Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They will find the answers

Hi my friends,
I bet you have seen some amazing things happen, that just left you in awwwwww.
Did you ever wonder how someone can climb to the top of a mountain, and still be able to walk?
Did you ever wonder how someone can walk for thousands of miles and still be smiling?
Did you ever wonder how someone can make something strange looking be beautiful?
Are you totally amazed when doctors can put us back together again with screws?
I think the word is determination and miracles.

My mom brought this little bear home for me from her workie.
I call it the miracle bear, because it gives hope.
The little red tee shirt says "I helped light the night."
The balloon lights up and twinkles and says "Light the Night."
This little bear is to help benefit a fund raiser for differnt kind of cancers.
The goal is to find miracle cures through researches.
We all need miracles.
The miracles can make Survivors out of all of us.
We all know survivors, they are the brave hearts that do not give up.

I am grabbing the hand of my little friend and we are going to help find cures. That's what we all want- is cures for animals and humans. Yup, my animal friends and human friends.
"Come on little bear, we are going to do this hand in hand. You and me!"
Someday, I would like to go to school to learn how to help find cures. However, I am just a pug.
What can I do? Until that question is answered,,,,

I found summer school at http://ignitetowrite.blogspot.com/.
Jan, the wonderful teacher has activitys that help me think. It's a lot of fun.
My friends Coffee @Burnt Chicken Republic and Sasha@SASSY SASHA THE LOVABLE are students with me. I think it would be fun if you came too.
Remember when we all left a little poem about ourselves at her site? Fun aye?
Summer school is happening right now. Can you think of a writing activity that you think would be fun? If you can think of a writing activity- let Jan know http://ignitetowrite.blogspot.com/
If you want to play, and learn, follow me . It's fun.
This is a lot more fun than obedience school- there are NO rules.

That is all for tonight my friends. It's time for bed. I am going to keep thinking of ways that I can learn and give hope. And I will also be thinking of learning new writing activitys at summer school. See ya there.
Nitey nite


Ziggy Stardust said...

Tweedles, I love your little friend and Mom loves what it represents. Lately she has been reading a lot of blogs with people who have cancer. She is a member of Spirit Jumpers and they send her stories and then we write to the people to make them feel better. Mom loves to visit Jans blog. She asked Jan if we could do a doggy version of the story we all wrote together. You know where we kept adding comments and then Jan put it together. Mom thinks that would be fun to do on the doggy blogs. What do you think. She would give Jan full credit of course and she has her permission. We love Tweedles. I was outside today and there were some bubbles coming from a little girl. I tried and tried but still no magic. Next time I will try to look at the bubble differently and wish real hard.

licks and sniffs, Sasha
Sweet dreams my friend

Al said...

Tweedles, you know we dogs can help save lives, or if not we can help humans especially ill persons by giving them company, giving them love and attention like some humans cant sometimes do. I want to be a member of Doctor Dogs someday... sponsored by Philippine Animal Welfare Society and Oreo too.

Yeah AL has been having fun with Jan's motivations for us to write, it helps us with our creativity in writing. I agree with Sashy, doggy stories will be fun. Yeah let's try it!

BTW may I borrow your friends lighted heart, in case there's a power interruption. Because I am dark colored I always got kicked in the dark, it might help. Take care my friend.

Coffee and Oreo

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Once again my pal woo show how pawesome woo are!


Archie and Melissa said...

hi tweedles!
oh how fun! emmitt wants to get even smarter so we are off to check out summer school! how fun!
m & e

Manon said...

Aww Tweedles! You are so sweet! It would be great if we could find cures for everything!!
love Otie

GAIL said...

Never underestimate the power of being a pug. Look how many people/animals you have touched already!

Kimberly said...

Hi Woo Woo
It's Bell. .Sowwy's I haven't had much time to come and see evfurrybody lately - Mama says we need OUR OWN compooooter cuz we only can visit evfurryone if we are @ someone's housie. Daddy told mama he's getting her a laptop though - I wonder if that's food? I love your pictures... thanks for visiting my mama's bloggy - see ya soon my little cute furiend.. http://yourdog-ob.blogspot.com :)

Kelly said...

HI Tweedles. :) You and your bear friend are so cute together. Summer school sounds fun! I always love learning!

Diane said...

Tweedles you are such a caring little Pug. You are so lucky to be in a family that cares so much about people in general. Your stories ALWAYS warm my heart & also reminds me that there's more we all can do to make the world a better place. Thanks for keeping us on our toes.
My love to you, sweet girl!
xoxoxo Diane

Jan Mader said...

You touch so many lives Tweedles. You remember I told you my niece was just here visiting me from Texas? She is a two year survivor of a deadly bone cancer - Osteosarcoma.

My sister, Julie, just dedicated a page to my niece and namesake Janet at LIVESTRONG Action.

This page is a part of the world's largest dedication book that LIVESTRONG
Action will use to pressure world leaders to do more to fight cancer. Can you
add your name to her dedication page? It'll only take a second, and you can
help her reach her target of 25 dedications. Please copy and paste the URL below: http://www.livestrongaction.org/dedication/janet-5 [1]

You're a sweet little puggie girl. Thank you for everything you do.

Becky said...

Tweedles, thanks so much for your words of inspiration! I couldn't get through the days and nights if I didn't have my animal friends! I pray for a cure for cancer to be found. Pets give so much love for so little in return! We love you, Tweedles! Have a great weekend!

James Parker said...

What a nice little story,
About you and the bear,
The desire to help others,
Taking time out to care.

And going to school,
Writing poems just for fun,
What a neat thing to do,
I think I'll write one.

Take care, Tweedles...Pokey, TacoBelle, and Stinkyfeet

Sandy said...

Thanks Tweedles for helping me by signing Janet's dedication page, it's really appreciated. I blogged about it on all 3 of my blogs, put a note on a forum I'm involved with, twitted about it too. I'm hoping we can get far more than the 25 signatures, it's such a good cause.

Have a good wkend, and as always come see where the suitcase is off to next.


Jan Mader said...

Nighty night sweet Puggie girl. You're my last stop until tomorrow. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....