Sunday, February 28, 2010

"I Wonder Where The Stars Sleep"

I wonder where the STARS sleep,,
when they close their SLEEPY eyes,,
I wonder if they TOUCH the ground,,
I wonder how they TWINKLE so,,
I wonder where FALLING stars go,,
I wonder what they THINK,,,
I sat and watched the STARS
TWINKLING in the night
I couldn't SLEEP
until I knew.
and then I saw
where the stars SLEEP...
the stars CUDDLE with the MOON!
Yes, it's true
I looked up and saw the stars
cuddling with the moon.

Thank you to my friend Jan @ for helping me find where the stars sleep at night.
Do you know other places where the stars sleep?
Tell me!
I want to know!
I wonder, wonder, wonder
I wonder what I will wonder next?
So many secrets to be found.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Kiss My Nose"

Sometimes a KISS can make your heart SING.

On HAPPY days when you LAUGHING
On SAD days when your CRYING
On LONELY days when your all ALONE
Sometimes a KISS can make you GIGGLE.
I WONDER who I can kiss.

One LITTLE kiss
Two LITTLE kisses
Three LITTLE kisses
Three LITTLE kisses just for ME!
Three LITTLE kisses just for YOU!

Do you want to KISS my nose?
It can make your heart SING!
Pucker up and KISS my nose!
It' just a little TICKLE!

Do you want to kiss my TOES?
A little KISS here
A little KISS there

Hold out you PAWS
and CATCH these kisses
I blooooow to you TODAY

Is your heart SINGING yet?
Mine is!
Nitey nite my friends,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

'What Does Spring Smell Like?"

I could hear the wind WHISTLING in the breeze.
The sky was blue and the air SMELLED green and sweet.
Birdies were SWIRLING above my head.
I had a feeling like I could FLY!
I WONDER if this is spring?
I can't let go of this feeling!

Little seeds were WIGGLING in the dirt.
The little seeds played "PEEK A BOO " with me.
Little worms were SUN BATHING , and SLEEPING.
I was very QUIET, so not to disturb them.

I knew if I SEARCHED long enough, I would find the first signs of spring.
Look what I found!
These little flowers BLOOMED last night.
First there was just ONE little flower.
And then,
the little flowers STRETCHED their petals to the sky .
One by one, they STRETCHED.
"Little flowers," I said to them softly......
"Don't be AFRAID.
Let the sun TOUCH your petals
Let the rain DRIZZLE around your roots
The RAINY days won't last FOREVER,
Lets just sit here together,
just YOU and ME.
I will wait right here with you
We will wait for spring to come.
Maybe it will be tomorrow.

Tonight I will dream about the sun shining on my shoulders and running in the green grass, and FLYING.
Nitey nite

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"I Love You This Much"

Do you know how long I will love you?

Forever and a day
until the last star falls from the sky
Forever and a day
until the RAINBOW sits on the moon
Forever and a day
that's how long I will love you
and then,,,,
another day after that
,,,, in other words
"forever and a day"

Look at all my Valentine kisses that I got from all my friends in the mail.
I also got many, many Valentine wishes from all my friends in Blogsphere!
Valentines fell from the sky like stars! kissy smooches, and hearts and my very own pictures of Brinks, Bella, Guero and Coco Chane from Houston Pitty Pack Pugsley and Lola sent LOVE, in the sweetest little valentine with a sweet little bone paper clip, and a nice little paw print Emmitt, Melissa and Fred sent me a kissable pug stamp print Valentine Maddie, Annabelle, Tango , Jan jan and Chucky sent me a lovely poem

Kong & his mama Gail sent me xoxoxoxo in a beautiful Valentine of himself, and some shakey eyes for me to look at. I reminised about our time together during the Blue Moon.
Kong is the nephew of my Aunt Diane.

This is a little card my mama Paulette painted for mommy.
This tree has hearts for leaves.

This is the Valentine that I gave to my mommy.
Of course mama Paulette helped me paint it.
My mommy loved it.

