Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They will find the answers

Hi my friends,
I bet you have seen some amazing things happen, that just left you in awwwwww.
Did you ever wonder how someone can climb to the top of a mountain, and still be able to walk?
Did you ever wonder how someone can walk for thousands of miles and still be smiling?
Did you ever wonder how someone can make something strange looking be beautiful?
Are you totally amazed when doctors can put us back together again with screws?
I think the word is determination and miracles.

My mom brought this little bear home for me from her workie.
I call it the miracle bear, because it gives hope.
The little red tee shirt says "I helped light the night."
The balloon lights up and twinkles and says "Light the Night."
This little bear is to help benefit a fund raiser for differnt kind of cancers.
The goal is to find miracle cures through researches.
We all need miracles.
The miracles can make Survivors out of all of us.
We all know survivors, they are the brave hearts that do not give up.

I am grabbing the hand of my little friend and we are going to help find cures. That's what we all want- is cures for animals and humans. Yup, my animal friends and human friends.
"Come on little bear, we are going to do this hand in hand. You and me!"
Someday, I would like to go to school to learn how to help find cures. However, I am just a pug.
What can I do? Until that question is answered,,,,

I found summer school at http://ignitetowrite.blogspot.com/.
Jan, the wonderful teacher has activitys that help me think. It's a lot of fun.
My friends Coffee @Burnt Chicken Republic and Sasha@SASSY SASHA THE LOVABLE are students with me. I think it would be fun if you came too.
Remember when we all left a little poem about ourselves at her site? Fun aye?
Summer school is happening right now. Can you think of a writing activity that you think would be fun? If you can think of a writing activity- let Jan know http://ignitetowrite.blogspot.com/
If you want to play, and learn, follow me . It's fun.
This is a lot more fun than obedience school- there are NO rules.

That is all for tonight my friends. It's time for bed. I am going to keep thinking of ways that I can learn and give hope. And I will also be thinking of learning new writing activitys at summer school. See ya there.
Nitey nite

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dancing Paint Brush

Hi my friends,
Last night in my sleep, I was awaken by something twinkling in the grass.
I thought a star had fallen from the sky!
It certainly twinkled just like a star.
I could hardly sleep. I kept peeking out the window.
I wanted the sun to hurry and come up, so I could go outside and check it out.
As soon as the birds started chirping, I ran outside and searched in the dewy grass. There it was!
It was another magic paintbrush, almost like the ones my mama had in the house.
I found it in the very same yard where the bubbles touched my nose
I found it in the very same yard where the butterfly landed on my tail.
And this was the very same yard where Gabby, my little deer friend and I played.

I played with it for awhile. I tried to paint a happy day for you my friends!
Then I ran into the house and showed it to mama.
(This is the mama Paulette, not the other mommy, who's lap I sit on when I write to you.)
She craddled the paint brush in her hands, so gently. I have seen her do this before.
I knew what was going to happen next. I sat excitedly by her feet. My tail wagged.
I have waited for a day like this, for such a long time. A day my mama's hands would touch the paper,,,,,,,
She looked down at me for a moment. Then suddenly, the brush touched the paper, and the magic began.

I sat and watched as her hands moved across the paper.
I watched the paintbrush dance
One minute there was a tail
Next minute there was a face
One minute there was a mouth and eyes
All of a sudden, there I was on this paper! Look!
I am so glad I found this magic paint brush!
There is all kinds of magic for us all to find. Will you find it?
We must believe!
It is out there, I know.
I look everyday.
And tonight when I close my eyes to sleep, I will wish upon the stars, that you find some magic and miracles. It will happen!
Nitey nite my friends

One more thing everyone- Just a reminder to go vote for "your friend, and mine--"

Melissa http://pugnotes.blogspot.com/ and her beautiful dog fabric!
Fabric On Demand Design Contest is still going on! HURRY!
If you would like to vote
http://www.fabricondemand.com/custom-fabric-designs/contest.html for "Groovy Dogs" to win the honor of covering 4 chairs design # 207, and we can all vote once a day through July 31st with the winner to be announced on Emmitt's 13th Birthday, August 1st, 2009.

