Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Staples Are Gone!

Good news my friends!
Today I got 3 cookies!
 My Dr. Prouty at the doggy hospital took my staples out today.
 She said I am doing very good, and wants to see me in 4 more weeks.
 I am healing -
 and I am getting stronger, but  I need to stay quiet
Its very very hard to stay quiet.!
Do you know what I mean?
  I know when I go back to the doctors in 4 weeks, I will be better yet!
Thank you for all the different kinds of love you send to me.
Nitey nite

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hi my friends, this is what I am supposed to be doing---
lots of
 sleeping with sweet dreams-
 like before I had my surgery.
And this is what I have been doing after my surgerys--
 and resting
  and eating
and barking
and saying I want out of these cages!

But the best part
 is that mommy carrys me outside
 so the sun can kiss me-
 and the wind can wooooo in my ear
and I can look at clouds.
 My friend Khyra sent some pretty clouds to me,
 and I saw them in the skys.
Every day is special in its own way-
sometimes its a kiss,
 or a hug-
 or a nice tickle to the ears,

so many special things that can happen everyday!
And look at this---
 here is how I go pee pee,,,
I walk all by myself!
 Do you see me walk?
 Do you see me get better ?
 Say YES!
Thank you my friends for helping me get better.
I feel your love- moms feel it too.
This next week I go back to the hospital to get the staples
 out and my wonderful doctor- Dr Prouty- will see how I am doing
nitey nite

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


One moment at a time- waiting to get better.
Nitey nite

Monday, September 16, 2013

Love Brought Me Home

The sun was peeking through the early morning  sky
and the clouds  looked like they had been painted
 with cotton candy  and whipping cream!

 So many colors.
 A dap here,
 a dab there,
and suddenly before my eyes
  magic bubbles and butterflys came floating towards me!
Was this a dream- I wondered?
  Pink and blue,
 and purpleys,
 and yellows., and orange and greens
so many colors that I could not count them.
but I knew there were millions of them. !
Butterflys and magic bubbles
 had come from  across the oceans
 and deserts
 and the tallest mountain tops!

And then I smelled something familiar
 and I  heard voices
 that made my tail wag!!
I knew this was not a dream---!!!
I was going home.
Moms were here to take me home!

Tomorrowies came- and I am home!
Thank you my friends
 for sending love to help me get better.
 and to come home.

 This is where the healing begins.
love brought me home!
Tonight I sleeps and feel love
all around me!
- I love you
Nitey nite

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Just Want To Go Home

I know where I belong-
 its home.
  I know it for sure!
 And that is where I wish I was.
 Tonight I ask for  all the magic bubbles
 in the whole wide world,,,
bubbles of every color and size
and shape
 to  come and  help me go home.
I am tired-
but I know I will get stronger at home.
I want to go home.
  Maybe tomorrowies-
maybe tomorrowies.
Keep on wishing my friends!
Thank you for sending the magic bubbles and love.
Nitey nite

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Sometimes there is a special  time when we need to be quiet.
 A special  time to think.
 A special  time to listen to your own heart beat..  
And there is a special time to be hopeful., and a time to patiently wait.
 The doctors are doing all they can for me.
 I am thankful for them.
 And I am thankful for all of you- who are beside me-
 all the way.
Let the healing begin- and dream of home.
That is where I want to be.
   love tweedles
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Friday, September 13, 2013


Doesn't cry mommy's,
 mommy's please don't cry.
 I 'm gonna catch those magic bubbles-
 I will catch them in my paws!
 I'll hold real tight -
 and they will carry me home to you!
Just wait and see

I am not alone!
My friends are everywhere
their in the stars- and moon!

All the bubbles are swirling around me
and love from all my friends-
 I feel the love!

I wish I could kiss you tonight---
and I know you feel the same way too.
I know it..
As soon as I see your face
and smell your hands and whispers in my ears,
 you will see my tail wag.
I feel the love coming to me in magic bubbles
from everywhere's!

Thank you my friends- for your love-
for loving me- the Twee!!!!
And now I open my paws- and let the bubble be free
to circle around and around me!
Thank you for the magic bubbles!

 I gonna be fine-
 just fine!

  Doesn't cry mommy's.
 everythings gonna be alright.
 Just wait and see.
nitey nite

Tweedles 4 hr surgery on her spine is over.
She is now in ICU.
thank you to all-
thank you

Monday, September 9, 2013


A  booooo booooo came to my house.
 And now  I want the boooo booo to go away,
 cause its no fun.
 The boooo booooo is making it hard for me to walk
 and run with the butterfly's.

 We all get booooo booooo's-sometimes
 and its okay to be afraid.

 What's a Tweedles to do?
  I will try to  put on my happy face
 and and chase the boooo booooo away.
 Nitey nite
 love tweedles