Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"I Remember"

I remember spring time,
when my tad poles grew into frogs.
I remember when birdies built nests in the trees,
and rainbows painted in the sky.
I remember summer,
when butterflys landed on my nose,
and magic bubbles swirling around my toes.
I remember running with the wind,
and spinning in circles,
thinking ,,,,
that I could fly.
And it seemed like yesterday
when I tumbled head over tail
in the golden leaves
as they floated gently to the ground.

Does it seem like only yesterday?

Now the earth is dusted with snowflakes,,
I wished on every snowflake as they floated from the sky.
Now its time to go make a snow man.

Do you want to help me?
Nitey nite my friends

pss my new jacket came from Barbara @ "If I did not have a sense of humor"
Thank you Barbara.

Monday, December 20, 2010

"A Party On The Moon"

The moon is gowing bigger and bigger in the dark, dark sky.
Winter Solstice is coming and also a total eclipse of the moon.
One day my friend Stubby told me that he had a “Dream and a Wish”.
Stubbys wish was that ALL of his friends could meet together on the moon for a party.
Will you come? Say YES! We can all sit on the moon together!
We will be dancing with the snow flakes„
We will wish on every little snow flake that lands on our noses!
We can snuggle together, shoulder to shoulder.
We can count shooting stars!
Tonight the man in the moon has invited all of us.
Would you like to come?

We will paint the stars.
We will tune our hearts to the rhythm of Mother Earth's heart beat.
My wise friend Emmitt, can teach us all how to tune up our minds and find harmony.
We will tell storys.
We will have a snow ball fight.
Will you come join us? (we will be back for Christmas- I promise)
nitey nite

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"I Am Being So Good"

I am not taking any chances.
If Santa Paws is watching,,, to see who is naughty or nice....
"What's a Tweedles to do", but be good!
No naughtiness from me!
Nitey nite my friends

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"My Lucky Day"

Do you see the words IMAGINE?
Look closer.
The words are under the little pug in the middle of the circle.
This card was sent to me from Wilma, Sluggo and Bridgette..Wilma the Pug
The words on the card reminded me of how the world would be -
if love was everywhere.
The words on the card reminds me to keep hoping.....
for peace.
IMAGINE is such an awsome word.
Me and some other lucky dogs won a contest over at Wilma's blog.
A box came in the mail,, addressed to me " the Tweedles. "
Inside the box was a beautiful bookmark that had my very own name on it.
The bookmark was handcrafted with images of butterflies, and birds, and ferns.
One of the very last leaves of autumn was sleeping so tenderly on the bookmark.
I was very quiet as I watched it sleep and dream about a new life.
Then I saw these words,,,,,
"Only in a world of love
can we unfold
and bloom"
What special words for my ears to hear.

This AWSOME book was one of my prizes.
My moms and I have been enjoying reading all about different puggies in the world.
We love this book sooo much. Everyday we look at it.

This is one Santa's reindeers antlers,,, it was in the box too.
I grabbed this and RAN! I have never had an antler before.
And I love it.

This little Therapy Dog bag was just waiting for me to grab ahold of it and run!
Run I did! Maybe there are some secrets in the bag to teach me new therapy tricks.
I am so grateful to Wilma, Bridgette , Sluggo and their mom,,,for sharing these wonderful prizes with me.
I am one lucky pug to have such giving friends.
I am so lucky. Thank you Wilma, Bridgette, Sluggo and mama
Nitety nite my friends,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Be Good For Goodness Sake"

You better not cry
You better not shout
You better not pout
I am telling you why!!
Santa Paws is coming to town!

Today my moms took me to go see Santa Paws.
I wore my red sweater that Melissa and Emmitt @ Life is art ... Art is Life made for me.

I told Santa Paws about all my wishes,,,,
and then I got to go feed carrots and apples to the reindeer!

Nitey nite my friends
ps mommy took this photo of me,,, but any donations go to the Humane Society.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"The Red Buttons"

The shadows of the long fingered pine needles were dancing in the forest.
The snow was melting, and droplets were falling like diamonds to the moss covered earth below.
The sun was peeking at me from behind the sleeping giants,,,, and so,,,, I peeked back.
And then as I gazed into the sky. I saw the forest branches glistening.
The sun reached down and wrapped its rays around me like a giant hug.
A hush seemed to have overtaken my forest, and so I tip toed very quietly into the solitude.