If you have any problems voting- please go see Melissa http://pugnotes.blogspot.com/, she will tell you all about it.
sweet dreams

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

Hi my friends,

I was wide awake early this morning. I could not wait to go outside to watch the sun rise above the forest trees. Just like magic, the big old cannon ball rose and started warming the dewing earth. The air smelled sweet like fresh cut clover hay. Roosters were crowing and cows were mooing. What was going on? I think they were celebrating summer. The sun felt soo good on my shoulders and my head.
What did you see when you got up today?
What did you smell?
What did you hear?
Did the sun shine on you?

A family of noisy black crows were in the tree tops, chattering and hollering back and forth to each other.
My neck almost got stuck watching them! They were very noisy!
I think the crows were discussing their plans for the new day. Or maybe they were teaching their baby birds to fly.
All kinds of birds were singing,, chirp, chirp, chirp, tweet, tweet.
Moma deer and the twins, were in our yard- eating flowers. (mama's flowers).
My brother Hank and sister Kally(cats) were taking dirt baths , and scratching their backs on the rocks. Hank swatted me as I walked passed him. I guess he did not want me bothering him.

And then I headed over to the garden to look at my beans. Remember The Shy Bean Sprout's? It has climbed 7 feet up its ladder. Soon, the vines will have blossons, and then beans!

This is Sammy. He is one of my compost friends. He is a worm and he was gathering in sunrays.
When compost worms come out to sunbathe, they turn green. Well, they look green to me.

This is my compost pile. This is where Sammy lives. I wish I could show you all my worms in his family, but they are too dark to see. When I find lost worms on the ground, I take them over to this pile, so they can make new friends, and eat. If my moms and I are digging in our garden, we are careful not to hurt the little worms. Every day I take fresh food for them to eat. They eat orange peelings, bananna peelings, coffee grounds, lettuce, brocoli, mango, grapes, cherrys, wattymelon. Their bed is made out of hay, grass clippings, and leaves. If you were a worm, wouldn't that make you happy?
Sometimes, we move the worms around in the yard so they can get more exercise, as they do the wiggle dance through the earth.
Worms are so important to our earth. Even worms have a purpose.
Now, I am heading up to the little frog pond. I will sit for awhile, and watch the frogs play and splash, into the water. Those frogs always tease me. They try to push me into their pond.
Silly little frogs. I just giggle and shake my head at them.

Tonight, when that crescent moons rises in the sky, those same frogs will croak the most beautiful songs. I will be listening to the frogs when my eyes get sleepy tonight.
Sweet dreams.
Nitey nite my friends,

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Travelng Suitcase , and then off to play Tag

Hi my friends.
It's time for me to say thank you, to some of my friend who have asked me to come out an play. To thank them for including me in the game of TAG. One of my new friends the darling little cutie pie Lilo, from theTales of The Great Rock Eater- well she really did eat rocks-( Once Upon a Time, and hopefully not anymore.) The wonderful and adorable gift sharring ,Checkers The Peek A Poo , and Lexi @ Lexi's Lexicon, the beautiful mischevious, full of energy ,snow white pup, kept for asking me to come out and play. It has been a couple months now since Lexi asked me, and I am embarrased to say that I was not exactly sure how to play. Then Checkers asked me, and now Lilo.
I guess I better get brave and" just do it."
The rules said to pick a picture from your picture folder that you have never published, and tell the story behind it.
Well, low and behold, look what I found. Can you recognize that this is me,,, the Tweedles?
Once upon a time, I was a baby.
It is very true. The story behind this picture, is that I had just eaten my lunch (which I also would only eat from a spoon). You can tell by my full tummy that I eat lots! In fact, I looked like a balloon that was going to pop. After eating, I play, play, play and then, I get sleepy,and dream.
Dream about- you know- stuff. Dreams about balls and kittens, and bubbles and treats.
Yes, that is what I was doing- dreaming. How about you? After you eat and play, do you get sleepy? I just kinda made myself to home taking up all the room on the bed, as you can see. After all, isn't that what life is about?
I don't exactly look this way anymore, I kinda trimmed down some. I still nap and snore, and let my imagination run free as the wind.
Here are the rules to this game: They don't look too hard, so I will give it a try.
1) open the folder that has your pet pics in it
2) choose one you haven't posted before
3) tell it's story
4) tag 5 friends!

