Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Wish Bucket

Wishing,, and 
remembering ,,,,,my old friend Stubby- years ago at my ocean.
and remembering my old  friend "Star", years ago,,,
and thinking about " Puff,,, the magic Sea Horse,
and all my sea friends,
and remembering every one....
and wishing to someday- run on the sand
and get sand between my toes
and say hello to my feathered friends...
its what i wish for in my "wish bucket"
nitey nite

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Growly Tummy

When my tummy growls and moans,,,
 I know its time to feed me!
But my food bowl is missing!
    Where can it be?
I want to eat!!
I want to feed my growly tummy!

 And do you know that once upon a time,
two years ago,
  I used to run up and down the stairs.
 I was quick as  a bunny!
 I know I could run up there..just like old times,,,
if I really wanted to..
But most important right now is to find my food bowl!
I wonder if its up the stairs?
nitey nite

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

When The Bean Seeds Grew Up!

I waited and waited for a long time.

I  looked everyday for  the little white  bean seeds to peek their eyes  out of the brown  dirt....

.I knew the little bean  seeds were sleeping
 and that  they were waiting for just the most perfect of days,
when the time was right,
and then they would wake up.

I waited some more.
   And then  the rains came,
 and the sunshine came
 and then one day
 the little seeds puffed them selves up like a blow fish in the ocean.
 And then when the sun warmed their  brown dirt bed,
 they stretched their necks and arms to the sky,,
 and made leaves.
And then the leaves made blossoms,,
and then beans were born!!

Beans are one of my favoritest things!
And I love to eat them!

nitey nite