Wasn't it a special time of day when we shared our lunch banana, and peanut butter? And how you loved those little baby meatballs that I would make for you?
I will never stop talking to you Tweedles,, and telling you how much I love you,, not ever,,,I promise.
I will forever blow kisses to you!

Listen for my voice Twee,, listen.

How I wish I could look into your eyes again and look through them! How I wish we could have another morning, another day, another night together.

Your magic bubbles could lift us higher than the most puffy, fluffy clouds. We would sail to magical places where butterflys danced, and there were rainbows.

You had so many friends, and you loved them all. Friends from the East , and West, North and South. Friends from across oceans and mountains,,, They all loved you too.
I remember your owl friend Owlburt, who always had wise words for you. We always listened for his hoots,
You loved my stinky socks!
I loved when you washed my whole face before falling asleep at night. And I loved to see you watch the twinkling stars at night
.I miss how you would lay in my arms in our bed, and we would look at each other. How I miss kissing you little nose, and telling you that I love you.
Our hearts broke when you started to have "episodes" and we did not know what was wrong. We hurried you to so many doctors and they tried to help you,.. They loved you too,
But in the end we found out that your loving heart was giving out. and you were having  syncopys.. We tried to help you, We tried so hard to help you,  but your little heart could take no more. You fought so hard to live.
There are no answers,,,, sometimes you would tell me that.
You were so loved Tweedles,, you were "Real" And you will always be my Twee.
I will always remember your words,,, " The same moon and stars that watch me sleep.. also watches you." I will remember forever. If only,, if only.....
Snuggle deep into my heart my little love. I will rock you, and I will find you., and we will run with the butterflys.
nitey nite
love foever and ever
your mommy