Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More Monkey Business

Sometimes lots of monkey business is happening in my world,

 Sometimes the monkey business  is like a secret
 that lives deep inside of me .
It can happen every day!

Oh yes, it does  happens everyday!
Because my monkeys are everywhere!

But some days  I like to be quiet, and take a few naps.
Do you ever feel that way?
Sometimes it seems as though my words have gone to sleep,
 and pulled the blankies over their heads.

You see,,, sometimes quiet is good.
Sometimes it feels good to sit and stare ,
and look ,, and of course - always be held.

But sometimes words need to wake up,
and share with you about my monkey buisiness, 
and tell you how much I care about you!

I will wish on stars tonight that my words wake up,
and  I wish on stars
 that a million magic bubbles  will swirl around you
 and fill your world with peace .

nitey nite
your tweedles