Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Time For A Journey"

I am going on a journey .
 Giant leaves are falling everywhere!
Rain drops have touched the forest branches,,,
the forest is  so happy!

 It's time to feel the wind in my face.
It's time for the wind to tickle my ears!
If you see a happy leaf fluttering before yor
very eyes,,,
look very closely!
Because it's really me!

If you see a special cloud-
drifting softly,
and magically,,,,
just look closely!
it will be me!

I will be everywhere!
You will see!

It is my journey.
Now,,, it is time for me to step
this giant leaf!
 The wind is ready to
spin, and lift me high!
It is my journey.

nitey nite

ps- now please do not worry about me--- I am totally fine!
I will be back soon.