Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Dreaming "

When I sleep, I dream.
This is my dream to share with you!
Long ago

7 happy little frogs slept

in a quiet little frozen pond,,,,,,,,

nestled in the midst of a dark, and very magical forest.

It was a long and cold, and blustery winter.

Snow flakes had tumbled from the sky

and fierce winds howled, like wolves!

It seemed like the winds howled forever!

I tip toed very quietly to the edge of the pond, and gently touched it with my paw.

A crack raced across the ice crested top and then stopped!

The pond seemed oh so very silent and mysterious to me.

But, deep under the frozen lily pads (where no one could see),

little frogs were sleeping and dreaming !zzzzzzzzzzzz

of the splishy splashy days of spring.

Suddenly- like magic

The seasons splendorously began to change.

Pink and blue clouds raced from across the sky carrying a thousand raindrops!

Thunder roared!

And the pond filled- to overflowing!

Plants that had been sleeping in their hiding places

began to wiggle for the sky!

The sleeping frogs woke up and were leaping and dancing!

Dragon flies zoomed, and butterfly's flitted everywhere!

Spring was almost here. Spring was on its way!

As I opened my eyes the next morning

snow flakes were falling around me like thousands of feathers!

And then I knew this was only a dream of what will be.

Today, I have a million snowflakes to count!

nitey nite

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Helping Paw

Today the sky snowed and the snowflakes landed on my head.
I love the snow, and I know you do too.
I love to run and play in the snow, and do zoomys,
And I also like to eat the snow flakes as fast as they fall.

Yesterday the sun was shining.
I like to go for walks and chase magic bubbles when the sun shines.

I have a friend that cannot play in the snow and cannot play in the sun.
She needs 2 leg surgerys very badly.
Her name is Minnie.

Sometimes the sky seems to be falling.

Minnie has a mom and her name is Barbara @ if i didn't have a sense of humor.
Maybe some of you know Barbara.
Please go see the story at her blog, and you will understand how very big the problems are.
Barbara is always helping others in needs. Always.
She has a very giving heart and has helped so many.
Now Minnie and her mom needs help.
There is a Chip-In Counter that has been posted on her blog.
And here is the link: http://surgery4minnie.chipin.com/minnies-surgery
If you can circle around them with a helping paw, well, I know for sure that they would be grateful. Please go visit them. if i didn't have a sense of humor.
nitey nite

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Mr. Chewy Review!

I cannot believe Mr. Chewy contacted my moms, and asked if my moms
would like to review the services of their company.
So many of my friends have been contacted by Mr. Chewy,
and I have read their great reviews!
I was hoping Mr. Chewy would contact me and my moms, and he did!
Now it was time to see if Mr. Chewy could find my old farm home in the deep forest.

Mr. Chewy directed moms to the web site,
so moms got on the computers to order on line.
It was easy for my moms, because it was user friendly. (thank goodness)
Mr. Chewy said my moms could look through the order catalogue
and pick something out for me or the cats, using a special code.
The biggest decision was what to get (for me of course).
Do I get food or treats? (I vote for treats!)
Look at all the selections! And there are more choices than what you see!
There is even cat litter and flea products.

Then moms saw my brand of food, there on the right corner of this add.
See this bag? Yup, that is what I eat!

So, moms ordered this food (shucks-no treats) and within a few days, the Fed Ex truck arrived!
Food for me!!
Thank you Mr. Chewy!
You proved that you really can find homes way out in the deepest part of the forest!
Ordering is so convenient, and my moms loved having the food delivered to our door.
My mom's were very happy with your services, and will order from you again!
Thank you Mr. Chewy- thank you!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wilma's Winter Pet Safety Awareness

Hi my friends.
Guess what?

The mom of Wilma the Pug( Wilma, Brigg and Sluggo) was contacted by Morton Salt Company and the ASPCA. They were asked by Morton Salt, if her and the puggys would like to promote their Winter Pet Safety Awareness campaign on their blog.
They knew how safety conscious Wilma the Pug and her family is!
I think Morton Salt saw the blog Wilma did on National Keep Pets Safe in the Winter .
So of course Wilma, Brig and Sluggo were the perfect candidates
to talk about safety .

Wilma had a photo contest asking us to submit a photo of us practicing Safety.
I entered the contest showing me with my handy flashlight. My flashlight won the contest!
But there were other great ideas and photos too. Congratulations to all who played.
They should be winners too!

The Fed Ex truck found my forest home and brought me this big box for Morton Salt!
It was addresses to Tweedles the Pug.
The box was labeled WINTER KIT,and it was full of Safe T Pet stuff!
The FED EX man said "Is this where Tweedles lives?"

Look at all the pet safety items that were in the box!
Ice Melt that is SAFE for Pets! Do you see it?
This is very important stuff to keep around when the ice flakes fall.
It's best to put some of this on the ground to melt the ice, so no humans or furrys slips and falls.
And no worry's about it being safe for pets- because Morton Salt made it safe! No bad stuff in it.
And do you see the retractable leash? Always keep your pets on leashes! Never take a chance!

