Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Brave Heart"

Today I put on my Brave Heart Face .
I know myface does not look toooo happy.
But, this is face that shows how I feel RIGHT NOW.
This is my Brave Heart Face.
Today, was the day that those NASTY stapples came out of me.
What is there to be afraid of ?
I asked myself over and over.
Over and over.
As long as Mr Lion is with me, I can do anything.
I will not be afraid.

It took awhile to convince my tail, that there was nothing to fear.
My tail was scared stiff as a board,
when the doctor came in through the door.
I wasn't listening to ANY of the the sweet words, that she was saying to me.
I heard nothing!
All I could see before my eyes- were those tools, that she held in her hand.
I held paws with Mr Lion, and I took a deep breath.
"I will not be afraid" I said over and over 'I will not be afraid".
In a just a magical moment,
as fast as I could count to FOUR,
the stapples were removed
and gone forever.

I am so thankful Mr Lion was with me.
"Are you okay Mr Lion," I asked?
The doctor told me how brave I was,
and then she kissed my head.
Oh, I am all better now,
yes, I am all better.
I got lots of treats on the way home.
Yup, I was a Brave Heart.

AND THEN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
During this week, I got a suprise in the mail.

Look what my friends Bella, Tiger, Guero, Coco Chanel, Brinks, and Lucky @ sent to me.

It was a belated Birthday card, and a little Cup Cake. They always tell me that I am the sweetest Cupcake EVER. The little card had doggy paws , and little flower stickers and a St Francis sticker in it, to protect me. The card was filled with slobbery sugary kisses from all the pibbles. I feel so special. Thank you my pibble friends.

And then, I was honored to get this pawsome Award from some of my friends.
at Kira the Beautiful and The Fiesty Three!
Thank you so much my friends for thing of me- and sharing.

The rules say to pass this Award on ,and to share 7 things about myself.
1. I have 4 KAT brothers and sisters
2. I have 2 moms.
3. I have my own forest
4. I have many forest friends
5. My drinking water comes from the root of a tree.
6. My house is 100 years old
7. I rule the roost.

I would like to share this Award with YOU. I know many of you already have it.
So, will you come and take this Award, if you do not already have it?
Nitey Nite, my sweet friends
Tonight, I will dream about how fun it was running naked through the trees with no harness.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Tweedles and the Tad Poles"

Hi my friends
I wanted to show you that I am feeling so much better.
I had a visit at the doctors today.
I took Mr Lion with me, my favorite old stuffie( so I would not be too afraid.)
I thought my stapples would get to come out,
I am not healed yet.
We will wait another 7 days, and then the doctor will take them out.
Some of you asked for the name of the ugly lump monster, that got locked into the dungeon.
This was his name XANTHROGRANULOMA.
Who could ever say that word?
I cannot wear my harness until my 4 stapples come out.
4 stapples (just like how old I am)
and,,,,, I love being naked.
Thank you all my sweet friends for your sweetest words
and the Power of the Paws.
Your words helped me and my moms.

And now I feel that time has been wasting,
Days have come and gone .
so today I made up for it.

The story below will tell you all about it.

Giant rain drops were falling from the sky
I heard the sound of splashing in ponds
Splisshy Splasshy
Splisshy Splasshy
I had to go see what was happening at the ponds.
I had my faithful red bucket- just in case.

I saw leaping frogs
and croaking toads
Splisshy splashy-
all around me.
Happy frogs jumping
from lilly pad to lilly pad.

And then I saw them -
in the grass-
little Tad Poles.
Someday they will grow legs, but not yet.
Someday they will have bulging eyes-
like me- but not yet.
Someday they will become frogs, but not yet.
Their time has not come, not yet.

I knew exactlty what I was going to do!

Look !
Look at what I have!
I have my own fishie bowl, with Tad Poles.
I will take them inside my house , so I can watch them grow.
It will be so fun to watch them grow into froggies .

Tonight I will think about my happy Tad Poles.
Nitey nite

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"EYES" Feeling Fine

I want to tell you right now.
I am feeling fine.
I am going to be fine.
Because the doctor just called.
And the doctor told my moms
that the monster
is in the dungeon
and he can't come out again.

I have been feeling a little "ducky"
it won't be long
until I am back to my normal self.

Next week I will go get my staples out.

And then I will run and chase butterflys.
I will run as fast and as free as the wind.
And I will jump
in mud puddles
and splash
and get dirty
that is what Tweedles does.

