Sunday, September 14, 2014

For Ever and Ever Greta

Today is pet memorial day,,, and I have  many furrys to remember...
  I think about them all, Carrie Ann, Abby Lynn, Ranger, Payton, Shadow, Annie, so many more!!!
All gone too soon,, all too suddenly.
Hearts are hurting and empty- because their little loves are gone.
 I wish on their stars at night, and I  jump up the moon to see how happy they are at the seas of tranquility.
I remember them!
is also.....
  Greta Day.
Blogville is coming together to remember her life.
Look at her smile!
Its the best-- and she felt it with her heart!

I always wanted to be like Greta.
She always had fun....
 She teased,,
 she was naughty-
 but very smart!!!!
She ran with big dogs,,, Murphy and Stanley. How I wished I could do that!
 I always loved to hear about Greta and her mom going to obedience classes together,,
 and how Greta won  her Beginner Novice Obedience, and got an award.
  I was so proud of her.
  Oh how I wish I was smart like  Greta.
What a special time for Greta and her mom!
But most of all I loved the camping trip that Greta, Hazel, Bailey - mom and dad  went on together
 in beautiful Idaho.
 I gasped when I saw  the trails they walked on,,    .Greta talked  about how the forest smelled so good
 and when Greta spoke those words,,, I sniffed the air in my own forest,,
-- and I smelled exactly what Greta smelled.
 I loved to hear  Greta talk about the sound of the creek waters- natures music..  
 I loved to listen to every word as Greta spoke about  the campfire and happy days!
  And she showed us the special litttle bird nest with one little egg.
Greta and her daddy had a special moment too, when they walked in the cold Toponce Creek waters together.
  The water swirled around their feet!!
 Greta was brave and not afraid for any fishies to nibble on her toes!
I always wished I could go camping just like Greta and her family.
A most special post that was close to my heart was a  See Beautiful post ,
 that was dedicated to Goose and his mom.
 The post shows Greta  sitting in the sun with her  eyes closed  and she saw beauty all around her.
 She saw koolaid colored pink flowers, 
 a golden moth,
a bunny friend,
 a robin, a dove, and petal blossoms on the ground.
  And at the close of the post, Greta talked about the beauty of friends coming together and helping each other.
Greta was a gift that  was sent to all of us,,

Greta lived each day to the fullest,,
In our hearts forever Greta,, for ever and ever.
Your so loved,


NanaNor's said...

Dear Tweedles, I read this post to Hunter and he says Woof-it was so very sweet. So many will miss Greta, she passed to early in our book. Thank you for sharing!
Wags and love,
Noreen & Hunter

Wyatt said...

That was a very special remembrance for a VERY special dog. Greta is smiling and waving at Tweedles from the bridge.

Wyatt and Stanzie

Murphy said...

That is just beautiful!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Ziggy Stardust said...

Tweedles that is a most beautiful tribute and Mommy says her eyes are leaking but we loved it. Greta was so special and I am thankful that I met all of them through my best pal in the world...You!!

I love you Tweedles

Loveys your Sasha

Idaho PugRanch said...

Dear Sweet Tweedles, you will never know how much you touch our hearts with your words. Words for our Greta. It is having friends like you that help us through this most difficult time
thank you for caring about us and loving us
Bailey & Hazel

Molly the Airedale said...

What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to a most special girl, Tweedles ♥

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Studio at the Farm said...

This is so very beautiful, Tweedles!!! Thank you for helping me know Greta!

stellaroselong said...

No better words.
stella rose

Chatty Crone said...

Hi Tweedles - how nice of you to remember all of your friends on Greta day. Very sweet and very pretty. Love, sandie

Anne-Mari said...


Pug Slope said...

That was such a beautiful tribute to Greta, Tweedles. It's hard not to cry. I also enjoyed pretending I went along on all of Greta's adventures. The camping was my favorite, too. I hope to go camping someday, just like Greta and her family.