I have chosen some friends that I have not even sharred one of my kisses with yet, so I am including their names. And I thought it is a good way to make friends.

I have chosen all of these, just because. If you have already played tag- please feel free to share with your friends, but remember you have been honored.

Sequoia & Petunia
The Lovely Lady Pug
Pearl and Daisy
The Devil Dog
MEILIN - pug

Thank you for sharring TAG with me Lilo!

And to my surprise, I got this award from the Traveling Suitcase http://travelingsuitcase.blogspot.com! (who is actually a person and her name is Sandy. )

This is what her blog says:
"Travel tips for people of all ages to make your travel more interesting and more pleasant. As well as things not to see or do. Come explore with me."
You should go check it out. I know some of my friends travel a lot, so this could be mighty interesting to them.
I travel around in my forest a lot, so maybe I will find some suggestions for me too.
Thank you Sandy Traveling Suitcase for thinking of me.
When you accept this award, please follow the usual rules of passing it on to others.
I was asked to pass this onto 15 blogs. Can you do that too?
I would like to pass this awared onto these friends and if you already have it, please feel free to share, but know I honored you also.

Diane @ Diane's Mixed Art because of how crafty and fun she is with her beautiful art. She trys new stuff everyday. She has a brave heart, and is so giving.
Nancy Medina Art because of her beautiful paintings that are breath taking, and make me walk through her gardens and breathe deep. She has a big heart and is very giving too.
The Blog of Manon Doyle because everyday she trys something new. She never gives up and she gives courage to keep trying. And, also because of her inspirational words that she shares with the world. Manon has a big heart, she shares with the world and helpless animals and people.
Nancy at Every Photo Tells a Story because she allows everyone to think, and share thoughts that come to their mind, and always says "it does not have to be perfect". Beautiful poetry site.
Arn't those wonderful words to know you don't have to be perfect? I say thank goodness!
Nancy has a big heart and gives love and support to homeless shelters and animals and people too.
from Ransom I would also like to honor Ransom and family . Very entertaining and beautiful blog.
Suzuki's Blog Suzukie' s site need to be honored- There is so much happening there, that I cannot even begin to tell you about it, so I pass this award to them also. Please accept.
Tuffy's Tales Always some excitement going on at Tuffy's Tales- please accept this award.
The WriggleButts Bajas mom is a world traveler from Norway. I would like to honor her with this award.
TRAVIS: A Dog Like No Other A very entergetic blog site that will keep you captivated on the edge of your seats. I would like to honor Travis with this award.

Well my friends, that is it for today.
It's time to crawl into bed.
Nitey nite

Saturday, July 11, 2009

" My wrinkled face"

Hi my friends
I am getting so many wrinkles that I don't know what to do with them!
Should I try to hide them?
Do you ever worry about wrinkles?
Every day when I see my reflection in a puddle, I see more wrinkles.. More than yesterday! Now what do I do? Do I put mud on them?
And now, my hair is disappearing, and I am getting more nakeder than ever!
It's not fun for your hair to fall out. It's not called shedding- it's called going naked!
Do you ever worry about such mysterious changes?
Will you still be my friends, if all my hair falls out, and I have lots of wrinkles?
My doctor is trying to help me. So, twice a week, guess what I get to do?
A bath - twice a week,,,,this is getting old!! And horse pills!

