Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Keep Lookin Up

Sometimes things seem like they get all upside down and feels like I am spinning!!
 That is what happened to my facebook page.
 Its gone,, my old storys and old photos,,
 and your sweet words to me,,,, !!!!
All this dizziness has sent me into a whirl  of barking really loud!

What's a Tweedles to do???

  I cannot stand to be upside down!
I like to be right side up- right next to all of you!
 Right now I have a new facebook page
 that I hope  keeps the police happy.
If you want to see me there-- that's where I will be..
and you can like me.
(that's what I have been told.
love forever
your tweedles

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If You Listen To The Earth

If you listen you can hear the Mother Earth's voice!

 Sometimes the voice seems invisible, but its really all around us.
Lets listen together.
 I  hear  Earth say I love you everyday!
 I can hear the Earths voice when the most silent snow flakes fall
on to the cold ground.
Or when the rain drops go pitter patter on the pond,,,
I hear her voice!
listen to the rain!

Sometime I feel the Earth's love when she allows the sun rays to hug me.
And when the wind tickles my whiskers, I know the Earth is kissing me!!!!
Sometimes I have heard the Earth crying sad tears, and I cry too.
Lets not let the Earth cry! Lets help her!
Grow trees grow!
 Let us keep beautiful forests green and healthy!
Walk softly, speak quietly,, and don't hurt the Earth.!

 I hear happy  sounds of tiny streams giggling,  as they trickles through the forest!
And  new life is sprouting everywhere!
The Earth is showering us with wonderful gifts,
she gives us fresh air to breathe!
But the Earth needs everyone of us ---to help protect her.
We can all work together,
 by not littering the streams and rivers and oceans.
If you listen you will hear the Earths voice too.
 I promise I will speak the words that come from the Earths heart.
I speak for the sea creatures,,, and feathered friends
and all creatures big and small.
It's Earth Day.
I love my Earth.
nitey nite

Ps  the beautiful Earth graffic was created by Ann at Zoolatry ..
thank you Ann for inspiring us!

pss- facebook won't let me post anymore.  I am sad!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's A Blue Sky Day

It's a blue sky day,
 and I don't want to miss a minute of it!
When all of the raindrops  hide behind the puffy white clouds,
and the sky is painted magic blue,
  thats when I  hear the sunshine call my name!
'Come Twee! Come to me!!! '

Sometimes I hear  the wind wooooo to me,,
 and sometimes I remember
old times when I could  run with the wind!
Oh and  I was so happy to run!!
And my ears flapped in the breeze!!

 But do you know what????
I have been given this day
 to live
and be happy- a gift from Mother Earth!
 And I" flow" with the wind now!!
Yes I do,
and I feel like  I am fliting  like a butterfly!
And I am still happy!
 Come out and play - the sun rays are here!
Blue skys and green grass are two of my favorite things!
Wiggle your toes and paws in the grass with me!
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!
It's a blue sky day!
Nitey nite

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Power Of The Paw for Abby

My friends this little puggy's name is Abby.
She is a friend of mine and many others!!!!
Right now she is very very sick,,
 She needs for all of us to gather around her and ask for Power of the Paw to help make her better.
She is going to the doctors to try to find what is wrong with her.
 She is weak and has been throwing up!
 Can we all hold hands and send Power of the Paw wishes to her?
Abby lives at
Calamity Acres Hobby Farm
Can we all can send healing loving thoughts to Abby  and her pawrents.?

An update on Abby--- she was diagnosed with diabetes today-- she is not eating ,
her glucose is very high-- she goes back to the dr at 730 in the morning,, thank you all my friends for sending healing thoughts and prayer to our Abby Lynn

04/16/2014  update-- Abby is better!!  Please keep your good thoughts headed her way.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Its Okay To Be Silly

It's okay to be silly
Sometimes it important to take a little time each day
  for sillyness.
 And its important to think!!
Moms and me like to be silly - together!
Its okay to pretend and be silly too!
I found some treasures in these cups!
Some very tasty treasures!
nitey nite,

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Wordless Wednesday

Magical creatures
before my eyes
Be still and just watch.
Its their world too.
Nitey nite