Monday, March 28, 2016

"Just Shine! "

Let's shine today!!!

Look at the sky shining,,,
way up high
Isn't it so beautiful?
And look at those wings stretch across the sky,,,
 the sun has kissed  the wings
and they
are shining too,
they are beautiful!
The "Daffy's" know how to shine,,,,
 Just look at them glow and shine!
The pond and all of the  splashing frogs
and tadpodes are shining!
The universe that reaches to forever, and ever ,,
is so profoundly beautiful,,,
The universe shines!
nitey nite

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Quiet In Here

 I don't hear a sound!
  I don't hear frogs, or crickets.
  No I don't hear a sound.
I  like this sound of quiet.
  It feels good,,,,
clear to my toes.

I smell green trees!
Look !
 The trees are dancing slow...and quiet.
 I heard a splash!
 I heard a frog jump into the pond!
  I see frog eggs!
 But where is the frog??
Did he already go to sleeps?
It's quiet again., so home I will go.

nitey nite

(ps... mommy carrys me to the forest so I can sniff,, and see.. )
(she carrys me so I do not hurt my self.)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Treasures from the Sunshine, Rain and Wind

The suns beams were  peeking inside my window
and asked me to come outside.!
So I did,,,
  guess what I found?
I found yellow flowers
 that were standing tall and reaching for the sky!
The sun kissed them!
The pouring  rains  and wind visited last night,,,
 their kisses were gentle,,,,,
  because all the flowers are
still strong and not broken!
The rains kissed them!

And look what the wind did,,,
 it made the willow tree branches dance!
Kisses from the wind!

And this tree  has green worms!
 The sun kissed this tree with magic!

Look what else I found,,!
 Spring bulbs that woke up from their sleeps.
.I think a sun ray kissed them!

And I know for sure a sun ray kissed me!
I feel it,,, clear down to my toes!
Thank you sunshine  and rain and wind
 for kissing my world!
nitey nite