"Happy Valentines Day"
My friends

Friday, February 5, 2010

"Special Moments"

Hi my sweet friends,
I am thinking, that I am a little SLOW,,
about sharing my new Awards with you.
I felt really bad, and wondered what I should do.
Have you ever felt that way?

But then one day a special friend of mine, Nancy @ shared some words with me-that her friend Winnie the Pooh, shared with her.
Those words, I share with you.

"Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day."~Winnie the Pooh
Her HOME is always
filled with YARN balls
Yarn balls are EVERYWHERE!
that if you open her door,
yarn balls
the COLORS of the rainbow
would come rolling out!
Can you IMAGINE too?

Do you know who I am talking about?
Do you know who made my vest?
Take ONE HUGE guess!
Yup you guessed it!!!!!
It was Emmitts mom- Melissa.
My moms ordered this special vest -100 percent hand made with love, from Melissa.
There were so many colors to dream about.
We could NOT decide.
Yes, the colors of the RAINBOW.
We picked this red one.
It so pretty for the coming Valentines Day.
Thank you Melissa, for making me feel so pretty in my new vest.

Stubby my friend, has one - the same color- we are twins. (ALMOST)
Do you have one too?
What else can I tell you about? How about this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was HONORED to receive this award from DW @
Dw, is the mama to my new friend Rainy.
If you do not know Rainy and her mom, you should go say hi.
The adorable Rainy has been in her new home almost 1 week .
She is getting used to being loved.
Her mama has a BIG heart.
3 TIME AWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know the number of POST this story is?
Make a guess! It is number ********** 101****************!!!!!!!!!!!
My 101st story.

Look at the title of this award.
I was given this Award by 3 different friends of mine.


I feel honored!
How special is that?
The rules- of you choose to follow"

1. Copy the image. (check)
2. List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one of them today.
3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
I will list 10 things that make me happy
1. crumbs on the floor
2.chasing the cats
3.sitting in mommys truck
4.reading your storys
5.doggys finding homes
6. snooping around where i should not be
7. eating popcorn
8. snuggling with moms
9. kisses
10. chasing bubbles in the sky

Please take this Award and share with others.
Will you come , and let me give it to you?
I just cannot choose.

One day, my moms and I received a special surprise in the mail from my Aunt Diane.
Diane is also Kongs auntie too. Remember I met Kong on the Blue Moon?

She made some special beautiful cards and sent them to us.
I cannot even start to tell you how SPLENDORIOUS they are.
They are bleached photos.
Her passion is Art and creating fun to share. She does a splendid job.
I tried to take a good picture, but it did not come out very good.
Maybe you can go visit and see the "real deal" of what it is all about.

Aunt Diane also sent me this little toy. I love it so much.
Its tummy says DOGGY Dress n' Drag.
It has a little skirt- the skirt goes on or off- at the moment, it's OFF!
Later , it will be ON!

I run so fast, my ears FLY in the wind.
I can toss my new little toy in the air
and act VERY silly!

It would be a long long journey for me to sail across the seas and rivers
and falling snow- to come and thank each one of you for all these awards
and gifts.
So instead, please catch my two words "Thank You"
Catch them in your paws,
and place them next to your heart.

It is time to crawl into my bed and snuggle to sleep.
Tonight, I will think about how thankful I am- for all of you.
Nitey Nite my friends

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Who's Mountain Is It"

I have a story to tell you.
It's more than a legend. It is true. It really happened.
So grap yourself a nice cup of puppynip tea, and your snuggy.
Get yourself comfortable, and I will tell you my story.

The trails on my mountain always lead somewhere.
But sometimes, I do not know where.
Have you ever felt that way?
I love exploring, and so one day, I climbed to my mountain TOP.
Trails were going here and there.
I just did not know which way to go.
I was flipping a penny, that I had in my little red coat pocket.
I was tying to decide which way to go!
I decided to sit and ponder for awhile, when above me, a shadow SOARED.
High in the sky.
Then it reached down and pulled my tail!
To my amazement, it was Owlbert, my friendly owl friend.
You scared me Owlbert, shame on you!
"But", I said to Owlbert,,,, "I have missed you!"
As Owlbert landed in a Fir tree, the branches swayed up and down, and he hooted a few times.
"A penny for your thoughts, Little Tweedles", Owlbert said.
"Well", I replied "I was wondering about all these trails that go somewhere,
but who knows where."
Owlbert replied that he had just the answer that I was looking for.
So, I snuggled into some soft grass to listen.

