Thursday, July 2, 2009

'My Magic Bubbles"

Hi my friends.
Sometimes I talk about Fairy Tales.
Sometimes I talk about MAGIC.
It's always through my eyes, and it's always a true story!

Have you ever layed in the grass,
and watched magic BUBBLES appear right before your eyes?
What would you do, if that happened to you?
Would you CHASE them?
Would you RUN and HIDE?
Would you sit QUIETLY and look?
Would you GIGGLE?
Big bubbles and small bubbles,
that were FLOATING right across the sky?
Bubbles that were DANCING at your toes.
Did you WONDER if you could catch them in your PAWS?
Did you WONDER what would happen, if they landed on your NOSE?
Did you wonder if they tasted like BUBBLE GUM?
Did you wonder if you could RUN and CHASE them?
Did you wonder what was inside of them?

Did you wonder which bubble to chase first?
I wondered about all these things and MORE!

The bubbles must have come, just for ME.
We PLAYED tag, and hide n seek.
The bubbles flew through the air.
I was DANCING and PRANCING, right after them.

The bubbles were bouncing like BALLS!
I had to JUMP high and RUN fast.
I was surrounded by HAPPY bubbles!
Happy bubbles just for ME!

And just when I thought the bubbles were floating one way-
they changed thier minds, and FLOATED another way.
Life is sometimes like that, isn't it?

Just when I was having fun, the bubbles DISAPPEARED.
Why must the fun stop so soon?

Did you WONDER where the magic bubbles go?
I do.
Do you REMEMBER what it was like " to WONDER"?
I was wondering, if the bubbles will return, and I decided yes, they will!
When the bubbles come back, I will hop onto one of them, and I will RISE above the clouds.
I believe the BUBBLES live in the clouds.
Do you?
Tonight, I will dream about riding on the bubbles.
You can too, if you like.
Will you?

Nitey nite my friends


Ziggy Stardust said...

Do you want to read something crazy Tweedles I have also seen those bubbles right in my house. Sometimes they show up in my kitchen. Are they the same bubbles that you see, do they come to my house after yours? I will try to dream of the bubbles tonight and dream I am floating over to play with Tweedles. I think that would be a nice dream for me.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Al said...

Hey buddy!! Uhh bubbles? I hate to admit it but I am afraid of them. AL likes bubbles, she would make one in a small container and blow them off in front of me...I hide. But since you shared something which I think will try and that bubbles are not that scary. Take care Buddy you look good today!



Stubby said...

Hi Tweedles! I love bubbles! One time when I was in my backyard a big bubble landed right in front of me. I went to check it out and it called out to me. I climbed inside of it and it was so warm and cozy. All of a sudden the bubble started rolling down the street. Can you imagine what the neighbors thought? A pug inside a rolling bubble!

My bubble ride took me to a park where a bunch of baby ducks had lost their mom. I helped them find her and then I got back in the bubble and went home. I realized that the bubble landed in my yard because the baby ducks needed me. I hope another bubble lands in my yard so that I can go on another adventure. Maybe a bubble will take me to visit you.

Stubby xoxo

Checkers & Chess said...

Tweedles - you are one philisophical doggie! I saw bubbles at the lavendar festival - they were not nearly as intriguing to me as they were to you - they were blowing away from me so I just wandered on to the next booth where I found my new food bowls!

Diane said...

Oh tell the sweetest stories. I love them all! I often thought about slipping inside a bubble & floating off to a magical place. You keep dreaming those sweet dreams, little girl. I love being a part of your world!
xoxoxo Diane

Archie and Melissa said...

hi tweedles!
oh emmitt just jumped on one of those bubbles and is floating off to play with you!
he says they are magic transports for taking you places you want to go!
m & e

Becky said...

You really need to write a storybook for children about your adventures. I bet grownups would read it too. I know I would! I bought a big bubble wand at Walmart and the dogs love it. Makes huge bubbles and lots of them. I laughed and laughed as they chased them around the yard! You are one AWESOME pug! Happy 4th of July!!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Once again my pal, woo are soooo khorrekht!

Woo made Mom get THAT smile!


Hank said...

Yep, Tweedles, is just like that. Guess it can't be ALL fun and games. That's why ya gotta live in the moment I tell ya what!

James Parker said...

HAHAHAHAHA, Tweedles. TacoBelle aqui. Don Stinkyfeet tienes usted ...oops..James Parker has you on Windows to the Words to paint your pitcher. I can't wait to see if the artists do you up right. Oh..and Pokey says dem bubbles don't taste right...she likes "POKE CHOPS". HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi Tweedles! how exciting that you got to play with millions of bubbles! I think that If I had the chance to meet the bubbles I will feel tickles in my fur.
Please don't fly away with the bubbles, or if you do so, come back to your moms before sunset! they will worry so much.

GAIL said...

You look so cute chasing those bubbles. What fun! I saw some beautiful pictures my sister Diane did of you.

Anonymous said...

Hello! There´s an award for you on my blog!!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Hi Tweedles, I love bubbles. Mom has them here a lot for the little grandbipeds. I always try to pop them with my paws or catch them on my nose. We love your stories. Happy Popping.

Woos, Thunder

Anonymous said...

You sure had fun with those bubbles! I think I would like to chase them but I don't think they would taste good.

Molly the Airedale said...

We need mom to get us some bubbles so we can float over and visit you! You're such a creative pup, Tweedles!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

THE ZOO said...

Happy 4th of July.

Unknown said...

Hi Tweedles - your bubbles have given Annie lots to think about. She is contemplating the fate of Tweedle Bubbles so hard she has fallen asleep and is softly snoring and undoubtedly having bubble dreams right now...
many puggy kisses...

The Devil Dog said...

I think it would be fun to run around and chase bubbles with you, Tweedles.


Jan Mader said...

Maddie and Annabelle loved your bubbles, Tweedles. I thought they were after moles again, but on closer inspection I found they were just popping bubbles that had landed among the flowers. And just when I thought there were no more bubbles, I went to the barn. One floated right past Tango and landed on a barn cat. The barn cat took off running and that was the last I saw of that bubble. Tango's still looking. Maybe he can do bubble tricks! He's sure you will have more for him!

Allison Walton said...

Gus and Waldo like bubbles, too. Did you know there are bacon-flavored ones??

Gus and Waldo