Sunday, July 31, 2011

"July Will Sleep On Top Of The Rainbow"

Today, July is going on a journey.
She is going to sleep for a year on top of the rainbow!
And then next year she will return for more fun and magical days.

I remember the beautiful July day that I went hiking with my moms.
We walked in the forest.
When my paws were too tired to walk anymore, my mommy put me in her back pack!

I thank July for making my forest such a magical place.

I thank July for ripening my strawberrys!

I thank July that the sun shines down and makes the flowers, and earth, and rain, and grass, and streams smell so good.

My berries smell good too!

I thank July for this beautiful summer day.

I thank July for bringing my magic bubbles to visit me.

I thank July for new friends.

It's always good to say what your heart is feeling.

And now it is time for July to sail away to the Rainbow and close her eyes.

Sleep tite July. See you next year.

Nitey nite



Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Inspiration and Awards"

Have you ever wondered where inspiration comes from?
Maybe it comes from green grass, or little flowers.
Or maybe it comes when the sky is painted with the colors of the rainbow.
Maybe inspiration comes from the brightest stars that shine in the darkest sky.
Maybe inspiration comes from words softly spoken or tweets from birdies.
Maybe, just maybe Buttefly wings inspire you,, they do me.

One thing I do know is that inspiration comes in all the colors of the rainbow.

TodayI am honored because my Airdale friends Webster, Holly, Cora, and Teddy@ The Thuglets World shared their Inspiration Award with me.
The Thuglets have inspired me with their fun filled lives.
They have fun toys, and blue balls and a yellow Thuglet tunnel to chase each other through!
And a family of bunny rabbits live in the thicket outside their house.
Doesn't this sound like a fun place to go visit? They have a loving family,, and they are all loved so much.

Inspiration is all around me, and all of your words have inspired me.

I have received this Award before, but I am also honored to receive it again
from Sophie @ sophie's view and Tiffy @It's Tiffy Time! and Payton @ Pugnacious P

Sophie is a beautiful labradoodle. She makes friends with everyone, and her best friend is her Orange ball.
Sophie has 2 daddies, and has more adventures, and good times than anyone I know.
Her daddys are awsome photographers.

Tiffy, is a pug like me, she is my BFF.
Tiffy charms everyone who meets her with her sweetness.
To me Tiffy is an inspiration because she loves life...Tiffy has a wonderful momma and daddy who share the world with her-- they share a world that Tiffy never knew before.

Payton is one of my newest friends. She is so sweet and her mom and daddy love her so much.
Payton shows us all how to live life to the fullest.
I love having new friends,,,, and Payton means so much to me.

Yes inspiration is all around me- thank you all for inspiring me, and sharing these Awards with me. I would like to share my Awards with all you.
I know many of you have already received these Awards..but if you haven't, can I share these Awards with you? Please ask,.. and they are yours.

Nitey nite

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Sprinkles Are Falling On My Head"

Gentle sprinkles are tumbling from the sky.
Pittering and pattering, drip, drip,drip.

Close your eyes like me.
Smell the sweetness.
Smell the freshness of the new day.
Cup your paws to your ears,, and listen,,,
Pitter patter,,, drip, drip, driping.
The sprinkles are singing.

Sprinkles kissed these lilies and painted them in shades of red.

These Fox Gloves were thirsty, but not anymore.

The sprinkles bathed the pink rose with sweetness.

And the little flowers were thirsty too.

The sprinkles bathed this little flower with a happy face.

The droplets of sprinkles traveled down the long branches of the fir trees.

The sprinkles traveled down into the soil where the thirtsy roots waited for a drink.

Baby birds sitting on moss covered branches..

fluffed their wings as the sprinkles fell from the sky.

Close your eyes and smell the sweetness.

Smell the freshness of the new day.

Cup your paws to your ears and listen as the sprinkles sing.

I watched this little snail as she walked through the grass.

She did not hurry. She walked slow.

She likes the sprinkles-just like me!

She had her very own umbrella!

Now the sprinkles will sing to me, as I close my sleepy eyes.

Pitter patter,,, drip, drip, drip.

The sprinkles are singing.

Nitey nite



Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Stars In The Sky

My heart has been feeling very quiet.
Sometimes when I feel quiet, I think of wonderousness.
Wonders are all around me.
Clouds are wonders. I watched them all day long.
They float here and there across the sky.
And Stars are wonders too. I watch them twinkle all night long.

Last night when I watched the glowing stars,
I saw wonders.
I saw names painted in the sky like trails of shooting stars.

I saw the names of Ames from England @ Soggibottom , and Dexter @DIANE'S MIXED ART
and Lilo @Tales of The Great Rock Eater and O'Mally Hanks sister @ I Tell Ya What and Hamlet from Life at Golden Pines.
Lilo and O'Mally were our Sunflower sisters.
So many of our friends from blogville have made their journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

I thought about these Forget Me Not flowers. They remind me of my friends.
Every year these little blue flowers come back to see me.

I thought about how I never met these friends, but they made me smile when I read their storys.
Dexter kitty, did not have a blog, but his momma Diane did.
They had familys who love them very much.
They will never be forgotten.
Run free my friends.

I would like to share a link with you, about a kitty that has courage.
Please go to this link at Animal Talk For the Love of Ivy

and read the story of Sweet Ivy. She is needing some love. My friend Jan is trying to help this little kitty and her newborn kittens. She needs a miracle.

Nitey nite