Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Spooktacular Halloween in the Forest

Every direction that I go, I am seeing Gobblins and Ghosts and GUESTS!
As soon as the darkness started closing in, things began to look a little CREEPY!

I am not sure why I was a litte AFRAID.
All my friends are here, and we are going to have FUN!

My first guests to arrive, strolled up my long WINDING driveway.
They looked like they had walked for MILES and MILES.
I strained my eyes, and stood in awe, as I saw a Shining Knight.

To the left of The Shining Knight, was a very Gentle Soul with the kindest eyes.
I recognized BOTH of them. Right from the very beginning-- I knew who they were.
It was Thunder Dog and Phantom from the OP Pak.
With tail wags and doggied kisses, we said hello to each other.
To the right of them, was the most beautiful, Miss Fluffy Tail herself- Khyra!

Following behind the wagging fluffy tails, my eyes gazed down the path where something reminded me of myself. It was a pug with the most beautiful tail and sparkling eyes. Around it's neck was little charms and sparkly sequins. I stopped to investigate and looking deep into the brown eyes the secret was revealed. It was my friend Merox- she was dressed like a pug- just like me.
I was honored that she had left her human world to come to my party.

I was amazed when my eyes gazed into the DEEP forest.
I saw a trail of candles and lanterns twinking as the procession of all my friends, followed each other, trick or treating---- into the forest.
Into the forest they went!
Here comes a big KITTY- a huge KITYY- IT'S A LION.
It purrred as it walked- it's tail wagged in the air like it was a flag.
The lion was my friend Diane! Sweet Diane.
The long procession traveled through the paths in my yard, and UP, UP, UP into the magical forest, where the mystical mist was settling EVERYWHERE.
The forest smelled like mint.
The leaves were a teapot of Autumn Brew.
The candles and lantern shone like stars in the SKY.
So many STARS!
So many STARS!

There was my friend little Otis - His costume was a Little Devil.
He carried a pitch fork!
There was another Little Devil- Omalley, with red horns.
Yes they looked mighty scary!

There were two ROYAL Kings: Hank and Dispatch.
Dispatch escorted his mommy to the nice cinnamon rolls and Cider that Salinger and his mom brought. Salinger was being his very COLORFUL self. He always shows his TRUE COLORS!

I felt like hiding when I saw Frankenstein, who really turned out to be Stubby. You could have fooled me!
It also appeared to me, that Franenstein had a friend with him .
As I looked closer, I noticed a prisoner.
Could that be Oakley? YES, it was.
They were chained together!

Now there were two doctors!
One doctor was Dr. Salinger, and the other doctor was Dr. Swish.
We always need to have PLENTY of doctors !
Salingers mom had a broken arm- she was a patient.

Here comes Maggie and Mitch wearing matching beautiful bandanas!
Everyone was envious of those bandanas , including me!
Did you see those bandanas?
There was Kong- he was carrying a bottle of perfume for ME! Evening in Paris perfume!

My yard was becoming quite FESTIVE ! There was dancing, there was cheering.
There was FOOD!

Right in the center of the dancing, up on the deck was little Cocorue. She was dressed like a psychedilic scary chi. DANCE , DANCE, DANCE!
No one was afraid!
Bats were flying everywhere!
Everyone was dancing.
Ben and Foo, were doing the limbo rock.
Howie Pee Pugpants , Annebelly and Java were jumping on pogo sticks!
Scout and Freyja looked like Dog Nannys- and they were doing the dog hop dance!
Dixie, Bugg and Sophie, Lucky and Roxy, were playing spin the pug.
Who were they spinning?
I was sooooo DIZZY!

Up by the turtle pond, I saw TWO turtles!
Who could these cute little GREEN turtles be?
Sequoia and Emmitt- could that be you?
The cutest turtles I have EVER seen!

And there was a BANANNA - It was Petunia- IT'S a Petunia bananna!
I was getting so confused. It was hard to keep track and see WHO really -was WHO!
The more I looked, the more I saw, the more CONFUSED I became!

There was the beautiful Scout, Charlie and Ollie eating the wonderful meatloaves that Emmitt brought.
Scout was not the only one eating those marverlous meatloaves! They were very popular!
I ate 4, all by myself!
I thought that I saw something flying through the air. To my amazement there was Peter Pan!
Peter Pan- show me your idenity, please!
With a quick tap on my shoulder, I could see it was Sally Ann .
Mack was imitating "Tink"-
There was DW all dressed up like a Fairy.
Arlo was a Bumble Bee! A friendly Bumble Bee!

