Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Tweedles in Toy Land"

Hi my friends
Where' s the Tweedles? Bet you can't find me. Do you see me?
I am not sure what to do! I am so very PERPLEXED.
I over heard my moms say that my toy basket was HEAPING and that maybe they should hide some of my toys for awhile. Their plan was to bring them out at another time. Bad idea!
As you can see, I play with ALL of my toys everyday, all day long.
My toys were all marching around the living room with me this morning, and the music was playing loud. As you can see it was the real deal- "the march of the toys"
I tried to explain this to moms. I don't know if they believed me. What more can I do?

I have looked over all my toys from head to toe and there is not one that I could part with.
No, not a one. It's true that I do have 5 or 6 frogs, that all look the same to my moms- but not to me! I know everyone is different. Each one smells different, sound different. I can tell them all apart, because they are MINE. And, I do have some toys that were my "specials" when I was just a tiny baby- but they are all still very special ,to this very day.
So what's a Tweedles to do?
What do you think?
I am in a panic situation now. Don't I look like it? Are you worried for me?
In my thinking, I would sat if the basket doesn't fit- then its time for MORE baskets! Not less toys!
I am a little worried aslo, cause I know Christmas is coming as soon as the summer and autum leave. Course Autum in not here yet. But, I do not want to wait until the last minute to start worrying.
I have been a very good pug. That is what Santa Paws told me to do- last year- be a good little puggie, and I have tried so very hard.
I already found some of my pressys, that I was not supposed to find in the kitchen cubboard. Of course they were snatched away from me before I could blink my eyes.
Does that mean moms will take them back to the toy shop and I won't ever get them?
I am worrying so much, I might get warts!

I think I will start hiding them so they won't dissapear from me. I have just the perfect place to stash them. How about under the couch?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
I know one thing tonight- I am wishing on stars for a lot of reasons.
Maybe you could help me wish tonight. Lets close our eyes and wish.
Nitey nite my friends

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Lets feel the rhythm together- just you and me"

Hi everyone,
I was thinking that it would be nice to feel some rhythm and do a little dancing.
What do you think?
I put on my hula skirt to help me get started. I kept listening for the special feeling that sometimes comes and makes you want to dance.
I didn't wait for very long at all. Soon some of the rhythm got right into my bones and I became a "tiny dancer" for a few minutes. (i have always wanted to be a tiny dancer).
I danced and twirrled, and giggled, and had a good time.
And then the rhythm was gone. Has that ever happened to you - where the feeling did not last long enough?
Oh well!
So, onto the next adventure.
Then I decided maybe I would play with my dirty little frog.
Sometimes I can feel the rhythm of mother earth when I go outside.
I love the fresh air, sniffing and smelling running and playing.
Yes, here it comes- the rhythm!
I grabbed my frog and ran, as fast as I could- tossing it into the air!
Next, I teased the cats, and chased a few butterflys.

I decided maybe I could find the rhythm in the magic bubbles that drift down from the sky and float through the air.
And immediately, I felt the rhythm enter right into my heart. What a splendid feeling!

I have discovered there are many different kinds of rhythms. They all feel different.
Some rhythms could be ones you have never felt before. "It could be a good thing."
Would you like to sit with me for a bit and watch the rhythm of that gigantic golden sun setting in the western sky?
The sliver of crescent moon is also hanging in the sky, there is so much rhythm to feel.
We can sit right here on my porch. We can sit shoulder to shoulder and hold paws.
Let's listen to the rhythms together. Just you and me.
Nitey nite my sweet friends

Friday, August 21, 2009

Red Cup Day

One by one the days of the week have come and gone.
Now its time for the weekend, and I call that Red Cup Day.
Are you asking me what those words mean? Well, they mean a LOT to me!
Those words, mean that I get to sleep in all weekend,( because mommie does not have to leave me since she is not going to that workie place!)
And, after I get up and charge down the stairs there will be a white and a RED CUP on the table for my moms morning coffee.
No brown ugly travel mug going down the road in the little red truck on weekends! NO!

Red Cup Day also means I get to play all day until I am flat out EXHAUGSTED, (since mommie
sometimes thinks she is a pug too! Tee hee hee!

I want to show you something. Look above!
Yesterday, mama Paulette had a creative look in her eyes. At first, she looked at the paint brush in her hands. She starred a long time. I guess she was thinking. Then, her eyes gazed out the windows. The next thing I saw were her hands touching the paper. Look what she painted.
It's the red cup! The origional Red Cup is 3 years old- just like me!
I just love Red Cup Day!
One more good thing about Red Cup Day is I am not so determined to pull the curtains down, (yes I try) since I get PLENTY of entertainment! I demand attention!