I sat by the creek pondering my many, many thoughts,, , and then suddenly I saw what appeared to be a red button floating in the stream.
My bones trembled with curiosity., "What a Tweedles to do" but investigate!
I stepped as close to the waters edge as I could without falling in,, and then I saw more red buttons laying in the snow...... across the creek.
I remember those buttons from somewhere,,, I just do not know where.,,,

And so I climbed upon a log that stretched its limbs across the swirling stream,,,, I followed the trail of buttons. And then there were little paw tracks in the snow.
I followed the buttons.
I followed those very familiar buttons.
I followed the tracks..
My paws were so dirty and grungy from the snow and mud,,, and they were cold. But I did not care.
In a manner of minutes I was surrounded by a thicket of briars and thorns, and a deep dark hollow.
The entrance to the hollow was small.
Surely I can squeeze my body inside, I said to myself,,, and so I poked my head into the hole.
Oh my gosh, I whispered softly,,,,
I must get out of here quick!
I tried to pull my head out, but I was stuck!
I wiggled, but my feet slipped.
I wiggled until I was exhausted.
I wiggled until I was flat on my nose!
Suddenly, just like magic,,, in a fairy tale story some thing from behind me gave a big PUSH,,, and instantly , I rolled head over tail inside the hollow.
I was surrrounded by rabbits,, forest rabbbits. The rabbits were all different colors.
Some had long ears, and some had short ears and they all had long whiskers. .
The rabbits were sitting in a circle around a crackling camp fire.
The rabbits were munching on long stemmed carrots.
I looked to my left and standing beside me was Niblet, my mysterious bunny friend who always borrowed carrots from my garden.
"This is where I live " Niblet said. "This is my family."
Strands of yarn and strings of buttons draped from the withered tree branches in the hollow. I stood up to shake the dried leaves from my tail.
And then I saw it,,,, a tattered and torn blue jacket was stretched from branch to branch like an umbrella.
My mind zoomed backwards, as I remembered this was MY old blue jacket.
This was my old blue jacket that had gotten stuck on the barbed wire fence in September.
I had tugged and pulled on the jacket, but it would not come down, and so I had decided to leave the jacket hanging on the fence.
Surely,,,, it would scare the crows, I thought to myself.
Strands of golden yarn were carefully placed over every little tear.
The rabbits were patching the torn and tattered blue jacket with love.
As I sat huddled with my new friends,, Niblet brought me a bowl of hot carrot- cider. The cider warmed my cold bones. I looked up, as Nibblett snuggled beside me.
Niblets whiskers began to twitch,, and then he began to speak. "Tweedles, is your heart asking you why you followed the trail of red buttons to our den?
I nodded my head and whispered "Yes, please tell me".
And so Niblet told me that "one day, Granny rabbit had made a wish on the brightest star in the sky.
Grannys wish, was that her family of rabbits would have a new comforter for the log bed that all of the rabbits slept in.
Each day as I pased by your garden, I thought of you Tweedles.
And then I thought of wishes made on stars.
I saw your blue jacket become tattered and torn.
And so one day,, I remembered that special day when my Granny, wished upon a star.
I brought the jacket home and now all the rabbits have been sewing and mending.
We had dreams for the tattered and torn blue jacket.
All the holes are filled with yarn. We stuffed the jacket with wish flowers blossoms.
Tonight we place the blue jacket comforter on our bed.
We wanted to thank you Tweedles for this blue jacket, but we did not know how.
We wanted you to be a part of this.
We all agreed that you must see it with "your eyes."
My eyes filled with joyful tears. I blinked and then I hugged the rabbits.
Carefully one by one, all the rabbits paws took a corner of blue jacket comforter.
Like playing follow the leader, all the rabbits walked over to the log bed and gently lowered the comforter onto the bed.
It was then that Granny rabbit handed each rabbit a red button. And then Granny handed me a button and a pine needle ,threaded with golden yarn,,,,,, as Granny stitched the first red button onto the comforter,, I watched.
I was next in line." I have never done this before",, I whispered to Granny.
My paws trembled as the golden yarn dangled from my paws. Then gentle as a butterfly, Grannys giant paw took my paw, and together we stitched the red button onto the....... no longer tattered jacket,,, my heart beat with joy!
I will never forget,,, the happy rabbits faces. I will never forget this day.
As I was ready to leave, Niblet took my paw and led me to a door...
As I opened the door,, A door I did not know was there.,,,
I gasped at the beauty...
there before my eyes was the lengthening shadows as they stretched across the forest. I followed the path way home,,, thinking,,, and remembering my friends at Golden Pines, who said the words,,,"The path to a friends home is never long"
Tonight I will wish on stars.
Nitey nite my friends