With a sudden wind GUSH above my head, and a familiar sound to my ears, I knew something awesome was about to take place.
There HE was in all his SPLENDORIOUS beauty, the spectacular Owlbert.

And who do you think was on the back of Owlbert?
Well, it was little Sasha of course! Her little face nestled into Owlberts warm feathers.
Her BIG eyes peering in AWEEE!

I am still trying to keep control of this SPOOKTACULAR party.
This is a FULL TIME JOB!
I was making sure that all the Ghosts and Gobblins were friendly, and not to be feared!

Surprisingly to me , and hiding behind some bushes ,and trying to scare ME (me - chicken little )was Gidget, from Life with Dogs dressed like a giant CATS!
That did scare me!

There was Pearl, and Becky eating TOFU sausages, and popcorn.

My little feline friends Jane and Alice. They were sitting on the roof. They were playing with the bats.
Their lanterns shown like a million candles, lighting up the sky.

Fuji, Lilly and Benny, Max, Bajas and Virus were sailing on bubbles.
Up the mountain, and into the forest, the bubbles sailed.
High into the sky!
High into the sky!
Small Bubbles
Big bubbles.
Everyone was riding the Bubbles!
What a wonderful way to see Ghosts and Gobblins!

Some of my newest friends just arrived.
Paula and her 3 pugs Bandit, Smokey and Paisley were dressed like the Three Stooges.
They were so funny. They were entertaining everyone! I had NEVER so much FUN!

Clip clop, clippity clop. Who can that be?
It really doesn't look scary enough to be a monster.
I looked a second time.
I could see it was Tango Pony.
On his back, sitting like proud Queens were Annebelle and Maddie, and Jan.
Everyone ran to take rides on Tango Pony.
Tango brought a whole basket of apples, for us carmelize. And Maddie and Annebelle were balancing a box of homemade BISCUITS on their head!

Here are some friendly ghosts from the forest.
Don't they look like they are DANCING?
They came from inside the forest to join in the fun!
The ghosts were caught telling spooky stories to Pearl, Coco, Checkers.

Riley, who was dressed just like a Pumpkin , was listening to some great storys from the GREAT PUMPKIN.
Star, who was dressed as a Bunny Rabbitt was sitting on a log eating carrots with my friend Nibblet.

I thought I saw a BIG fluffy Chicken fly by, it was Daisy.
Pearl was a Squirrel. Her cheeks were stuffed FULL of NUTS!

Rosemarie, was all dressed in Orange and Black skull face and cross bones. Very colorful, I must say. Everyone gathered around to stare, as she was so COLORFUL.

Al, was strolling along the quiet creek.
He was listening to forest sounds.
He was watching the snails carry candy corn on their backs.

Occasionally, we heard the PLUNK of the toads, are they dove into the frog pond.
Sometimes, a HUGE bat would fly over our heads.
Everyone DUCK!

The fog was settling on the golden leaves.
The owls were hooting.
My friends had traveled the worn paths into the dark forest to trick or treat.
They had little back packs, and mouths stuffed full of carmel corn, nuts, candied apples, and all kinds of treasures.
Everyone was tired.
They had stopped along their way to visit with the squirrels and Gabby the fawn, all the rabbits, and the crows, and bunnys.

I say: It's time to toast marshmellows!
It's time to REFLECT.

It's time to sit around the campfire and HOLD HANDS.
It's time to tell Ghost Stories!!

I had a wonderful time at the party. DID YOU?
Thank you all for coming to share this Halloween in my forest.
I hope I did not miss anyone. If I did not say your name- please let me know.

Nitey nite

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Envelope

I was AWAKEN by a LOUD knocking at my door!
I asked myself.
"Am I hearing things? Is this a dream?"
"I must be hearing things!
This knocking certainly- must be a dream."
It's SUPPOSED to be time for my beauty sleep.
It's not TIME for knocking at my door!"
I closed my eyes again.
I started drifting off to DREAM LAND.
DREAM LAND, here I come -one more time!
That OBNOXIOUS knocking was back AGAIN!
I decided that sometime's, it is best to not IGNORE situations, especially SUSPICIOUS noises!
Sometimes NOISES can be important.
So, I wearily stumbled to the door.
I stood up on a chair and peeked my little eyes out of the peek a boo hole.
I was SURPRISED, to see NO ONE!
Nope, not ONE soul.
I thought to myself, "I certainly must have been IMAGINING."
As I gazed sleepily down to the ground, I rubbed my eyes.
I needed to see more CLEARLY, I said to myself.
Then I saw it!
Yes, I saw it!
A closer look was absolutely what I needed!
Right before my very eyes, a brightly colored envelope lay on my porch.
I saw the word "TWEEDLES" written in HUGMUNGOUS letters.
"Tweedles", well that is ME, I thought.
I slowly opened the door and grabbed the envelope FAST.
As I tore the envelope open, my heart LEAPED with JOY!
To YOU from ME is what the words said.
My heart skipped a beat.
I smiled!
As I was ripping the envelope open, and shreds of paper were flying EVERYWHERE- my mind RACED.
I had no IDEA what this was all about.
I was so EXCITED.