Now its time for news from my friends!

I have been a lazy little pug and I am just now getting around to showing you this Award that Checkers @ gave to me! He thinks my Blog Rocks! I think his Blog Rocks too! I am very grateful for this award Checkers! If you don't know Checkers go check him out!

Al @ gave me this Lady Bug Award, isn't it sweet?
I love this so much! Have you met Al, and Coffee and new pup on the block Oreo?

I am not sure if I showed this Award or not, but Al @ gave me this Award. Isn't it cool?
When my friends come to visit me- we can share some lemonaid!
My sweet little pug friend Harry @ asked me to play TAG. I would love to play tag Harry!
I would like to share all this fun and these Awards with all of you. If you don't already have them- well come on over and take them! I love to share- and there are no rules!
Sharring and giving is a good thing.
Well my friends, is it that time?
Will I see you in my dreams? I hope so.
I will make a wish on star tonight, just for you!
Nity nite
ps Happy whatever color your cup is weekend!

Monday, August 17, 2009

"When I Grow Up"

A wild pony! That is what I will be when I grow up. I can already feel the crisp mountain air!
I can feel what it will be like when I am running free in the wild canyons. I will be running with a herd of other wild ponys and I will be Tweedles the wild pony!

My coat will be shinny black like tar , and my mane and tail will be as long as a giraffes neck.
I will be as fast as lightning striking the ground. No one will ever catch me. Nope!
I will be a legend.
The search partys will throw their losoo's, but they won't catch me. I will jump the biggest creeks and splash cold water right in their faces. I will run and jump over fences, and I will let other ponys run free! I already know this is what I want to be, because I dream about it,,,
yes, this will be what I want to be.

Then sometimes, I also dream about how fun it is to play with tame wild ponys.
I do have my very own wild pony that plays with me on weekends.

Sometimes its kinda fun to pull the ponys tail and get a whole mouthful of tail!

Sometimes we graze together in the grass.

But now, it seems like the more I think about it,,,,, Well, I kinda like being here in my own little home where I can snuggle and eat treats. Maybe I really don't want to be a wild pony out in the wilderness where it is cold, and no treats. I kinda like sleeping in my own warm bed. What would I do with out moms? What would they do without me?
What would I do if I could never talk to YOU?
So, I think I will never grow up. I will just stay like I am- the Tweedles.
And so everyone- everything stays the same!
Nitety nite everyone
see you in my dreams

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What happened to Humpty Dumpty?

Hi my friends.
I am very puzzled about something that is very confusing to me.
And so, I have decided to ask all of you, what you all think.

I was sitting at the edge of my trickling creek early this morning. The grass felt soft as green velvet. The sun was shinning on my shoulders as I listened to the morning birds sing their wake up songs. It was quiet and peaceful, and I just wanted to sit and listen. I watched my reflection trickle in the little stream. If that reflection was really me, I wondered where the creek would take me.
As I gazed intently in the stream, I noticed that my reflection was not the only one I saw.
Something landed on my head,,,, a PINECONE!
I looked up in the trees and chanting began.....CROWS were chanting,,,,

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the Kings Mens and all the Kings Horses
could not put Humpty together again.
(i do not know who wrote this sad tale)

How sad is that!
I looked at the crows and I was DISTRAUGHT for Humpty. I ran back to the house and asked mom if we could go and search for Humpty Dumpty and help him. He needs our help mom, he needs our help!
Mom looked at me and said it was a Fairy Tale , and she did not understand it either.
The more I thought about Humpty, more and more thoughts came to my mind, and I decided we can help, maybe we can!
Can we?
Why did they make it so sad for Humpty to have no hope? I think who ever wrote the Fairy Tale had a bad day. It makes no sense to me.
Can you imagine if all the doctors wouldn't try to put my little friend.-Walter's bones back together again? The doctors, and therapists are trying very hard. Humpty could have screws and glue just like Walter- couldn't he?

I bet we can help Humpty Dumpty- what do you think? Come on Humpty- cheer up- we will help you! We believe in HOPE! We like happy endings, not sad endings.

One of these day's the little face on Humpty will be smiling again, just like before the great fall.
Can you all help me write a new Humpty Dumpty verse- so he will smile again?
If you need some suggestions for writing- you can go visit my friend Jan. I see some of my friends over there playing in her word pile- you can too!

I hope you all can think up a happy verse for Humpty Dumpty. We can work on it together.
I know you like happy endings too.

