Thursday, January 28, 2010

"All The Leaves Are Brown"

All the leaves
are crunchy and brown.
The leaves are sleeping
The sky is gray
rain DROPS are falling
but no, its not for long.

My memory RACED backwards, to summer days.
I was worried that the sky would NEVER rain again.
Did you WORRY too?
I thought about all the THIRSTY trees in the forest.
They wanted a drink so bad.
Just a little tricke of water.

And then one day I smelled RAIN
I heard the rain coming!
"Listen," I said, "I hear the rain coming"
Listen to the rain.
The trees SANG
The trees DANCED

And when the rains came
the forest SANG!
They WIGGLED their toes in the mud.
They stretched their roots so deep,
And streched their branches so HIGH, into the sky!
The rain songs made me dance too.

The leaves are brown
and raindrops are falling ,,,
and I heard THAT across this bridge
DEEP in the dark forest
is the perfect place to go make MUD pies,
and wait for the sun to SHINE.
It won't be long.
Tonight, I will dream about making
mud pies in the sun shine.
Nitey nite my friends

Friday, January 22, 2010

"It's Not Easy To Do"

"I will look for you until I find you".
These are the words that I have been repeating over and over.
"Sasha, where are you"?
"Are you high in the sky, in a magic bubble?"

All my friends knew Sasha
She was everyones friend,
Sasha has been missing for 65 days now.
I am soo sad.
Can someone help me find them?
It's not easy to loose friends.
I have been crossing my paws and wishing on stars,,,,
Will you help me?

Nitey nite my friends

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"The First Time I Saw You"

I can still remember so CLEARLY, the day that I first saw you.
The Yule Log was SIMMERING, in its ashes.
It was winter.
It was the time of year,,,,,,
You know,,,,,,
the time of year
when days are COLD and WET
and you go SEARCHING
for something FUN to do.
it was Winter,,,, just like now,,,,
but today is-
MORE than winter
this is my BLOGVERSARY.
It has been 1 year - for YOU and ME!
One year since the beginning
of my blogsphere.
First I had 3 new friends
then I had 8
you started coming one by one
and then I had so many
that I could not count on my toes!

I did not know those COLD winter days
would turn to SPRING
and that I would be able to BLOW
my magic bubbles HIGH into the air
But, I DID!
I did not know they would come back to me
but they did!

I did not know on that cold winter day
that summer would come so soon
and that I would have a friend
to push in the EMPTY SWING.
But I did-
because that was when
I first saw YOU.

Nitey nite my friends

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"The Littlest Tree"

I was mezmerized by the HUGE raindrops that were splashing in frog pond.
The raindrops looked like they were DANCING!
This looked like an exciting day to me .
I love SMELLING the rain
I love LISTENING to the rain as it pitter patters and splashes!
Do you?
I was all bundled up to enjoy the winter day.
I had on my YELLOW raincoat with baby ducky buttons.

I watched the tops of the trees in the forest sway TO AND FRO, in the wind.
And then, I thought I heard something crying in the forest.
Who could be crying, I thought.
I knew I must hurry, so, quick like a bunny,
I hurried into the forest
I ran up hills
I ran through the fog
Sometimes I tripped
Sometimes I fell
I knew I must HURRY!

As I searched and searched, my ears led me over to the little tree.
It was just a tiny tiny little tree, tiny like me.
I sat down on some twigs next to the little tree,
the tree SHIVERED in the cold.
"Little tree", I said "why are you crying"?
The little tree just SHIVERED and did not say a word.
BIG HUGE tears fell from the branches.
My eyes looked up for a minute, and then I looked through the fog.
There were no trees around.
No tall trees.
No short trees.
He was all alone.
IMMEDIATELY, I knew what was wrong.
"I know just what will make you feel better", I said to the little tree.
Little tree looked at me with searhing, QUESTIONING eyes,
in an instant, I was up on all four paws kicking moss and ferns onto the little tree.
"Now you will be nice and warm", I whispered to the little tree.
And now -the biggest surprise of all, is about to happen.
I mustered all the energy I could and started digging.
All of a sudden, I gave a big pull, and I had the little tree on my shoulder.
"Hold on- little tree, you are in for a big surprise. Your coming with me".!

