Friday, May 27, 2011

'Tiny Blossom's"

How beautiful you are.
Do you know?
Tiny blossoms
and tumbling
from the trees,
like the softest cotton candy.

I see you dancing in the breeze
I heard you sing so sweet,,,,

I want to sing with you,,,
your welcome songs to spring.

Tiny blossoms falling free
Do you know how beautiful you are?

Gently falling,
and swirling
and softly touching my nose
like kisses from sun rays,
I will tell you now,,
how beautiful you are.

Come back again.

Nitey nite

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Sometime's I Am Naughty"

Sometimes I am "naughty"
My friend Wilma is a fan of the best bad show on TV, Bad Girls Club.

Wilma had a contest and invited her friends to tell her, all about our badness.
The name of the contest was " My good to be bad CSN Birthday Giveaway,"

The winning entry went to Tallulah from The Southern Fried Pugs!!!

But, my badness, was recognized as being a good thing.
Wilma sent me a beautiful picture frame with little sunflowers all over it.
And my photo was in the frame. I love it so much,,,
I was going to share a photo of it,
but now I cannot find it. Thank you again Wilma.

This was my badness entry,,,,,
"If I feel like I am being ignored... well..... i start to tugging on the drapes. I look over my shoulder to see if anyone is noticing me,, and if moms ignore me,, well,,, one final YANK and down come the curtains."

Sometimes being bad.. or naughty is a good thing!
Sometimes I have more naughty things I do,, but my moms love me anyway.
Nitety nite

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Peanut Butter Frosting"

Tomorrow is going to be a splendid day.
The sun is going to shine,
and birdies will be tweeting.

And tomorrow I will be wearing my beautiful yellow" nana sweater"
that my Auntie Missy and Archie Poo Pants made for me!!
Because tomorrow, I will be FIVE!

(Life is art ... Art is Life
I just know that the sky
will be filled with Balloons
because tomorrow I will be FIVE !

My magic bubbles will swirl around my head
and this special bubble that Auntie Missy made for me
will take me on new adventures.
I will make wishes on butterfly wings,,,
and sing Happy Birthday to me !
Because tomorrow, I will be FIVE !

I will catch dragonflys and chase butterflys
and play peekaboo with shadows.

Tomorrow I will run faster,,,
because tomorrow, I will be FIVE!

Tomorrow I will go fast and play hard,,,,
because tomorrow I will be FIVE

And then I will have peanut butter frosting on cupcakes and my toes!!
Because tomorrow, I will be 5 !

Yes, tomorrow I will run faster, jump higher, and bark louder.
And starting tomorrow.,, I get FIVE treats when I put on my harness,, not four.
Because tomorrow, I will be FIVE!
Nitey nite