I asked mother Nature to help me understand.
She told me I was blessed with new wrinkles so I would get more kisses.
Another kiss, one for each new wrinkle, and to not worry. (and the warts too).

Me worry? Why should I worry?
I have lots and lots of clothes that my mama made for me.
All the colors of the rainbow.
I can wear my clothes when I get cold.
Or, I can wear my clothes for fun! I can play dress up. I can wear the same color clothes as you!

Look at me in my pretty pink dress and my pink boo boo toy. I am still waiting for you to tell me if you want to play.
Will you still be my friend if I am all warty and naked?

And look at my clothes rack that mama bought to hang all my clothes.
My origional closet got too small. Does your closet get to small?
This is the view from the top. Look at all the little red hangers. All 20 of them.
Can you tell that it was ment for shoes? Well, who cares!

I am trying to choose what I am going to wear, and it is a very big decision.
(this picture was taken when I still had hair.)
Look at all my clothes!
The time has come for me to go to bed and dream about fun times, that you and I will have soon- after all- we are friends -
Nitey nite

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pug's in Paris

Hi everyone.
The news is out!
I am not sure how to tell you, since our moms did not even know this was going to happen.
I guess the truth is really always best.
Do you remember my friend Kong, who was my guest, when we went to Party Palooza ? The party was @ Emmitt's Life is art ... Art is Life
Well, I don't imagine you can believe this, however, Kong and I did go to Paris.
While we were in that fabulous city, a famous artist, Diane's Mixed Art saw us. She already had photo's of Kong and I, and she preformed magic with her artistic skills and befunky.com. We look like celebrities. Our photo was on the front page of Paris Pug news- first edition. Look at us! (Isn't Kong handsome).
Our trip to Paris, was sort of ment to remain a secret, however the news leaked out. It's not so much that it was a secret, we just did not want our mom's to worry. We made arrangements and flew in a fast jet. It only took 1 hr. to get across that huge ocean. I was sicker than a pug, when we landed, but a little fresh air, and some ice cream, fixed me right up.
We were met at the Paris Park, by thousands of little children, and all kinds of dogs and cats. Kong and I had a mission. That mission was, to help spread the word of how important it is to be a responsible pet owner. We talked about how important it is for pet owners to spay and neuter their pets.( to make sure we are safe and have plenty of food, and loving care.) There are so many animals in homeless shelters. We must get the word out to stop pet abuse. We need to spread how important it is to love, rather than hate. This is our world, your's and mine. We can do this together. Looking at the smiles on all the childrens faces, and all the dogs with wagging tails, made out hearts very happy.
The children cheered. Bands played, and then a string of magic bubbles floated by. Bubbles, humm (the magic bubbles)? We joined in some games of catch the ball, and then the best part of all- Kiss the children!

We had such a grand time. Yes , our mom's were quite shocked, the next morning when the newspaper fell out of my travel bag. We were only gone 6 hours. How could we have been missed?
Oh well,,,
I guess next time that we plan to do a good deed- we really should talk about it first.
This is another crafty art that Diane's Mixed Art and befunky.com did. Isn't it fun!
Thank you to Diane for the publishing and to the city of Paris for sharring the park with us.
Nitety nite my friends

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What better day than Independence Day to remember?

Hi my friends,
Today, I decided what better day for me to think.
What better day to celebrate my new Awards, than on Independence Day 2009.
I have been trying to work on these for a month!
We all know what it feels like to make new friends.
It feels so very good, when someone peeks in to say "hello" when maybe you are feeling a little blue. It can feel like the sun came and the clouds went away.
It feels so good to share our good news with each other.
And, it's so nice to have someone listen when maybe the news is not so good.
"Share", that's what we do. Thats what you do for me.
Today, I celebrate Al , and Coffee. Burnt Chicken Republic -
Coffee is an adorable black poodle with frolicy curly long hair. He is totally a cutie pie.
They are new friends who appeared to me right out of the bright blue sky.
(just like tiny bubbles). They visit me everyday with real life adventures.