This is what I found inside the envelope

This little character is doing EXACTLY what I like to do!
Now isn't that a ko-inky- dinky that I would get a SCRIBBLE AWARD!??
It seems to me, that someone knew me more, than I know myself.
Do you ever feel that way?
That someone who really seemed to know me is
"Gen and the Foo."
Thank you so much for sharing your cherrished Award with me!

As I pulled more treasures out of the envelope, this is what I saw.
Cocorue, my new little friend from Malaysia, shared this cherrished AWARD with me.
Look at the WORDS.
It says Showing Some Love Award!
Can you believe it?
I was honored to receive this.
Many times I have danced with little Coco, in my dreams.
And I have also received some cherrished chikisses- right on my little cheek!
If you have not met - little Coco from (the cutest little girl chiuahua on the planet) you are missing out on a WHEEL -BARREL of fun! (a very nice wardrobe of clothes, she has too)
Go say Hi! She would love to meet you.

What big hearts you have- for sharing with me. Is thank you a big enough word?

I will start my sharing of these awards, by picking two friends that are BRAND NEW to me
I give the Sharing Some Love Award to: Bandit, Paisley, Smokey and mommy Paula . Do you know them? Go say hi! They are mighty cute little puggies. Oisin in Ireland. Have you met Oisin? What a cutie! Go say hi!

I will now share my Scribble Award with these friends of mine.

Jan @ She does not scribble- she writes a lot (which I am learning how to do)! Go play some games and have fun in her word piles, and learn some new words.
Diane Diane does not scribble, but she does crafts and journaling (which I do not know how to do, and need to learn) She is sooo talented.
James James does not scribble. He is an Artist and a Poet and a Photographer, and has a huge heart. Go for a visit. He can make you smile!

Time has come for me to go back to sleep now.
I do not hear any knocking. I will dream about scribbling.
Nitey nite my friends

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Halloween in Tweedles Forest"

Deep in the forest, there is going to be a party.
And ALL of you are invited.
We're going to have a FOREST HALLOWEEN PARTY!
Do you want to come?
Please dress up.
Tell me what you will dress up to be!

We will have some MYSTERIOUS guests coming by to visit us.
They live in my Mighty Deep Forest.
Do you know which guest this "eye" belongs to?
Can you guess?
TRY! I bet you KNOW!

And the Great Pumpkin, will be making a GUEST appearence.
You can all meet him!
As you can see, he has been hiding, in the autumn leaves.
I was chasing leaves and rolling head over heels, when I heard the Great Pumpkin sleeping.
He was snooring!
I whispered in the Great Pumpkins ear" there is no time for sleeping, we are having a party, so lets get busy MISTER GREAT PUMPKIN Time is wasting!"

We will all take a journey into my beautiful mysterious dark haunted forest.
This is where all of my forest friends live.
Deep in the forest, where owls HOOT.
Deep in the forest where frogs CROAK.
Deep in the forest where coyotes HOWL.
Deep in the forest where the moon shines BRIGHT in the sky.
Deep in the forest where giant trees STRETCH their roots .
Deep in the forest where sometimes mysteriously strange SOUNDS, I hear.

Do you recognize this friend of mine?
Do you remember Owlbert? My faithful Owl friend?
Would you like to meet him?
Would you like to ride on Owlbert back , HIGH, HIGH, HIGH, above the tallest forest trees?
Would you like to sail over the ponds and watch the frogs splashing and playing leap frog?
He would be HONORED for you to ride him.
Say YES!

We will go deep into the DARKEST part of the forest.
It won't be scary, ,,, just TRUST me.
I promise!
We will watch the earths seasons change, right before our very eyes.
The seasons are changing at a ZOOMING speed.
Leaves that were green yesterday, will be gold tomorrow, and tumble to the ground.
Tumble to the ground, and they will land at your TOES!
We will see the WOOLY WOOLY orange catapillars, looking for a place to sleep for the winter.
We will watch the Canada Geese fly through the sky, as they head south for feeding grounds.
The bears are already in their dens- they are sleeping,,,,,,,,,, we won't see them.
But, we may see the COUGAR!

