just like Greta!

We are all missing  Greta  .she is with the angels right this minute!
The angels took her away this morning.
No one can take her place,, she was the brightest star.
We sit shoulder to shoulder and circle around her family with love.

I wish for you with broken hearts ,
that peace will come your way.
And faith to wish upon the stars,,,yes, we must keep wishing.
I wish for rainbows, too
to be painted in your skys,
and everythng your heart is needing
I hope it comes your way.
please go leave some love at her familys bloggy.
The Idaho Pug Ranch

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Power of the Paw for Greta

************update Sept 9, 2014**************
I am so sad to say sweet Greta has passed away
Thank you to everyone who sent love and prayers for Greta.
The Power  of the Paw
 is being sent to our friend Greta  at the Idaho Pugs.

 We heard from  Murphy's Law - Stanley Rules that  Greta ate a very bad poisonous mushroom and is in the hospitals.
 Lets gather together as we send healing thoughts and prayers to Greta,,,
 and love and peace to her family.

Ann from Zoolatry made Greta emblem,,, thank you Ann
*****update Sept 8 2014******

Greta still needs prayers and healing thoughts.  Her mom has updated their blog with the most current news.
Thank you everyone for circling around Greta and her family

For Benny

Today I am participating in- the

2nd Annual Hugs & Kisses Pawrty

  Lily and Edward @  Two French Bulldogs
 have invited us all to particapate--
in remembering their brother Benny

 This is for you Benny!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I want a bean,, please!

I want a bean please, please
My begging worked!
Thank you mama
  nitey nite