Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Letter To Tweedles

The winter's sun is peeking from behind fluffy white clouds this very minute..
 it's teasing us with hints of spring.
Tweedles and I are sitting outside on a tree stump,
 and  I  am watching her as she turns her head from side to side.
  She is  listening to  the frogs and birds, and roosters.
 And then she turns her face to the sun,  leans against me
and  closes her eyes as she soaks in every ray of the warm sun.
  I close my eyes too, and think of this very moment that we are sharing,
this moment to be treasured as jewels of time,
  that I want to never end.

Murphy & Stanley  invited us to join in some fun and write a letter,,, and here is ours.

  Tweedles, you are my heart.
 I know you know it,, but its time now to say the words.
You are what makes my heart beat.
 You are me.. and I am you.

   When I hold you in my arms, I love your sighs of contentment, and I love your snorez.
I love the little boogers you leave on the windows when you look outside.
I love your mischievous ways ,,,, and I love the way you always seem to be laughing.
There are so many things that make you special.. and I love everyone of them.
And I love all your toys strung all around the house!!

. You think everything that belongs to me.. belongs to you, and  yes that is how it should be!
You melt my heart when I see how happy you are to see me and kiss me.
I love that special time at night when  we look into each others eyes before we fall asleep.

 Your love of life was proof when you pulled through the  scary surgery's a year ago,
 and all you wanted, was for me to hold you and take you home from the hospital.
Tears fall to this day when I think back on those days.
But you are well now,,, and I cherish everyday with you..
You have taught me how to see the world through your  eyes,,
and I thank you so much for that.
 You are my heart beat,
 and I love you.
your mommy

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Voice Sings Soprano Very Loud !

I got to use my voice on Inauguration Day
as  Murphy & Stanley got voted in as our  new Mayor's of Blogville!!

I am lead sapranao..  in the choir,,,and yes my voice is loud!
  I can sing louder than roosters!
I am just a little part of the choir , there are many more voices
that sing loud, and strong too.
We blend together- to be the best we can,.
I am happy to have this position!
My dutys are to sing loud!
Thank you for this honor.
I hope this hops!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's Just Rain

Those big fat rain drops are falling.
Split! Splat!

You and I can come outside
 and let the raindrops splash on  our heads!
Do you want to?

The rain drops are  flying sideways
and upside down!
We can watch them!
We can catch them!
The grass is squishy wishy,,
 but we can still have fun!
 And we can  listen to pitter patters
of every rain drop
as it kerplunks on the leaves
and our heads!
We can have fun!
We can  smell the smells and jump up and down
 in  puddles!

Its just rain,,
 and we will dry out

yes, we will dry out
when we go inside!!
nitey nite

Monday, January 5, 2015

Cricket's Song

The voice was like no other.....
  Her mom said it was like a large hound dog.
How can it be?
"I hear you Cricket!!!"

Cricket's story can be read at  Life at Golden Pines.
Everyone of the goldens are treasures in Kim and Carl's eyes.
When even  one  gem is missing,, a big hole is left.
Cricket was a rescue that lived for 8 months at Golden Pines.
She was part of the happy pack, and will live in our hearts forever.

When the night visited  last night
 my eyes lifted to the sky's
 and scanned to the east and to the west. ,,
I spun in circles  searching in all directions!
Then the clouds parted 
and I recognized that smile  in the star
 as it twinkled  right above me,
 it radiated  across the sky!

 I knew immediately when,  the star began to sing,
with a very loud voice !!!
The moons glow and stars shadows streamed down to my feet!
  I stood quietly gazing at the smiling star,,
 and  listening to the song that was so beauitiful,,
a song saying
 "i am okay,
"i am okay!"

"I found my first family and friends
and I am okay!
The sun shines everyday!
I am okay, and I want to tell you something else Tweedles,
tell my family at Golden Pines to always look for the smiling star
because that is me
and listen for my song!!"

Oh how I wanted to touch the star!
I wanted to tell her family!
I wanted to share words  to make their hearts heal.

Cricket was nearing 17 years when her life completed its circle, here on earth.
Things in life can change so fast,,,
and leave us very sad.
My heart hurts for her family.

Please come join me,,,
Lets sit  shoulder to shoulder in a circle
 holding paws
and sending love to
all the members of
Life at Golden Pines