Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lending a helping paw!

I am telling everyone I know about a touching story in Snohomish Washington, that my moms were talking about. 150 puppies, and 500 pregrant mommie dogs were rescued from a puppy mill! Can you imagine?
It was on the tv news, but really to sad to watch, so we didn't watch it.
The place where mommie works is collecting used towels and then they are going to ship them to the Animal Rescue home so the mommies and puppies and new babies will have something soft to sleep on. Some of them have never had anything soft and cuddly at all in their whole life, or probably, even a kind voice. This is a big thing,,, so I am going to be finding some soft towels for her to take and then they will go to the poor little animals.
I know there are lots of Shelters and Resuce organizations that need help all over the world, but this is one that I can help with. A towel does not seem like a big thing -but to them - it is.

I feel sad for them as I am all cuddled up in a warm blanket right now. But I know help is on the way to them soon. and my towel can make a difference.
Shame on those bad people!
Lets all send love to them , and all the other rescued doggies that need help everywhere.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Mama's been busy

It's been very busy around here.

First of all mommie figured out how to get all her pictures into this computer with out taking the camera to the store and get a CD. Just like magic they go on the computer. And of course she thought everyone in the world knew how to do it- but her,,,,, however one step at a time !

So now she has been experimenting on adding my clothes and stuff to this blogsphere page---- and at the slip of a finger she has discovered the picture can be gone! There are lots more sweaters,of many colors, and one minute the picture was here - and like I said- one slip of a finger, and the picture was gone, gone. gone!


Now for the most important part,,,,Mama has been busy making me new clothes!

Mama and her sewing machine are busy , busy , busy.

This is the first sweater she made for me, and if you can only imagine what it is like to
spend a lot of my day trying on these clothes to see if they fit. But it is worth it, as they are sooo cozy.

And trying these on - is all in between naps!

Look how thick this one is! Scrumsiosly warm!

Piles and piles of fleece of every color. And with fleece my toes nails don't get stuck and make owies!

This is the latest one that mama made for me last week, that I wore to the doctors. Can you see the little white pom pom- kind of like a bunny tail? I was hoping the doctor would think I was a bunny rabbit and give me a carrot, but he didn't for some odd reason.

I sure am glad that with the slip of a finger - my new clothes don't disappear!

So my little friends I wanted to share the latest achievements and my wardrobe!

Nitey nite



Monday, January 26, 2009

Go after what you're dreaming about!

This is me taking care of business and trying to get myself, a treat. I decided if no one was going to pay attention to me- I would help myself. And who can resist temptation? Not me! I dream about food!
I think the morale of this story is to go after what you want, and what your dreams are..(well it may depend sometimes- I guess)
I watched some big and little doggies on tv this weekend - it was Olympics for doggy's.
Those doggies had dreams about having fun, and knew how to do it.
Some were sailing through the air and landed in water, some were twirling, and dancing and playing with toys. All those doggies were beautiful- all kinds, and colors.. They all looked so happy with big smiles on their faces, and tails wagging so fast! Enough to knock me over! Even short tails were wagging, and no tailed doggies- their whole body wagged!
I was thinking that I bet some of my new friends out in blogsphere have these wonderful hobbies!
I am not so talented to do all those kinds of things,,, I wish I was,,but I hate water, so forget that, and I only like to chase certain things.
And then I got to thinking about all the brave rescue doggies that hunt for people and save lives. They really had big dreams and should get BIG MEDALS!

Anyway,,,ittle me- well, I do know how to get food, I am an expert at that!
So no matter what your dreams are,,,, if it is playing in the doggie Olympics or laying on the couch sleeping, going to the doggie park, begging for snacks and treats, snuggling with your mommie and daddies,,,singing, whatever it is.,,,,, just go for it, and do it up good. Mine is finding a way to get food - even if it means getting it myself! Pockets, purses, you name it. I am a great pick pocket! I will find what I want, one way or another. (course sometimes it can get you into BIG trouble.)
Some mommies and daddys count sheep, but I count "treats", do you?

nitey nite my friends.

ps... this is my ski parka- mama did not make this one- we got it at Pet Smart when I went shopping, one more thnig to keep little naked neck warm!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh what a relief!

So today was the day that I had been dreading, ... going to the doctor! Mama bundled me up in my new sweater that she made for me- it's purply colored and had white trim and a white pompom back by my tail. I looked like a bunny rabbit!
Mommies pockets were stuffed with treats and we were on our way. I did decide to let mommie drive- if she made some promises, like treats every now and then. So we made a deal.

I am so glad to get it over, and to be back home. It actually went very well for everyone, as I did not scare anyone in the office, this time. I was acting like a little angel which surprised mommie, and I am sure everyone in the office.

No barkie, barkie inside the doctors - but when we got out of the truck, however I did announce, that I was there!

A nice mommie and daddy in the parking lot had 2 big lab puppies - one was yellow and one was black. I got to say hello to them. They did not look too scared coming out- so I had high hopes everything would remain cool when my turn came to get looked at.

I saw some cute kitties in the office that helped the staff (I was observing this). The kitties acted so important- just laying on the reception desk- and another kittie was helping with the printer.

Everyone remembered me from when I swallowed the Christmas twinkly light bulb- a month ago,,,, how could they ever forget!

The doctor gave me a thorough check over and said I was in great shape and told mommie not to worry so much about my naked parts on my body (naked neck, naked tummy, naked arms, naked chest- gee what's left!). I am just very thin coated in parts of my body- so I wear clothes to keep me warm.

