Monday, July 27, 2015

The Gray Clouds and the Ones that Roar!

I wonder if you heard the trees singing this morning?

I think if you listen  very closely- you can still  hear them sing.
Come sit beside me and let's listen!

  The trees  are so happy!
And maybe you are wondering why?
  You see,  the trees are singing and dancing all over the mountain tops,
 and in the shadows
because Mother  Earth,,,
 gave them rain drops!
 Yes!! Rain drops  to fall on their thirtsty branches!
And coolness for their toes to wiggle deep into the earth.

And rain drops came for all of us!!  For you and for me!
The trees wrote these words especially for this moment,,
  and the trees taught me to sing along!
" Thank you for the rain drops,,  !!!  la,, la  la,,, thank you"
Little  baby birdies that have  never seen rain drops,,, ohh they  thank you too,,,,
and all of the forest animals..!
Thank you for the white billowy clouds!
Thank you for the gray clouds!
Clouds please come back and bring more rain!

And thank you for the clouds with the voice that sounds like a lion roaring.

Come again rain drops,, come back again soon,
We love you.
nitey nite

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Magic Butterfly- I Remember You

She was flitting alone in the shadows of the green bushes.
  I saw her with my own eyes
and I didn;t  want to look away
because she was so beautiful!
All the birds were singing,,,
and it was just like a dream that came back to me
from another time.

I knew instantly!
It was "Blue"  the most magical butterfly of all!

She hoovered and floated and dipped in and out of  the greenrey.
She seemed to be singing a silent song,
 silent yes,
 but I could hear and feel the rhythm!

 I sat quietly in the green moss,
 and I watched and watched,
 and then I saw there were two butterfly's
and then I saw there were thousands!  Thousands of butterflys like the colors of the rainbow.

" Blue," I whipsered ,,,,,"Do you remember me, oh do you remember me?"

 just like magic , our eyes locked,,,
 and Blue fluttered her wings faster than fast,,,
 and floated  around my ears, and then she landed on my nose,!

"Oh Blue,", I whispered,,, "lets fly together again",
just like long ago on that summer day!
And at that moment Blue said,

"It's time !!"
"Tweedles, close your eyes, and count to three, and together we will fly."
nitey nite

PS,,, the portrait in this story was a gift from Kathryn Ragan in 2013,, when I had my surgeries.
A miracle happened,, and now I am all well.
Thank you Kat- for capturing the moment,

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My World of Eight Happiness Photos

Hi my friends.
Guess  what?
 I  got tagged by my wonderful friends
over at  Whitley Westie

  to show you  8 photos of my happiness..

I found some
 and here they are!
 This is happiness in my world of toys , and things that make me happy!
(and wallymellon too)

  Thank you Whitley Westie for thinking of me to share my photos.
If anyone else would like to play this game please join in,,
and spread your happiness!
The  creator of this  tag is , Ariel's Little Corner
Sweet kisseys for you!
Look at me run!  Yes I can!
And I am zooming fast!
Its important to get every crumb into my mouth!
Are more bummlies coming????  Come on bummlies!
Its good to carry a tired friend!
Go for a ride on some leaves!
Mommy says everyone of these photos  of me is a miracle...
I am happy, and I am well!
nitey nite