Look at this very warm safety blanket!
The safety blanket was all wrapped up in a roll.
The blanket had a harness around it, that I can use if I ever need to.
Never be without a harness!
Never be without a blanket- because you never know
when it gets freezing cold. No one wants to shiver!
You never know when there might be an emergency!

Look at this cool ice scraper! I am giving it to moms right now!
I saw ice on the windshield this morning.
Windows need to be clean and clear, so you can see who to bark at when you go for rides!
In the box was also a blue pen, that says the words Morton Safe T Pet on it.
And there was also a little blue thing- with a paw print on it- that I am still trying to figure out what it is.

Wilma said that : As part of the campaign, Morton Salt was donating $20,000 green papers to the ASPCA.

Thank you to Wilma the Pug for having this Safety Awareness contest, and thank you to Morton Salt for these wonderful Safe T gifts!

Nitey nite

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pillars of Strength- A Special Day for K

Today is a special day when bloggy friends come to circle around heart dog K and KB, her human.
(Romping and Rolling in the Rockies )
K, the most beautiful heart dog of KB is fighting the biggest fight of all
- to fight the big "C" monster.
This week- K will go thorough yet another chemotherapy treatment.
K is doing her best to stay strong.
Universally, bloggy world is standing as a Pillar of Strength to support and love K and KB.

I will never forget the day when I first visited K, R, KB and the Runner's world.
High in the mountains of Colorado they lived among the golden aspens and forest.
I gasped at the beauty.
I was sure I could feel each ray of the sun as it beamed down on K's shoulders.
K's eyes glistened like gold.
My heart yearned to experience the wonders and beauty
that K felt as she ran and played in the snow! I wanted to run with her and her brother R!
I know so many others of the bloggy world had this same yearning.
K and KB heard our hearts plea.
Through photos and beautifully written words, KB has generously shared
the wonders of their world.
Mountain lions, and bears, and bobcats, and many more animals are part of their everyday life that they shard with all of us.
KB captured some of the most inspiring sun rise and sunsets to share with all of us.
They have been a guide to us- to "live in the moment.

To K and KB
These bubbles are filled with wishes
I saved them just for you, my friends.
Their clenched into my little paws,,,
Until I set them free.
I'll open up my paw real slow,,,
and then they'll sail your way.

WATCH ,,,,,, as they drift your way.
I wish for you my loving friends
that strength will come your way
oh, i wish the monster would just go away.

Stand with me as we circle around K and KB as they stay strong and fight.
Let's circle around them with the Power of The Paw.

nitey nite

ps thank you to the OP Pack for introducing me to Romping and Rolling in the Rockies.
It has been such an experience that I will never forget.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


My friend Mr. Pip tagged me on his post.
He wanted to know if I wanted to play tag.
I am going to try to play along
and answer all these questions for you.
And if you want to play along- I think it would be fun!

1. Describe yourself in seven words?
friend, explorer, happy, mischief maker, day dreamer, imaginative, and listener.
2. What keeps you up at night?
The full moon keeps me awake, because I like to stare at its brightness.
And sometimes the croaking frogs keep me awake.

3. Who would you like to be?
I would like to be a blue butterfly.
4. What are you wearing right now?
Nothing, I am as naked as can be.
5. What scares me?
Ohhh,,I get scared when my meals are one minute late!

6. The best and worst of blogging?
The best part of blogging is reading about all my friends adventures.
The adventures make me smile.

The worst part of blogging is when I hear my friends are very sick,
and I cannot make them feel better. But I send love to them in my magic bubbles.

7. What's the last website you visited?
My friends Mitch and angel Maggie

8. What is the one thing I would change about myself?
I would like to change my little tail into a long tail like Khyra, then I could fly!

9. Slankets yes or no?
I have a pink nighty. I do not know if it is a slanket or not.
Oh yes, I think it is!

10. Tell us something about the person that tagged you.
My friend Pip is a handsome little furry, that always makes me smile!
He likes cheeseburgers, like me.
He is always having fun with his family. His sissy and Pip, sometimes have tea partys.
And Pip's family recently moved to a new house, and Pip has a brand new couch to sit on.

I would like to tag 8 followers to join in this fun if you want to. I think this is 8.
And if more would like to join in this fun- well.... COME ON- LET PLAY TAG!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"What's Wrong With Burt?"

Burt was looking at me with just one eye.
Something was wrong, I just knew it.

My moms took Burt to the doctor to see what could be wrong.
The doctor looked and looked and looked to see what could be wrong.
But, there was no answers.
Moms put medicines in Burts eye, and then he gets a treat.

Maybe someone beat him up.
Maybe a hobo spider bit him.
I don't know.
Do you think someone made fun of him
because he does not have a tail?

Burt goes everywhere with me.
We go outside and sniff the frozen leaves together.
We go to the frog pond together- me and Burt.
Burt always teases me, every day.
He runs and jumps on top of me, and then we roll!
Burt makes me giggle.
Sometimes Burt hides behind a log and then tries to scare me.
But, Burt can't scare me! I know Burt's tricks!

Burt and I go exploring in the forest together.
Burt can climb trees, but I can't.
Burt is in snuggling in bed right now.
I think Burt is dreaming of the treats he will get tomorrow.
I hope Burt gets better soon.
Paws are crossed.
Nitey nite