You see Tweedles,
The trails were blazed by the light of the moon.
That big bright moon, that your looking at right now.
This very moon. Big and Bright.

As Owlbert started to speak, my EYES grew HUGE, I listened INTENTLY.

"Hershey was his name, and you might say he was a legend.
And, as Hershey would say, "This MOUNTAIN has always belonged to me".

He CARVED the trails with his very own hooves.
The sky and clouds, well,,,, he shared them with the birds that soared above him.
The trees protected him from the wind, AND the monsterous storms.
Yes, this was his MOUNTAIN, from the very begining.
He had everything he needed. So he thought.
Days could find him running as fast as he could!
And then SUDDENLY, he would be SLIPPING and SLIDING to a screeching halt.
Was he athletic?
I think that you may say that he was!
CRANKY crows in trees would tease Hershey.
Hershey would BRAAAAY back at them, jokingly.
"Silly crows" he BRAYYYYED.
Mother deer would PRANCE past him, with their little fawns.
He CHASED away cougars.
Hershey was BRAVE.
The BRIGHT moon in the SKY would light the dark nites.
The SUN warmed his back.
Hershey played CATCH me if you can, with the snow flakes!
This was HIS mountain.

His mountain, until the day, Hershey noticed a short, long eared, gray donkey( with the longest ears that he had ever seen,) being led up the trail to HIS mountain.
As their eyes caught a glimpe of each other, they curiously trotted towards each other.
SLOW steps.
Then FAST steps,
They sniffed each other, and kicked up their heels, ( just a little.)
Hershey got to thinking about the mountain, HIS moutain, and what was he going to do now?
Hershey said to himself, "I MUST PROTECT MY MOUNTAIN. "
He knew that he didn't want to share his mountain and all its trails, with anyone- especailly not a silly looking , short, LONG eared donkey.
Hershey was very protective of HIS mountain!

And so, Hershey headed up to the moutain TOP to look at things from a different PERSPECTIVE. (behind one of the biggest fir trees on the mountain.
From there, Hershey looked down at the short, long eared, gray donkey, as she nibbled at some fresh green grass .
Suddenly she STOPPED eating.
The little gray donkey started TWIRLING in a circles, like TORNADOS touching the ground!!
She had suddenly realized, that Hershey had disappeared from her site.

With one of the most pittiful BRAAAAAAYS, she began to holler.
She appeared to be looking up to the mountain top.
Her eyes SCANNED the horizon.
Her eyes SEARCHED.
Her mouth was open wide as she BRAAAAAYED. As she BRAAAAYED, her body shook.
"Hershey my Hershey, where did you go"!
" Where are you,?" she BRAAAAAAYED.

Hershey had not realized the possibilities of an INSTANT friendship, coming to pass.
How could it happen so FAST!
Hershey decided that he could not just stand on HIS moutain top FOREVER.
He must do something NOW!
Hershey thought about the little, long eared, gray donkey, possibly feeling FRIGHTENED!
So, with his tail FLYING behind him, and ears POINTED forward, Hershey charged down the mountain as FAST as his tiny hooves could go.
Hersheys hind legs TWISTED one way, then the front legs TWISTED another.
He came SLIDING to a halt right in front of her!
Her long eye LASHES, and long EARS, were batting at HIM.
Hershey could not resist, sniffing her nose.
She did smell a little dusty. Hershey loved dusty smells.
Dust reminded him of the trails he blazed.
Suddenly their noses touched.
From that day forward, the mountain was not just Hershey's.
It was THEIR mountain, from that day on, until FOREVER.

With a wink in his eye, Owlbert looked down at me and said.
"The End"

What a wonderful story, I thought.
Now, I know that all trails go somewhere, and maybe I can keep on blazing more trails.
However right now, I must hurry home.
Moms are searching for me.
It is time for MY snack and bed time.
Nitey nite my friends,