Look at the words on this Award! Wow! Does that mean a lot? The answer is YES!
And then, look at this Award.
I have seen it on many of your blogs and I always thought "how cool is that"?
My very own lemonaid stand. I love lemonaide!

The guidelines are:
1. Post the award logo on your blog.
2. Nominate at least 1000 of your favorite bloggers.
3. Make a link of your list in your post.
4. And let them know about this award by leaving a comment on their blogs.
I am nominating all 1000 of my friends. (It feels like thousands to me)
Since there are sooooo many, I can't put your names here, so please come and accept these awards.
Thank you so much Al and Coffee for sharring . I love to read your blogs too.
Now, I would like to celebrate
Hank and Cg (and Melin), whom I got this Awsome Award from.

Hank and Melin always have some entertainment and excitement going on at their blog sites, and they are both adorable pugs.
Look what they sharred with me- it looks like the Olympics world to me!
It says the word "International." That sounds important to me.
Thank you Hank and Melin for thinking of me and sharring.
There are some rules , that I tried to follow.

Ok, here's the deal:
1. Link to the person who tagged you. MEILIN - pug , Hank @ I Tell Ya What
2. Copy the image, rules and questionnaire.
3. Post in your blog.
4. Answer the four questions.
5. Pick 1000 friends to share with.
6. Come back to BLoGGiSTaiNFoCoRNeR at http://bloggistame.blogspot.com/ and leave the URL of your post in order for your blog to be added to the master list.
7. Have fun.

Here are the questions:
1. The person who tagged you? Hank and Melin
2.His or her site title and URL? Hank and Melin
3.Date you were tagged? (I am too embarrased to say.) June 20 and July 3
4. Persons you tagged? everyone!

Well my friends. I hope I have not left anyone out! Checkers still wants me to go play tag, but that will have to be another day. I am kinda sleepy right now.
So nitety nite everyone
sleep tite

Thursday, July 2, 2009

'My Magic Bubbles"

Hi my friends.
Sometimes I talk about Fairy Tales.
Sometimes I talk about MAGIC.
It's always through my eyes, and it's always a true story!

Have you ever layed in the grass,
and watched magic BUBBLES appear right before your eyes?
What would you do, if that happened to you?
Would you CHASE them?
Would you RUN and HIDE?
Would you sit QUIETLY and look?
Would you GIGGLE?
Big bubbles and small bubbles,
that were FLOATING right across the sky?
Bubbles that were DANCING at your toes.
Did you WONDER if you could catch them in your PAWS?
Did you WONDER what would happen, if they landed on your NOSE?
Did you wonder if they tasted like BUBBLE GUM?
Did you wonder if you could RUN and CHASE them?
Did you wonder what was inside of them?

Did you wonder which bubble to chase first?
I wondered about all these things and MORE!

The bubbles must have come, just for ME.
We PLAYED tag, and hide n seek.
The bubbles flew through the air.
I was DANCING and PRANCING, right after them.

The bubbles were bouncing like BALLS!
I had to JUMP high and RUN fast.
I was surrounded by HAPPY bubbles!
Happy bubbles just for ME!

And just when I thought the bubbles were floating one way-
they changed thier minds, and FLOATED another way.
Life is sometimes like that, isn't it?

Just when I was having fun, the bubbles DISAPPEARED.
Why must the fun stop so soon?

Did you WONDER where the magic bubbles go?
I do.
Do you REMEMBER what it was like " to WONDER"?
I was wondering, if the bubbles will return, and I decided yes, they will!
When the bubbles come back, I will hop onto one of them, and I will RISE above the clouds.
I believe the BUBBLES live in the clouds.
Do you?
Tonight, I will dream about riding on the bubbles.
You can too, if you like.
Will you?

Nitey nite my friends