Monday, May 19, 2014

For You Angel Pip

My eyes have happy tears right now as I grasp this treasured gift in my paws.
I was one among others who were nominated to receive one of the very first copys of Angel Pips book,
 "Keeping it  Real."
I always knew that Angel Pips  life would  forever  have a special meaning and purpose.
 You see Angel -Pip  was abandoned and tossed away like garbage.
But Angel Pips life did not stop there!
He was rescued, and had a wonderful life!

Angel Pip does not live on this earth anymore,
 and his dream was to write a book
and he completed his dream.
He wanted to talk about giving hope  to other abandoned furrys,,
and how they too can have a good life full of love
and yummy food,, and a nice bed to sleep in.
His wish came true,, and he came back to complete his book- with his mom!

 This book will make you smile, and a few tears may fall, but its all good!
Its good my friends!
 Angel Pips book is an example of hope and love and happy endings!
The  words on the pages are  like treasures,
and I will hold them close until the stars fall from the sky.
Thank you Angel Pip,, for telling us how its done!

 Thank you for this treasured book
I am forever  grateful.

 Keeping It Real, Life Lessons of a Confessed Couch Potato. 
If you go to this site you can find out about getting a copy of this book too! 


Studio at the Farm said...

That looks like a book well worth reading! Thank you for sharing your gift, Tweedles :)
Kat XX

Molly The Wally said...

That is lovely and we know we are going to enjoy it too as soon as it is out on Kindle. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Mitch and Molly said...

We absolutely NEED to have a copy of our own!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Frank The Tank said...

Hi Tweedles!
Oh what a wonderful gift, I'm sure Angel pip is looking down from the rainbow bride smiling.
That looks like a book well worth reading indeed! So sweet! love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxx

Bobbi and Gracie said...

Oh what a beautiful gift!!! I plan on getting a copy... :-)

stellaroselong said...

What a sweet tribute to a sweeter guy! We do miss him much.
stella rose

Idaho PugRanch said...

It looks like Angel Pip wrote a wonderful book. We are tickled that you received one of the first copies Tweedles.
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful book! We didn't know Angel Pip but his story brought tears to Mum's eyes. We're going to have to get a copy.......

Purrs to you, Miss Tweedles!

Alice Marie

Punchbugpug said...

How wonderful! Angel Pip picked a great furry one in you!

Marg said...

Oh Twweedles, that is so neat that you got that book and what a fantastic review you did on it. It sounds like such a great great book. We loved that Pip too and still do. That really warmed our heart to read this. Can't wait to get the book. Have a great day.

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a great idea
Lily & Edward

Millie and Walter said...

You are so lucky to get a copy. We are waiting for the Kindle version.

Murphy said...

What a wonderful book you received from wonderful Pip!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Ojo said...

Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Beautiful tribute to your friend!

Mr. Pip said...

Oh Tweedles, I am so happy you like the book. It makes me so happy to see you holding the book and think of you reading it. That last picture is so lovely with the two of us together. Makes me so happy, thank you!

Angel Pip

Mollie said...

Tweedles you are a little darling and Pip's book is pawsome :) xxoxxx

Mollie and Alfie


Tweedles that was the best review we've ever read!

tubby3pug said...

great review

retro rover

haopee said...

Oh Tweedles. We did read about that post by Angel Pip. And the first thing we said to ourselves was, You deserved it, my dear friend!