Saturday, October 23, 2010

'My Sunflower Sister Tribute"

I am a Sunflower Sister.

Today I want to honor 3 girls who are my Sunflower Club Sisters.
I give this tribute to Lily Jayne , Mimi Roo, and Gracie Lynn of the The Slimmer Pugs .
One day, these girls came to say hello to me.
They asked to be friends. Of course I said yes.
To this very day, my friends have never left my side.
But these girls are not just friends to me. They have other friends.
They welcome more friends. They welcome you.
The world needs more friends and more love. Don't you think?

Lily Jayne, Mimi Roo and Gracie Lynn, live with two brothers.
They are the cutest brothers,( George and Toby Man Moses)
I don't have a brother. But I know what cute looks like.

This special family answered a very important call, when help was needed by Shelby.
My friends donated some of their very special treasures to help with all the vet bills of this poor, beaten and abonded Shelby. My friends always let us know when the Power of The Paw is needed for our furry friends.
These friends let us know when Large Marge from the Smushy faces needed support too.

I love to see how much we grow from babies
At first we are tiny. Then we grow.

This is Lily Jayne, as a baby . She is kissing her mama.
This is the adorable Lily Jayne today. Look how much she has grown.

This is little Mimi Roo. Yes, the size of a peanut.

And then the peanut Mimi Roo grew up. Isn't she beautiful?

This is Gracie Lynn as a baby. She looks so innocent.

This is Gracie Lynn, all grown up. How beautiful she is.

To you Gracie Lynn, Mimi Roo and Lily Jayne. I give you my tribute.
My sweet friends.
Nitey Nite

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"The Pumpkin Seed"

It's a beautiful autumn day.
The sky is blue and the air is crisp.
It's a good day to visit the pumpkin patch.

So many shades of orange. So many shapes and sizes.
How do I find the Great Pumpkin?
How do I choose? How can I choose just one?

I wonder where pumpkins come from.
Do you wonder too?

I hear someone calling my name.
I wonder,,,, who can it be?

This pumpkin is talking.... its telling a story,,,, listen,,,,,,

Once upon a time ,,,
There was a golden pumpkin seed.
The little seed lived in a pumpkin patch with other little seeds.

In the spring time,,, big rain drops spashed on the soil,
and the little seeds snuggled closer and closer together.
The little seeds sleeped and sleeped
The sun rays came
and tickled their toes.

The little pumpkin seed,,,,, stretched.

One sunny day, the little pumpkin seed peeked its head out of the soil,
and decided it was a good day to reach for the sky.
The days got warmer and warmer.. and the little seed reached higher and higher.
First there was one leaf, and then there were two.

And suddenly before your eyes,,,,
baby pumpkins, were everywhere.

Now this is how,,,,,,, I came to be,
I choose you...... Do you choose me?
The End

This is the story that my pumpkin told to me.
This is the pumpkin that chose me!
Now I know the answer to my question,,,, and how the pumpkin came to be.
Nitey nite my friends

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"I Hear Their Hearts Beat"

The leaves are falling.
I can hear their hearts beating.
Red leaves and golden leaves.
I hear them twirl in the wind,,
and then they fall on me.
Where do they live?
Where do they go?

Rain drops are falling in my forest.
I can't count them all.
Its so very quiet.
But, I can hear the sounds, of the trees as they
S T R E T C H their toes in the mud.
Can you hear them?
The rain drops are splatting on leaves,,,
and then they drip on my head.
Can you feel the drops drizzle, on your face?

If you sit very quiet,
you will hear the hummm of the wind.
as she whispers,,,,,,,,,
The wind will tickle your ear.
The wind has a heart beat too.

If you listen very quietly, you will hear silence,,,
the silence is the rhythm of the forest's heart beating.

The leaves are twirling and soaring in the wind
and then they dance and swirl,,,
then they gently- touch the ground,
they close their eyes to sleep- like you and me.

I am listening to the rhythm,
I am feeling the heart beat of my forest,
as she goes to sleep.

I think the moon has a heart beat too,
as she watches, you and me sleep.

From high up in the sky,,,
Can you hear her heart beat?
Do you hear the hearts beating in the forest?
Nitey nite my friends

My inspiration for "listening to the hearts" came from my friend The Blog of Manon Doyle who always listens to her heart. She sent me a beautiful heart that her magic paint brush painted,,when it touched the canvas. Her heart touched mine,,,, and woke my heart up to find words that were sleeping. Thank you Manon

Manons words
"I think the hearts give me this warm and giving feeling. I am all about the hearts I feel like I'm a girl that tries to speak from her heart and painting them does make me feel calm and happy."
And my beautiful sweater was sent to me from Midge and Ames Soto Blossom in England. I love it so! Thank you Soggibottom

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Lets Hold Paws For LIVESTRONG DAY"

It's time my friends,,, for us to all join paws,,, and stand together.
October 2, 2010 is LIVESTRONG DAY.

Can you IMAGINE, if we never had to hear the word cancer again?
We would not have to stop in our tracks, and be sad.
Cancer has made me sad,, when it takes my friends away.
It has taken kittys and doggys away from their mommys and daddys.
Cancer has touched my moms lives too,,, and it has made them very sad.
Cancer touches everyone,,, sometime.

Can you IMAGINE, if cancer was gone!

It's not a dream, and that is why October 2 is LIVESTRONG DAY.
We are not giving in to cancer EVER... we will fight it! You and me,,,, we can do this!
There will be a cure, soon. I know it.
If you are one who has cancer.... I will stand beside you,,,,we must LIVESTRONG.
I will never give up the fight!! So take my paw!