Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Today's Hand"

I knew immediately!
I knew that I recognized the sound coming from the deepest part of my forest.
It was a familiar sound.
But the sound that I thought it to be, well, it just couldn't be.
Because you see,,,, it's still winter.
The sounds that I heard, were not winter sounds!
These familiar sounds were frogs,
and they were croaking so loud that the earth seemed to tremble!
I could not ignore their croaks!
I could not ignore them-
especially, because the frogs were calling my name.

And so into the forest I ran as fast as I could.
I ran down a twisted narrow trail.
I leaped over freezing cold streams.
I climbed over huge logs.
And, I trampled through big mud puddles.
Soon I found myself sitting on a big, fat, fallen log.

My eyes peered into the small clear stream, that snaked through the tall trees.
The stream looked so cold, and I knew it was!
The shadows of the giant trees stood silent behind my shoulder, as I sat shivering in the cold.
That was when my eyes caught a glimpse of the frogs,
clustered together in the cold stream.

I stood on all 4 paws as I watched the frogs splash and croak!
What fun they were having splashing and jumping on the rocks and pebbles of many colors!
And then I yelled louder than their croaking frog voices!
"What are you doing, my friends"? 'It's winter"!

All of a sudden,
the biggest frog of all jumped up beside me onto the moss covered log
and started to speak.
"We have something to tell you Tweedles."
"When we woke up this morning, we saw it was a new day."
"It does not matter if its winter or spring, summer or autumn."
"Each day we can have fun."
"We want to share this day with you!"
"So, let's go and make memories!"
"Let's take the hand of "today", and lets go play."
"Today's hand" is reaching for us!"

And so,,, I decided that the frogs, "today," and I, are going to enjoy this new day.
We are going to make memories!
We will go jumping through the forest together!
It does not matter what we do.
It does not matter if its raining or snowing, or sunny.
It's a new day!
Nitey Nite

ps I am wearing a woofie warmer that was made my auntie Melissy Life is art ... Art is Life -

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Award Time And I Thank You!"

Hi everyone! I am so honored because,,,,,

My friends @ The Slimmer Pugs very graciously awarded this Pawsome Blogger Award to me!
Georgie, Lily, Mimi, Gracie , Toby Moses and their moms, have some of the biggest hearts in the whole world.
Thank you my friends!
In order for me to accept this award, I need to pass it on to 10 other bloggers who bring all of us smiles, giggles, friendship and love.
How can I only pick 10? I can't.

5 Months ago,my friend Sharon @ Sharon's Paws Create awarded me this Sunshine Award.
Even though I had already received it at another time, I was honored to receive it again!
Thank you again Sharon.
Sharon is an artist and freelance illustrator, photographer, she writes stories, and also knows how to cook!
I know many of you have already received these Awards.
If you have not- please come, accept the Award- and know that I gave it to you.

All of you are Pawsome Bloggers.
All of you add Sunshine to our lives.
Please share these with me.
Nitey nite

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"The Snow Clouds"

I have been waiting and waiting!
I waited all night.
I knew that soon
I would smell the
tiny little snow flakes.
I knew that soon I would hear them fall, quietly!
And then pooooof, they would hit the ground.
I did not want to look away!
I did not want to miss one little snow flake
as it fell from the sky.

I hear the snow clouds coming.
They are so big and billowy!
Colors of gray and white and more gray!
Can you smell the snow flakes coming?
They smell like marshmellows!
They taste like icecream!
They are soft as velvet!
Do you see them fall from the sky?
Do you see them dance like little feathers?
Can you feel them kiss your face?

I want to dance with the snowflakes!
I want to twirl and play and spin!
I want to be a snowflake!
Oh what fun!

I want to go exploring!
Up this trail and to the creek
that's where we will go!
Lets follow the trail to see
where the rabbit's hopped.
Lets follow the bird tracks too!

Little chickadees are nestled in these branches
all toasty and warm and safe.
They are eating peanut butter treats.
They are getting ready for a nap.
They watch the snow flakes fall too!

I think I will go back home
and have a little nap !
Nitey nite little snowflakes

Friday, January 6, 2012

"The Chrstmas Surprise from Suzanne Berry"

Mabe it was the day when my eyes scanned the horizon
looking for my Sea Friends.
I do not know the day when it happened, but a great artist by the name of suzanne berry
heard my words and began to follow along with me on my journeys.
She was drawn to what my heart feels at those special times when words come.
Sometimes hearts connect, and it's a beautiful thing.
One day, very near to Christmas a gift arrived in the mail, for my moms and me.
Could we believe our eyes when we opened the package and saw this splendorious portrait of me? Hardly!
Could we believe this was for us? Could we believe it was a gift?

and her words touched us--read if you choose

THE TWEEDLES MYSTIQUE by suzanne berry

Here I am sitting by the Christmas tree- with my portrait.
Suzanne has 2 gorgeous sweet pugs of her own- Raz and Blu.
She has painted their portriats, along with many others! Go see!
Suzanne and her magic paint brush, paint so many things!

Her paintings are beyond amazing, just as she is!
This gift is beyond amazing, and we are so in awe!
The Portrait is now hanging in a special place on a special wall.
I look at it every day- wondering when the little pug will come down and play with me!
We are so blessed! Thank you Suzanne!
Nitey nite