Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Having Fun Is Important

 I think it's a good day
 to just think about whats most important.
And think about what makes us feel good.
  I think the  most important thing  today
 is to play and have fun.
Nitey nite

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Flower Blossoms for Abby

I am searching and searching for words,
 but all I can see through my eyes
petals of pink flower  blossoms
 swirling in the breeze
 and a rainbow in the sky.
Sometimes its okay if we cannot find words,,
because love speaks the loudest.

You see,
 I wished and wished and wished on stars
 for Abby Lynn last night,
 to get betters.
 But the angels came and carried her away/
They  cradled her gently
 and carried her through a sky full of flower blossom petals!

Now I think Abby's heart is speaking to me,
 and trying to tell me she is all well now,
and  about how beautifuls
it is at the Rainbow Bridge
with all the spring blossoms gently floating
in the sky
and all the love and laughter.!
How happy she was to be greeted by,
 Hannah and Gertie and Ranger!

My heart and your heart hurts for her momma and daddy and sister Lilly.
We can hug them with out hearts,,
because their hearts have  a very big hole right now.
Calamity Acres Hobby Farm
Thank you to everyone who's voice was sounded with mine last night.,
as we gathered our paws around Abby  and her family.

For you Abby Lynn- we remember you.
May it be that you chase those blossoms!
This is Abby.
And as  The Three Little Pugs 
It not goodbye- its just until later.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

More good thoughts for Abby

This is Abby-Calamity Acres Hobby Farm remmeber her?
  She has diabetes and is very sick, again.
 Since Abby was diagnosed with diatebes.. its been very hard for her to get regulated with her shots
Abby is very sick again and is at the vets hospital!!
Let's all circle around Abby again,,, and help her and her family with our good thoughts,,
 and Power of the Paw!
Love really does make a difference.
Thank you my friends.

updated 05/23/2014- the angels came and took Abby away last night.
Please remember her family- as they miss her so much.

Monday, May 19, 2014

For You Angel Pip

My eyes have happy tears right now as I grasp this treasured gift in my paws.
I was one among others who were nominated to receive one of the very first copys of Angel Pips book,
 "Keeping it  Real."
I always knew that Angel Pips  life would  forever  have a special meaning and purpose.
 You see Angel -Pip  was abandoned and tossed away like garbage.
But Angel Pips life did not stop there!
He was rescued, and had a wonderful life!

Angel Pip does not live on this earth anymore,
 and his dream was to write a book
and he completed his dream.
He wanted to talk about giving hope  to other abandoned furrys,,
and how they too can have a good life full of love
and yummy food,, and a nice bed to sleep in.
His wish came true,, and he came back to complete his book- with his mom!

 This book will make you smile, and a few tears may fall, but its all good!
Its good my friends!
 Angel Pips book is an example of hope and love and happy endings!
The  words on the pages are  like treasures,
and I will hold them close until the stars fall from the sky.
Thank you Angel Pip,, for telling us how its done!

 Thank you for this treasured book
I am forever  grateful.

 Keeping It Real, Life Lessons of a Confessed Couch Potato. 
If you go to this site you can find out about getting a copy of this book too! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Listen To The Quiet

Sometimes listening for quiet sounds,
 is the best part of a day.
Soft chirpies and trickly streams
and feathered wings in the skys.
Quiet sounds live here with me.
Nitey nite

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Am A Big Girl Now

I am eight years old!
 I am a big girl now.
 My face is turning gray,,,
 and everyone of my furs and days has been filled with love!
love from everywheres!
I am blowing kissys to you!
nitey nite

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring I Feel You Today

Oh spring,,
I feel you  today!
I hear you!
I feel you in all the colors
that are painted everywheres!
Cotton candy pink blossoms
bursting with happy faces looking down at me!
Bumbles are buzzing
as they bumble along
and their little lips
  kiss this apple blossom!
Oh spring I feel you today!
I see you!
Blossoms are falling
right now
falling like snow blossoms,,,
but they will all come back next year.
Just wait and see!
Spring I feel you today!

Bumbles are bumbling along,
 and butterflys are flitting
I will flit too!
Spring I feel you today!
Thank you spring for loving me!
nitey nite