I want to thank YOU,
my friends
who sent "the power of the paws"to me.
And all the sweetest words from your lips.
And I thank you for sitting beside me
and holding my paws.
I am going to keep the powers of the paws
going all around the world,
going for all the other doggys and kitties and fishies,
who are sick
or hurting
or lost
or hungry
or cold.
I am sending my paw wishes to Anakin who needs some help
because he is in the hospitals again.
And Mona- I never met her- but I care about her. I know we all do.

Lets join paws together.
Nitey nite my friend

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"The monster had to go"

Sometimes there are words
that you never want to hear.
Sometimes there are words
that you never want to say.

Sometimes it feels like the sky is falling.
Sometimes there are black clouds in the sky.
Sometimes hearts tremble.
Sometimes all you want is your blanky and stuffies and mommies.

Sometimes monsters have to go away.
Sometimes the door has to be locked.
Sometimes, we all feel wordless.
But tomorrow the sun will shine again.
This monster had to go away.
We don't know what kind of monster it is for 10 days to come and go.
But the door is locked,
Will you help me watch to make sure the monster stays away?

Mommy says you all know about the power of the paws.
I believe in the power of the paws. Do you?
If I don't have words for awhile, I hope you understand.
Will you come sit shoulder to shoulder with me?
Will you hold my paws?
And,,,, don't worry.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Counting to 4"

I remember yesterday, when I counted to three.
But today, I count to 4.
4 Bubbles in the sky
4 Blossoms touch the ground
4 Frogs playing leap frog in the pond
4 Candles glowing on a cake
Today I am 4 years old.
And now 4 treats everyday.

This is a yummy Canoli cake that my
Aunt Diane and Aunt Gail gave to me..
All I can say is nom, nom, nom yummy!

This is a new beautiful sweater from
Aunt Melissa Aunt Melanie.
Its is called "Wild Flower". I like being a wild flower.
I feel so special wearing this sweater.

This is my new baby pink shirt from my sweet Aunt Diane.
The words on the back- spell TROUBLE.
I am not sure what that word means.,,,
I think it means she loves me,,, (and I love her too)
do those words mean (more treats")?

Here is a picture of all my pressies and my Birthday card.
It says 4 ME.

All my gifts are so special.
I think I want to look at them for awhile.

I hear singing
I hear my moms singing Happy Birthday.
I think I will go blow out the candles on my cake.
I will make wishes- happy wishes for all my friends.
What a fun day this has been,
Nitey nite my friends

ps I will tell about my Seattle journey next time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"When I see you"

I am going across the world.
I am going on a big journey.
I am going to the Seattle Pug Rescue Pugmania.
(Magnuson Park- Hanger # 30)
I get to see all kinds of Tweedles just like me.
Fawn pugs
Black pugs
and I am sure every color of the rainbow.
There will be games and parades.
There will be costume contests,
and agility races and more!
And I cannot wait!
I am jazzed up!
And of course there will be-
ORPHAN pugs. (I want a sister) ((hint, hint.))
Friends are coming from all over the world.
Some of my friends,
I have never met.
I have waited for this moment- forever.
I think now is the perfect time .
A time to hug and dance together.

Melissa and her sister Melanie from are coming from Colorado.
Melissa and Emmitt (her beautiful puggy,)
are the ones who encouraged me to talk
and share all of my stories,
with all of you.
I cannot wait to hug Melissa and Melanie
and see all the crafts they have created.

My friend Aunt Diane is coming from California.
Aunt Diane is the one who created this fantastic portait of me.
It is a 12x12 Image transfer made with sheer heaven paper.
Diane can magic happen. Yes, I have seen her magic.
Magic in her hands, magic in her heart.
My moms and I were shocked when this surprise arrived in the mail!

Diane blows kisses to me,,,, from California everyday
and I catch them in my paws.
I pat them all over my face.
I cannot wait to hug Diane.

I will get to see Gail and Kong again too.
This time, it will not be snowing.
I first met Gail and Kong on a frightful
snowy Blue Moon nite.
I cannot wait to hug them again.

And I will get to meet Puglette
and Charlie and Honey and Ollie
and the new baby brother Dodger.
I cannot wait to hug Puglette.

It''s a party
Are you coming too? (its Saturday May 8)

I am so excited!
Come meet me!
I know the sky will be blue
I will bring my magic bubbles
so all my friends will recognize me
and we can all play bubbles together
It will be a party.

I am waiting for this little Tweedles to come down
and play with me.
Maybe if I get my magic bubbles
maybe she will come play with me.

I already had my bath
I am squeaky clean
I packed my bags
and I am ready to go
I am going to have a good time.
I will be seeing you all soon.
Come see me.
Nitey Nite