We will crawl over these branches that are all covered in moss.
The moss helps keep the branch's warm for the winter.

We will walk through my fern forest, where it is very quiet.
Just the sounds of the trickling streams , will be all that we will hear.
As you enter my forest you will feel ENCAPTIVATED, but there is nothing to fear.
I am mesmerized everyday, by the magic in this dark forest.

We will climb over the logs, and stand beside the mighty GIANT trees.
We will dunk our little faces, into the big pond, and reach for apples.. Red and Green apples.
Yep, we will!
We will have the best party ever!
You must come!
We will go trick or treating through the forest!
Yup, that's what we are going to do! Does it sound FUN?
It will be!!
I am hoping Emmitt will bring some of his famous mini MEATLOAVES.
And I will have some Tofu for everyone to try. Have you tried Tofu sausages? Yum , they are GOOD!
Gabby, the little fawn who was born in the spring , will hand out nice crunchy caramel apples.
We will go down the path to the little rabbits den. They live in the tree roots, deep in side of the hill.
They have been roasting some nicely cooked carrots.
I can smell those carrots now!
The tad poles and frog will hand out sweet peas. And lilly pad rolls.
The crows have a HUGE BAG of pop corn balls. They are just waiting for you to come, so they can share. I can see them flying through the air right now- carrying strings of pop corn!
There will be all colors of popcorn balls.
Plain pop corn too!
My squirrel friends have been waiting to share their HUMUNGOUS tree full of nuts- I love nuts! Big nuts, small nuts. They have them all cracked and have roasted some just for us!
I can hardly wait!
And then, we will all sit around a nice warm campfire and toast marshmallows.
We will all hold hands as we tell our spooky Ghost and Goblin storys!
Will you come? Will you come?
Say YES!
Tell me what you will come as.
Nitey nite my friends
I will see you in my dreams, as always.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Tweedles And The Web"

The clouds were playing "peek -a boo" in the sky!
It was a perfect day to go for a walk, it's Autumn!
It wasn't raining.
The sun was shinning.
It was a perfect day.
I heard Mother Nature calling my name.

I am not sure WHY,
but everywhere that I would go, there was a web right in my face.
I am finding this very PECULIAR.

I hate Webs.
They stop me right in my tracks, from being mischevious.
The Webs mess up my fur.
The Webs get in my eyes, and make me stop thinking!
And now my foot is stuck in this BIG Web.
Somebody please HELP ME!
I pulled and pulled, to get my foot loose, then my tail was stuck.
I was EXHAUGSTED, but finally I was able to fight and get FREE!
What a RELIEF.

I decided that, Charlotte and her family, must be moving close to my home.
Do they think that they are moving in?
All I can say is THERE IS NO ROOM!
All of a sudden I am feeling INVADED.
This is my house, and my yard!
I thought Charlottes and her family lived in plants.
Could I have been mistaken?

I don't know what to do.
I am feeling like something is trying to catch me.
Have you ever gotten you foot stuck in a Web?
Did it make you change your plans?
What did you do?
Did you feel like you were stuck in a sticky mess?
I do!

I REALLY was minding my own business.
I felt something coming closer.
Another WEB, it was ready to capture me!
This was like a BAD DREAM!

I decided I should help mama gather these leaves from the grape arbor.
Maybe I will be safe now, up here in the wheel barrow.
No more Webs in my eyes.
No more Webs in my face, or my nose!

Who can tell me what to do ,when I feel those Webs are coming after me?
Do I hide?
Do I give up?
NOPE! Not me!
I will be on the look out from now on, and I will avoid those Webs.
The best part of all there are no Webs in my house.
There are no Webs in my bed!
Thank goodness!
Nitey nite my friends

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Tweedles And The Perfect Pumpkin"

The ground was frozen to a solid crispness.
While the moon grew HUGE in the dark sky, Jack Frost visited the Pumpkin Patch.
He left a blanket of white frost on every little plant, and flower.
All the green pumpkin plants have layed their heads on the ground and gone to sleep for the winter.
The plants will all awaken next spring, when the sun warms the soil .
I will be waiting, will you?

BUT , to my surpise, all that was left in the patch, was the pumpkins.
Big pumpkins.
Little pumpkins.
White pumpkins.
Orange pumpkins.