Monday, November 15, 2010

"We Are So Sad"

We are all very sad.
We are sad because yesterday our dear friend Betty,
went to the Rainbow Bridge.
So many tears are falling. So many hearts are broken.
We don't know what to do. It's just a sad day.

One thing that we can do,,,,
We can stretch our paws in a big circle around Bettys family
and show them love.
And for each other, we can wipe the tears from each others faces.
We miss you Betty, ,,,,, your in our hearts forever and ever.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"This One is For You"

Come and sit beside me.
The time is here when the world sits shoulder to shouder as ONE, to participate in this huge event sponsored by Jake, Fergie and their mom.

A hush is drifting across the planet as we remember our special friends who are not with us anymore.
We will never forget you, as we cannot forget the paws you left on our hearts.
We ask for miracles for all those who are hurting and who have bad sickness.
We encircle our paws around you. We so remember you.
We think about the familys with quivering hearts as they worry about their fur babies.
We ask for a calmness to comfort their souls.
We remember the shivering little feathered friends with broken wings.
And we remember all the furries , those that meow and woof and wooo and bark, and chirp, those who are lost and loney, and afraid, we remember all of you.
We remember all the sea creaures of the sea and air.

I ask the maker of the sky to remember all those that I forgot.
The time is now,,,, lets take a moment,,,,,,
I light a candle for all of you.,,,,,,,,,join paws with me.
This one is for you.

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Greetings and Thanks"

Today my heart feels thankful.
I have many reasons why my heart feels this way.
Mother Earth has reached out her arms to me,
I feel touched by
clouds in the painted skys,
the tricking streams,
the roaring oceans
the glorious moon
the twinking stars
and the land that my paws walk on
and EVERYTHING that I see.

I am thankful for all the plants.
I am thankful for all the heart beats, that shares this world with me.
I am very thankful.

Sometimes in the big universe , one heart will connect to another.
Souls can connect deeper, than the deepest ocean.
If we listen,
we can feel the rhythm of other hearts as they share our thankfulness.

I have a special Earth Friend.
His name is Stubby ( Life of Stubby ,) and he is 13 years wise.
Do you know that when his little paws walk so gently on the earth,
no one knows that he has even been there?
Stubby has taught me to walk softly and gently.
Whenever I walk through my forest, I hear the heart beat of the trees.
I know that I am not the only one who has listened to the rhythm..
Stubby told me that he hears it too.
Do you hear it?

Stubby is teaching me lessons about life.
He has taught me that we never know the impact, that we are making in our world.
Everything is connected to each other in one way or another.
We are all part of the Earth- you and me- all of us.
Yes, even the plants.
Forever and ever.
We are all part of the Earth.

One day, Stubby sent a message to his friends.
Stubby said that "There is a time for everything."
Stubby and his family, needed to slow down, and they needed to enjoy each and every moment.
They needed to take a little rest, so that they could enjoy those "special moment things."
I did not understand.
And so with sadness and joy-(both at the same time,) my friends and I said goodbye-
Just good-bye for now.

A few days later, I received a box in my mailbox.
It was from Stubby.
The box was a gift, and it was a little poster which had many words.
The words had touched Stubbys heart, and he knew the words would touch my heart too.
As you read the words below , maybe you will feel the words.
The gift that Stubby sent to me is is called "Greetings and Thanks".
Not only are the words special...
but Stubby also taught me that- YES, there is a time for everything.
Thank you my Stubby, my Special Earth Friend.

