Friday, June 21, 2013

Fight Like A Frenchy Benny

Do you know
 that there is never too many times to tell someone that you love them?
 There are never too many times to tell someone you care about them.
 There are never to many times to tell someone that we are with them always.
Today  I am participating in a special day  .
This day is from blogland, and its  for Benny
 Two French Bulldogs
 and his family-
 to let them know over and over that we love them,
 and we care, and we are here to help Benny   fight the biggest fight of all-
 the ugly C.
We can tell them a zillion times!
 I know your feel this way too.
 There are never too many times to tell them.
 Lily and momma- and Benny-
we care about you
 and we love you ALL.

Fight like a frenchie Benny!

Monday, June 17, 2013

When You Feel This Way- words for Benny

I  think that sometimes
 maybe you have felt this way too.
Am I right?

Sometimes words are hard to find
when your worried about a friend,
and your lips feel empty.

Our friend Benny
Two French Bulldogs
needs the Power of The Paws
to swirl around him,
  his sister Lily
 and his family
 as he fights
the evil C.
I am reaching out my paws in a circle!
Lets all grab ahold and create a circle of love!

My friend Sashy and I are sending
magic bubbles to float around them
so they can feel the love!

Keep fighting Benny!
We are right beside you!