I had to get on this huge scale that looked like it was ment for a horse--- it said 10 pounds - that's as big as a bag of sugar! Doc said I am just right for my size, just a petite girl.

I think the doctor may have lost something as he was looking in my eyes with a flash light ---of all things! And in my ears! I wanted to tell him that what ever he was looking for- he was not going to find it on me- and he didn't. I don't need braces for my teeth- so that is a good thing.

Oh yes- I got my nails done- and miraculously it did not bother me that much.

I know that I do not allow my moms to do it- I guess I like "some control" over the situation.
I know its important when mamas and daddys are wondering or concerned about things with us kids to go ahead and get us checked out. It's the best thing to do. And makes everyone sleep better at nite. I guess it is better to be more concerned than not concerned. My concern is just making sure I get my treats!

When we were leaving, I glanced over my shoulder at a momies and daddy who were looking at a book- it was a book of homeless animals. I think they were adopting a new member to their family.

It made me feel warm and cozy to see caring people- and I hope they found a little animal to give a forever home to.

Good nite everyone



Friday, January 23, 2009

I am getting out of here!

It's the weekend fianlly. I am grabbing the keys and I am heading to a fun place instead of where mommie plans on taking me!
Mommie's plans are: she thinks she is taking me to the doctor. I am not sick- but she thinks it's important to know why I don't have much hair on my chest and neck (instead I have a chicken neck-(naked) she thinks)I do not mind having a bald chest- and nope-- "Their ain't no bugs on me". They worrie about everything. Why I had puppy pimples when I was a baby. Why I had a bump on my leg, why did I breathe fast- XRAY's for this - XRAY's for that. You know mommies! (just cause they love me)
And then for some reason she thinks I need my nails trimmed.
I am sure the doctor will be waiting with open arms when they see me come in yelling at the top of my lungs. I am not the best traveler in a car - and then I have a lot of anxietys about going places- like doctors- especially, and I am not afraid to tell anyone. I know they will remember me from a month ago when I had to make an emergency visit to have my tummy X- RAYED to see if they could see a Christmas tree ornamnent- that made its way into my mouth- and yup - down the hatch. It was only a little light bulb- but anyway- sure enough they saw it-pretty little blue twinkly light bulb,, and because of that- I got to eat a whole loaf of white bread! So we will see what the day hold tomorrow- who knows, I may scare them all away and I may just get out of there fast! One thing I learned is that mommie will have her pockets loaded up with all kinds of treats, and we will practice my tricks- and I will get more treats. And so it sorta is kind of exciting! And of course everyone will think I am cute
So here I go - bye- bye, Wish me luck!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have been so worried lately, I must tell you why

I keep thinking about my friend, Owlbert.
Owlbert lived in the forest above my home, with his family. Every nite as I fell asleep, he would hoot lullabyes to me.
Now things have changed and Owlbert has been silent because his home is gone.
Totally gone.
Some big people with chain saws came and took away Owlberts home. It's very sad and the forest is not pretty anymore- because the forest is gone.
I am very sad to think about all the other little and big animals that lived in those beautiful tall trees, and now their home is gone too.
I am so sad.
It's winter. Snow has been falling. The ground is frozen solid.
Everything is very quiet.
Now my friends are homeless. Please keep my friends in your thoughts- that they are safe, and have a warm place to warm their little toes! I miss Owlbert so much, and I miss his luullabye hoots to me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sure is nice to see the blue sky today

Hi everyone.

Today the sky is blue, and the sun is shinning. What a nice change from that nasty thick fog we have been getting. But of course fog is better than the snow and flooding we had before that!
So yippy the sun is shinning and I try to get some of that sunshine on my bare skin!
I like to wear a lot of home made sweaters that mama makes me, and be bundled up on cold days (and most days_as my hair is not very thick on my chest, tummy and legs-- to be more honest- I have a lot of pink bare skin. My skin is soft as a babys.
I am having a lazy Sunday, just been playing and napping. I hope everyone is having a calm peaceful day too.
love and pug kisses to you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Look at me- just look at me

Hello everyone- heres some puppy hugs that I am sending to you. xoxoxo
When you look at me- do you think I look a little strange with my eyes going in 2 different directions?
Well, actually it' s a good thing. I can see a lot. and because I have two mommies I can keep track of them better!
I am a happy little thing, and quite mischevious!
I think I will be a puppy forever.
I wanted to share my hobbies with you.
One of them is protecting my house from "everyone" that should ever come knocking at the door. Yes, that is everyone. I can sound quite brave! Another of my hobbies is eating everything little thing that will fit in my mouth! I can eat quite fast.
My job is entertaining my mommies, and keeping them smiling!
I am a snuggle bug, and can really zzzzzzzzzzzzzz snore. (which my moms love)
I live in the wilderness in Oregon where the cougars and bears live! But, I am always safe as I am never allowed outside without my leash on. My mommies take good care of me and I love them.
I have 2 bothers (kitties) and 2 sisters (kitties).
Someday- maybe someday, I may get a baby sister. Guess we will have to wait and see.
Thank you to all my new friends who came to say hello to me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tweedles has arrived

"Tweedles whispered in my ear, " I want to share my stories with other little puggies in the world" Let's try to make a blog, let's try, let's try and see what happens"! Please mommie!