Friday, April 26, 2013


Can you tell me how many wishes
 are clustered in this splendorious wish flower?
   You can ask me,,,,,
 and I will tell  you that there are a zillion wishes
 that are waiting and ready to come true!
 First we must try,,,
  to make a wish.
 Just close your eyes and wish with me,,
 and believe!
And I just know your wishes will
come true!
It's just a splendorious wish!

Rain drops
  splendorious flowers
  are dancing
Mother Earth has kissed my world!
It's just a splendorious day!

 Tweeting birds,
 bloomng blossoms
 and  butteflys
 are swirling everywhere!
  My world has been painted
 with a paintbrush
 of happiness!
It's splendorious!

These yellow flowers remind me of my favorite fruit,,, nannas!
Splendorious nanna's!

Sweet kissys I give to these blooms
So many  gifts from Mother Earth!
So splendorious!

Splendor is all around me.
 Sometimes splendor sits quietly in shadows,
 waiting to be noticed.

Sometimes we find splendoriousness
in the sky 
 like the stars,
 the sun and the clouds.

My splendorious stuffy makes me giggle and makes me happy!

The splendor in tip toeing through the forest on soft moss,
makes my toes wiggle
 it makes my heart feel peaceful
To find a baby bird egg nestled and  sleeping in its nest,
 is splendorious to me!
Mommy bird will be back soon!
How beautiful!
  A boquet of moss clinging and snuggling
  to a giant forest tree
that has  just been  sprinkled
with  kisses of rain drops.
Oh look!
  A magnificent  forest tree
  has shared this splendorious home for a furry forest creature!
The long draping  branches sway in the wind
and  whisper
 'come! - You are welcome here.'
 The stillness of the quiet is everywhere that I look.
Very still I sit
  I  feel the  magical splendoriousness
Nitey nite

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Moment Is Right

All moments are special in their own special way.
Sometimes moments  feel more special than other moments
but they really are all special in  different ways.

 And sometimes all  the specialness around me
 makes me feel like I am in  a magic bubble floating in the sky,
 and Mother Earth is carrying me everywhere-
like to the stars and the  moon and  on rainbows.
All the specialness wraps me up in love.

 Today is the day- to enjoy today.
 Today is the day to lift my face to the sky,
 and feel the bright sunrays  warmth as they shine down all around me.
 Today is the day I will listen to the wind as she whistles in my ear.
 Today is the day I will watch the purpley clouds stretch across the giant sky.
 Today is the day that I will open my mouth and sing.
 Lets sing together.
 Lets sing very very loud and thank Mother Earth for these special moments of today. 
 Yes- you and me
 can sing..
The moment is right
 Nitey nite