Monday, January 26, 2009

Go after what you're dreaming about!

This is me taking care of business and trying to get myself, a treat. I decided if no one was going to pay attention to me- I would help myself. And who can resist temptation? Not me! I dream about food!
I think the morale of this story is to go after what you want, and what your dreams are..(well it may depend sometimes- I guess)
I watched some big and little doggies on tv this weekend - it was Olympics for doggy's.
Those doggies had dreams about having fun, and knew how to do it.
Some were sailing through the air and landed in water, some were twirling, and dancing and playing with toys. All those doggies were beautiful- all kinds, and colors.. They all looked so happy with big smiles on their faces, and tails wagging so fast! Enough to knock me over! Even short tails were wagging, and no tailed doggies- their whole body wagged!
I was thinking that I bet some of my new friends out in blogsphere have these wonderful hobbies!
I am not so talented to do all those kinds of things,,, I wish I was,,but I hate water, so forget that, and I only like to chase certain things.
And then I got to thinking about all the brave rescue doggies that hunt for people and save lives. They really had big dreams and should get BIG MEDALS!

Anyway,,,ittle me- well, I do know how to get food, I am an expert at that!
So no matter what your dreams are,,,, if it is playing in the doggie Olympics or laying on the couch sleeping, going to the doggie park, begging for snacks and treats, snuggling with your mommie and daddies,,,singing, whatever it is.,,,,, just go for it, and do it up good. Mine is finding a way to get food - even if it means getting it myself! Pockets, purses, you name it. I am a great pick pocket! I will find what I want, one way or another. (course sometimes it can get you into BIG trouble.)
Some mommies and daddys count sheep, but I count "treats", do you?

nitey nite my friends.

ps... this is my ski parka- mama did not make this one- we got it at Pet Smart when I went shopping, one more thnig to keep little naked neck warm!


Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Tweedles, Howie is very proud of you going for your dreams, especially the edible ones you aren't supposed to have on the coffee table!
Howie,Annie and Java

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi tweedles!
emmitt loves your dreams too! sometimes when he sleeps, it looks like he is chasing rabbits but really i think he is looking for carrots!
m 7 e

Bonnie and her FurBabies said...

What a great message to spread! And I love your coat. Wish my FurBabies could wear one as cool - but their a bit big boned.
Best wishes, the Pets and Chocolate group

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I love how woo took things in your own paws!

AND what a khute outfit!


Maggie and Mitch said...

You have the coolest clothes, Tweedles! You are a very well-dressed Puggie!
We're not countersurfing doggies because it gets us in HUGE trouble but we both do love to eat - the more treats the happier we are!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Tweedles! thanks for stopping by my blog! There are lots of things to learn on this post! Can we be friends? I added you to my blog list.
See you!

Pearl said...

Hi cute Tweedles!!

What an inspirational post! I am thinking you should run for public office!!! My dreams are mostly about sleeping, my most favorite activity! In fact... I am going to.... do that... now....zzzzzzz