Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Forest I Love You

my forest- i love you
i love the way you smell- so foresty and green
i  love to look at the strong branches on your tall and magical trees.
i love hearing your voice in the stream,
as it goes
Sometimes maybe no words are needed....
except, I love my forest!
This was a very special day for me.
I have waited so long to once again
see my forest..
and it was right here waiting for me

nitey nite

ps  there was some words here,,, but blogger hid them and i cannot find them

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Play

I found my happiness today!
 And its you!
Will you play with me?

And you make me happy too- So let play!
Will you play with me? 
Lets show how happy we are!
Let's rumble across the room!
   Lets spread our happiness
Just play with everything!
 Lets show how happy we are!
Lets drag out all the toys- lets play!
You make me very happy,,
  I want to tell everyone!
I want to show everyone!
Lets play and be happy!
nitey nite

ps  I was thinking of Angel Payton today
who gave me this toy "cuz' 3 years ago.
Thank you Angel Payton,,
for making me still happy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blowing Kissys To Frosty

My lips were blowing the sweetest kissys
 that lips  could make!
 The kissys were sailing away to Frosty the Snowman!
 He said he would come back this year !
 He promised.
I knew my kissys would find Frosty.
 I just knew it.
And so I blew my kissys
 this way and that way!
I blew kissys up to the moon and through the stars!
 just because you cannot see someone-
 it doesn't mean they are not right here.or there..
  A promise is a promise,
 and I know Frosty is here somewheres
hiding in the snowflakes..
catching my kissys!
nitey nite

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Puppy Love

 Valentines Day is not here yet.
 But I need to  let Toby Moses Pugs & Purrs my Prince,
  know that I will be his Valentine.
Yes  Toby I will go to the Valentine Ball with you.!
Toby calls me his Fairy Garden Woodland Princess.
I love that he thinks I am so special.
He sent me this valentine.
He is special to me too.,
And Toby sent me these pearls--
 they belonged to his sister Angel Gracie Lynn. 
This is a very special occasion,,, and when I wear these pearls... and this little hat--
( which slipped off my head and  is  keeping my neck warm)
 I think of Gracie Lynn.
nitey nite

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two More Please

Oh lucky stars!!
Two for now,
 and two for later!!!
Okay, just two more please!!
  How could anyone resist me?
 Nitey nite