Nitey nite my friends
I will see you in my dreams, just like always.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Make a Wish

I wish I may, I wish I might,,,,,have the wish I wish tonight.

Have you ever made a wish for someone else?

Did you ever dream of a wish and it came true?

There is a time for everything, and the time is now to make a wish happen for one of my sweet friends.

Can you tell who is inside the bubble?

This is a speical magic bubble that floats down to my house everynight ,when the sun sets and the stars shine through the darkness. This magic bubble sounds like chimes tinkling.

I have been gathering all the magic bubbles that are in my yard. Blue ones, purple ones.
Look at the happy bubbles dance. Look at the bubbles bounce and float.
We are going on a journey across the sky.

Ok bubbles, are you up to a challenge? Get ready, cause we're going to Sassy Sasha's house.

Bubbles are under the bushes.

Bubbles are in the trees, bubbles are in the sky.

My friend Sasha the cutest little Shitzu that I have ever known, had a dream of the bubbles coming to her house. She wished and wished and has waited and waited. Sasha believes in the magic bubbles, just like me.
Sasha your dream is coming true right now, because here I come.

First of all close your eyes and listen,,,,, listen to the tinkling sound of the gold bubble flying over your house.
Now go outside and look! Do you see me, Sasha? Your own little Tweedles has come to see you!
Do you see the trail of bubbles up in the sky, that are all following each other ?
This is your wish. The bubbles and I are here for you to chase! Open the door and let the bubbles tickle your mommies nose!
Lets run, lets jump on the humungous bubbles and giggle. Come on, lets hop on the purple one together, you and me. We can go touch the clouds! Lets jump from star to star!
There is so much magic to be seen. There is so much magic to believe in.
I have a secret for you Sasha- the gold bubble is for your mommie.
It has many wishes inside of it, for her sicky back to get better.
Wishes from all her bloggie friends.

Sasha and I had such a SUPER time playing with the magic bubbles. I will come back again sometime. Or maybe she will come visit me?
I would like to share the bubbles with you too. All you have to do, is believe. You do- don't you?
Nitety nite my friends
sweet dreams and wishes

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Who ate my carrot"

Hi my friends
Remember my little garden? I have worked so hard to get my little garden growing. I water it and talk to it. I've been waiting for my carrots to grow to a GIGANTIC size. My dream was to take my prize winning carrots to the country fair. I knew they were almost ready to go win the BLUE ribbon.

Guess what?
This morning, before dawn, I heard some rambling & chatter going on down in the carrot patch. Crows were squaking, blue jays were chattering. By the time I ran down the steps, and got outside, and looked at my garden, all the carrots were gone! Everyone of them.
There was a trail of carrot tops leading up the hillside. I had a suspicion!

I heard some stumbling and grumbling, and then noticed a trial of dust darting up the hillside. All of a sudden from behind the tall bean stalks, one mischevious little rabbit, whose name is Niblet, ventured out carrying a carrot. It was my prize winning carrot. Niblit, is the most peculiar of all the little rabbits, that I have ever met. When he chews, you can hear him crunch a mile away. Niblit lives with his mom and dad and brothers and sisters under tree roots up on the hillside. They sneak berrys, cabbages and collard greens from my moms garden. Somehow, it never fails, that I get blaimed for their mischevious ways. However, I wish they would go to the farm next door and eat those stinky parsnips. I would not get blamed for missing parsnips, since everybody knows I hate parsnips!

I caught that little rabbit red handed, so I grabbed his blue jacket with my paw.
Niblit, I want to have a talk with you- so just one moment! What do you think your doing with my carrots?

Niblit was still hanging on to the carrot. Do you see him hold tite! He had one end, I had the other. He is a mighty little monster.
Tell me Niblit, please tell me why you stole my carrots?
"Well, Niblit replied . I wasn't going to harm them, or eat them. I just wanted to get your attention. You have been so busy visiting with all the other little wild forest friends that come to visit you. And,,,,,, well, you don't have time for me anymore. So, I thought this would get your attention. I think I am jealous".
I did not know what to say. Tears came to my little pug eyes, as I listened. Niblit had tears too.
I finally was able to speak with a quivering voice. "Niblit your right, I have not been a very good friend lately. I need to pay more attention, and listen to all my friends, including you, so lets start now."
I licked the tears from Niblets face and then the two of us sat in the grass and chomped away on the prize winning carrot.
I decided it was better to have my special friends, than a blue ribbon.
What do you think?
With that thought in mind, it is now time for me to go to bed.
I will dream about the good times with ALL my friends.
Nitety nite