Everybody likes to go to the pumpkin patch and find the perfect pumpkin, right?
Look at all these pumpkins. How will I ever decide? Which one do I choose?
A tall one?
A skinny one?
A flat squatty one?
One that has more wrinkles than me?
They were all calling my name.
What's a Tweedles to do?

I was having a hard time deciding. I was looking for the Great Pumpkin.
They all looked great to me.

I felt like I was getting LOST!
All the pumpkins were calling my name, to come and look at them!
The pumpkins were singing!
I was twirling in circles!

Oh, don't let me get lost out here!

I think I am getting closer now, closer to making my decision.
As I passed by this little pumpkin, I asked "Hello, little pumpkin- you sure are a nice little pumpkin, would you like to come home with me?"

Here is the pumpkin that I picked out.
It's not the Great Pumpkin.
I did not find him.
But this pumpkin is just the PERFECT one for me.
It is just the right size.

I did not see the "Great Pumpkin."
Where does the "Great Pumpkin" live?
Do you think he lives in your pumpkin patch?
Aren't all pumkins great, no matter what color or size?
They are to me. I love all pumpkins.
I would like everyone of those pumpkins in that patch, to come to my house.
I would like to have a pumpkin party- and all of you are invited!
Tonight when I go to sleep, I am going to dream about all those wonderful pumpkins friends I made., and I hope in the morning they are all in my yard.
Nitey nite my friends

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"No Monsters In My House"

My bed was shaking so VIOLENTLY, I almost bounced right onto the floor!
I was too scared to look, and too scared to just hide under the blankets.
I just knew monsters were on the bed.
44 Monsters were in my blankets.
44 Monsters were in my dreams.
With caution, I peeked out from under the blankets.
I saw shadows on the ceiling.
I saw shadows on the walls.
The shadows looked like they were dancing.
What should I do?

I decided the best thing to do, was to face my fears straight in the eyes.
I found a little flash light and with a click, I had the beam right on the monsters.
The jumping up and down on my bed stopped SUDDENLY.
I heard giggling.
There sitting on my bed- was the suspicious dual.
They were not monsters at all, they were friendly spooks and goblins.
I was so relieved to know that monsters were not in my bed!
When morning came, the 3 of us went outside to play in the falling leaves.

The leaves were falling so fast, that it was so hard to see in front of me.
Then I noticed shuffling ahead of me.
Leaves shuffled to the left, leaves shuffled to the right.
Through the blurr of the falling leaves, I saw him- It was Mr Scarecrow.
He did not look scary to me, in fact he looked very friendly.
He looked like someone I wanted to play with!
We all giggled , turned summer salts and tossed leaves in the air.
And then,,,,,,we started walking down the path.
We shuffled our feet in the leaves.- all four of us - Spook, Goblin, Scare Crow and me.
Shuffle the leaves to the left,,,,,, shuffle the leaves to the right!
That's what you do when the monsters come into your dreams- just shuffle them away!
Nitey nite my friends- I will sleep better tonight.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"My Forever Friend,,,, Mr Lion"

All lions don't ROAR !
Some lions PURRRR!
This is my Mr Lion, from when I was a baby.
As you can see- he looks mighty comforting, and snuggly.
Mr Lion was bigger than me!

I was wondering if you have ever had a special friend, that walks beside you everyday?
Mr. Lion lived in toyland before he came to live with me.
I am so glad he chose me.
Everywhere I went, Mr Lion would go too.
If I went to the doctor, well,,,he would go.
He sat right there with me . He never left my side.
I would be in one of moms arms. Mr. Lion would be in the other!
All the doctors and nurses, always expected him to come along, and he did!
The doctor listened to his heart, and looked in his ears, and eyes just like he did me.
Mr Lion is my forever friend.

Mr Lion has watched me grow from being a tiny puppy to a BIG frisky puggie.
He never gets tired of me. I think I am a little bigger than he is now.

Mr Lion and I love to go outside.
We pretend that we are tumbleweeds! Have you ever been a tumbleweed?
Do you pretend?
I can toss him in the air, and he will sail into the sky, as far as I can see!

Sometimes it's fun to just hang out together.

And sometimes
when Mr Lion gets sleepy
I carry him
That is what friends do.
Mr Lion is my forever friend
I will always take care of him.
Do you have a special friend
that means ,,,
so MUCH to you?
Tell me who your special friend is.

Nitey nite my friends
so snuggle
I am going to go listen to Mr Lion purrrrr.