Through the fog and through the forest,
I ran.
I ran and ran.
I ran home!

It was not long before we left the fog behind.
As the fog disappeared, I pointed to these magestic trees.
"This is what you will grow up to be someday, if you don't give up".
You won't give up, will you?
Now let me place you right in the nice soft ground beside these GIANT trees.
They will take care of you.
They will take care of you, just like my moms take care of me.
The sun will shine on you.
The rain drops will water you.
The tall trees will shade you when you are hot.
The birds will sing to you.
And I will visit you everyday.
I promise.

I am soooo sleepy now, that I am going to make a wish,
I will wish that my moms will come and carry me to bed.
Nitey nite my friends

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"The Search for New Adventures"

It's time for new beginnings.
All my Christmas Memories have been SAFELY tucked away.
I feel them bulging in my heart.
It is such a splendid feeling.
Do you feel it too?
I feel them BULGING every day, as reminders.
Reminders of you, and times we have shared, together.
Here comes that feeling again!

My new beginning is to make new games!
Sometimes I create my very own fun games to play.
Do you?
Games called " bet you can't catch me, to get this out of my mouth."
Can you imagine how FAST I can be, if I want to be?
Very FAST!


This is one of my Christmas prezzies!
Run, and jump and toss it in the air!
Zoom, zoom, zoom!

I am unwrapping some of my prezzies.
I was so happy to finally get that tree baricade torn down!
One of my prezzies has a secret message.
Do you see it?
It says BE HAPPY.
Yup, I will!

Yes, all the Holiday Memories are tucked away.
I will look everyday for new adventures, and inspiration.
I will make new friends!
I am beginning my search this very minute.
I am going to create many new memories.
Memories for you and for me.
Let make new memories together.
Will you help me? Come on- LETS GO!
When we close our eyes to sleep tonight,
lets dream about all the new adventures we will have this year.
Lets be happy together.
Nitey nite my friends

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Once In A Blue Moon"

They say that "Once in a Blue Moon" something wonderful can happen.
I waited, and waited and the day FINALLY came.

I wonder what wonderful thing will come my way today?

You know what its like to dream about a WISH, right?
Well, I do! I do it all the time.
I had a dream.
I dreamt that Kong, a friend of mine,
came from a state so very far, far, far away to see me .

Do you see that cute little pug, that looks like ET running towards me?
Look again!
Yes, it's KONG!!!!!
He is running so FAST, that he is not even leaving any tracks in the snow!

Kong and his mom Gail traveled on a VERY long journey from the warm state of California,

clear up to my state in COLD, COLD OREGON.

Kong's aunt is my friend Diane from
Diane and Gail are sisters.

Maybe you have received comments from Diane or Gail on your bloggie?
This was our first time to meet Gail and her daughter Alexa.
We loved them right from the start!

I was sooo excited, I could hardly stand the excitment.
I wiggled and danced!

Kong is sooo charming, and he is so kind.
He has silky black hair , with huge brown eyes.
I love big brown eyes .
I love Kong!

I had already imagined in my heart, what I was planning for Kong and I, to do.
Do you ever imagine, like me?
I bet you do!
We were going to go leaping from star to star, in the huge sky.
And then, we will catch a falliing star, and land on the blue moon!

Please moms can we? Can we? We waited for answers from moms,,,,,
and then,,,,,,,,,,

the snow started falling , and the moon turned to white.
and the moon disappeared from our site.
Our once in a blue moon moment was gone- right from our very eyes.
Now what?
Kong and I looked at each other,,
dissapointment filled our eyes,,,
as we put out noses together ,,,
we made a pact......
The promise will be,
the next blue moon-
if not BEFORE, surely BEFORE,
we will catch a falling star
and sail to the moon.
I will keep dreaming and remembering my special time with Kong.
Those memories are in my heart- forever.

Who can say,,,, I asked myself,,,,,
Who can say what can happen when you truly believe in something.
I believe in blue moons and rainbows promises and dreams.

I believe in magic, and I will FOREVER
Will you believe with me?
Nitey nite my friends