"A daily Thanksgiving inspired bythe Onondaga Nation, Haudenosaunee"

and Thanks
to each other
as people
To The Earth
mother of all
greetings & thanks
To all the waters
waterfalls & rain
greeting & thanks
To all the
the grains and greens
as one we send thanks
of the world
and their keepers
& thier
& thanks
for shelter
& shade
fruit & beauty
greetings & thanks
large and small
joyful greetings & thanks

And from the four directions
thank you for purifying the air
we breathe and
giving us strength
our grandfathers
in the sky
We hear your voices
and now
for the light of a new day
and all the fires of life
to our oldest grandmother
leader of women
all over the world
for their mystery
beauty and guidance
from all times
reminding us of how
to live in harmony
the gifts of creation
for all the love around us
And for that
which is forgotten

A daily Thanksgiving inspired bythe Onondaga Nation, Haudenosaunee

Nitey nite my friends

Saturday, October 23, 2010

'My Sunflower Sister Tribute"

I am a Sunflower Sister.

Today I want to honor 3 girls who are my Sunflower Club Sisters.
I give this tribute to Lily Jayne , Mimi Roo, and Gracie Lynn of the The Slimmer Pugs .
One day, these girls came to say hello to me.
They asked to be friends. Of course I said yes.
To this very day, my friends have never left my side.
But these girls are not just friends to me. They have other friends.
They welcome more friends. They welcome you.
The world needs more friends and more love. Don't you think?

Lily Jayne, Mimi Roo and Gracie Lynn, live with two brothers.
They are the cutest brothers,( George and Toby Man Moses)
I don't have a brother. But I know what cute looks like.

This special family answered a very important call, when help was needed by Shelby.
My friends donated some of their very special treasures to help with all the vet bills of this poor, beaten and abonded Shelby. My friends always let us know when the Power of The Paw is needed for our furry friends.
These friends let us know when Large Marge from the Smushy faces needed support too.

I love to see how much we grow from babies
At first we are tiny. Then we grow.

This is Lily Jayne, as a baby . She is kissing her mama.
This is the adorable Lily Jayne today. Look how much she has grown.

This is little Mimi Roo. Yes, the size of a peanut.

And then the peanut Mimi Roo grew up. Isn't she beautiful?

This is Gracie Lynn as a baby. She looks so innocent.

This is Gracie Lynn, all grown up. How beautiful she is.

To you Gracie Lynn, Mimi Roo and Lily Jayne. I give you my tribute.
My sweet friends.
Nitey Nite

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"The Pumpkin Seed"

It's a beautiful autumn day.
The sky is blue and the air is crisp.
It's a good day to visit the pumpkin patch.

So many shades of orange. So many shapes and sizes.
How do I find the Great Pumpkin?
How do I choose? How can I choose just one?

I wonder where pumpkins come from.
Do you wonder too?

I hear someone calling my name.
I wonder,,,, who can it be?

This pumpkin is talking.... its telling a story,,,, listen,,,,,,

Once upon a time ,,,
There was a golden pumpkin seed.
The little seed lived in a pumpkin patch with other little seeds.

In the spring time,,, big rain drops spashed on the soil,
and the little seeds snuggled closer and closer together.
The little seeds sleeped and sleeped
The sun rays came
and tickled their toes.

The little pumpkin seed,,,,, stretched.

One sunny day, the little pumpkin seed peeked its head out of the soil,
and decided it was a good day to reach for the sky.
The days got warmer and warmer.. and the little seed reached higher and higher.
First there was one leaf, and then there were two.

And suddenly before your eyes,,,,
baby pumpkins, were everywhere.

Now this is how,,,,,,, I came to be,
I choose you...... Do you choose me?
The End

This is the story that my pumpkin told to me.
This is the pumpkin that chose me!
Now I know the answer to my question,,,, and how the pumpkin came to be.
Nitey nite my friends

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"I Hear Their Hearts Beat"

The leaves are falling.
I can hear their hearts beating.
Red leaves and golden leaves.
I hear them twirl in the wind,,
and then they fall on me.
Where do they live?
Where do they go?

Rain drops are falling in my forest.
I can't count them all.
Its so very quiet.
But, I can hear the sounds, of the trees as they
S T R E T C H their toes in the mud.
Can you hear them?
The rain drops are splatting on leaves,,,
and then they drip on my head.
Can you feel the drops drizzle, on your face?

If you sit very quiet,
you will hear the hummm of the wind.
as she whispers,,,,,,,,,
The wind will tickle your ear.
The wind has a heart beat too.

