Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monkey Me

 And whatever you do,,,
have a happy monkey day!
nitey nite

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Open Gate

I know a secret.
  This gate is open, and I am going exploring!
I see buds on trees and different shades of green,
and blue sky.
Come on mommy.. lets go!
A furrys paws have been walking here,, I can smell them!
And something has peed on my moss!
I will leave the furry some pee mail... so it know that I have been here too.

I hear song birds singing in the trees!
Their thinking of making nests!!!
The birds are saying,, spring is coming soon! 

Hip hip hurray!

Ohh this sun ray feels so good on my shoulders!
Bur this is where I really want to go,,,, into the dark forest.
 The forest is waking up from the winter and I want to go see!
But the time is not right yet,,,
I will wait for when the time is just perfect.
nitey nite

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Moonbeam

Have you ever seen the big glowy opening in the midnight sky?
Its big and profound!

 Ohhh,,,,  and moon beams that  shine down are  so very bright!
Have you seen them?
Sometimes I think  that when the clouds  part,,,,
I can feel it reaching for my paw.

I know  this time,,, the opening that I saw in the sky
 was just  for me.......
Its time for my moon trip.!
My bag of treats and blankets are already packed!!
Treats of all kinds,,, cookies, and baby carrots, and kitty treats too.

The moon beam spoke to me and said" take a step.. take a step"
"It's time to come Tweedles"
Its my moon beam
and its profound!
And its time for my moon trip!

Up in the sky above the moon..
 is where the stars are twinkling!

Onto the  moonbeam I step,,, and in just a blink.. it takes me to the top of the brightest star!
And then I hop from star to star.!!

With a giant leap, I hop to the moon!

And then the most incredible wonder happens!!
 Furrys of all kinds come running in circles around me..
They are dancing and jumping and running and wagging their tails....!
Treats for everyone..!
We sit in a circle,, shoulder to shoulder....
Suddenly the furrys are blowing kissys, and the kissys are everywhere...!
I catch them all... and put them in my empty treat bag..
They are all blowing kissys,, meant for all of you.
nitey nite

tonight i will sleep on a star.
Always remember the same stars and moon that watch me sleep..
they watch you too.