Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Come On- Please stand up !

I know you felt like me,,,
 and you couldn't get up.
 I know you want to.. ..

 Now take my paw, and I will help you stand up.!
nitey nite

Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Secret Friend Owlburt

Everyone has a secret friend.
Don't you think so?
  I have wanted to tell you a long time ago, but I was afraid you would not believe me.

And my words, well they just seemed to be elusive and  came out of my mouth

 Have you ever felt that way?
You see, I have a friend that is sometimes invisable..   to some.
  He visits me at nite, when its quiet.
 And when the skys are covered with  dark blankets and stars.
that is when he comes.
I always hear his soft whoooo whoooo whooo's.
His name is Owlburt .
  He is an owl of course!
  Oh, Owlburt knows exactly when the time is just perfect
to fly down from the giant red cedar tree,
 that he calls "his tree"
and come to my window.
 His eyes glow,,,like moons,  two moons!
 And I can see his big furry, fluffy  feet as they shuffle  back and forth on
the crooked tree branch..
He waits for just the perfect time to fly , and then" fly "he does!
He comes right to my window every night!
And then at the quickest  moment when mommys eyes close,,,,,,,
and she is asleep
in through the window he comes!
Its kind of a secret that Owburt comes in through the window ,
and sits at the foot of my bed.
My secret.
Sometimes we go on little journeys in the dark....
Oh we go to places that are special to me.
One night Owburt told me to get on his back...
 to snuggle my face into his feathers,,
 and hang on!
I put my paws around his neck...
I held on as tight as I could,,,
 to his warm fluffy feathers....
and he took me above all the stars,,,,
ohhhhh those special stars!

You see,, I wanted to tell you about Owlburt,,
for a long time...
And if you ever see two moons looking in your window,,
you will know its Owlburt..
He is always there.. whoooooooing.
nitey nite
your tweedles