If you listen very quietly, you will hear silence,,,
the silence is the rhythm of the forest's heart beating.

The leaves are twirling and soaring in the wind
and then they dance and swirl,,,
then they gently- touch the ground,
they close their eyes to sleep- like you and me.

I am listening to the rhythm,
I am feeling the heart beat of my forest,
as she goes to sleep.

I think the moon has a heart beat too,
as she watches, you and me sleep.

From high up in the sky,,,
Can you hear her heart beat?
Do you hear the hearts beating in the forest?
Nitey nite my friends

My inspiration for "listening to the hearts" came from my friend The Blog of Manon Doyle who always listens to her heart. She sent me a beautiful heart that her magic paint brush painted,,when it touched the canvas. Her heart touched mine,,,, and woke my heart up to find words that were sleeping. Thank you Manon

Manons words
"I think the hearts give me this warm and giving feeling. I am all about the hearts I feel like I'm a girl that tries to speak from her heart and painting them does make me feel calm and happy."
And my beautiful sweater was sent to me from Midge and Ames Soto Blossom in England. I love it so! Thank you Soggibottom

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Lets Hold Paws For LIVESTRONG DAY"

It's time my friends,,, for us to all join paws,,, and stand together.
October 2, 2010 is LIVESTRONG DAY.

Can you IMAGINE, if we never had to hear the word cancer again?
We would not have to stop in our tracks, and be sad.
Cancer has made me sad,, when it takes my friends away.
It has taken kittys and doggys away from their mommys and daddys.
Cancer has touched my moms lives too,,, and it has made them very sad.
Cancer touches everyone,,, sometime.

Can you IMAGINE, if cancer was gone!

It's not a dream, and that is why October 2 is LIVESTRONG DAY.
We are not giving in to cancer EVER... we will fight it! You and me,,,, we can do this!
There will be a cure, soon. I know it.
If you are one who has cancer.... I will stand beside you,,,,we must LIVESTRONG.
I will never give up the fight!! So take my paw!

Friday, September 24, 2010

"The Whales Song"

The sun warmed my shoulders, as I peered across the sea.
From far away, I heard sounds that I had never heard before.
These sounds were gentle to my ears. The sound was coming closer and closer.

I climbed to the highest cliff, that I could find. I listened, and then I searched.
My eyes scanned the horizon. I looked to your side of the world, far, far away.
I looked as far, as I could see. I looked to the North, the South, the East and the West.
The mysterious sound, was coming closer and closer.

And then without warning, the sound was right in front of me.
Suddenly and magestically, a sea creature leaped out of the ocean.
It splashed,,,,, and then,,,, I was all wet!
I shivered, and shook my head. I rubbed the droplets from my eyes.
This beautiful, mysterious, creature that I had never seen before, was right before my eyes.
It swam in circles, and then would plunge down, down , down, into the dark sea.
I did not understand what this sea creature could be.
From deep in the sea, I could hear the sounds.
The sounds,,,, were like a lyllabye.

The sun was getting sleepy, and was closing its eyes, until morning.
The ocean waves snuggled like a fluffy blanket, and then the sun disappeared.
I sat and watched the sun sink into the sea. I listened to the ocean roar.
And then it was at that moment,,, when I noticed a giant bubble drifting towards me.
Like magic in a fairy tale, I heard the words..... "Close your eyes and count to 3 Tweedles, count to 3".
I closed my eyes and counted to 3.
Then, like a dream come true, I was inside the giant bubble with Puff, my sea horse friend.
Puff told me about how he and Star, had been helping lead all the sea creatures to clean water and safety. "The ocean is healing itself," Puff said. "Your friends have helped the oceans so much."
"But now I must ask for more help, Tweedles."
This creature that you saw today, is my friend,, she is a whale.
She has a family called a pod.
This is a mama whale, and she has a baby in her tummy.
I will lead them to safety in the mighty oceans. The baby whale will be born soon.
But, I need you -to tell all your friends, to help me.
Please help me to find a safe place for this family of whales to live, and for all the other whales in the oceans. We must keep them safe from the dangers in the world.
The sounds that you heard today, were the songs of the whales.
The whales sing songs, just like you and me. This is their planet too,,,, please help.
Nitey nite my friends,