Saturday, July 11, 2009

" My wrinkled face"

Hi my friends
I am getting so many wrinkles that I don't know what to do with them!
Should I try to hide them?
Do you ever worry about wrinkles?
Every day when I see my reflection in a puddle, I see more wrinkles.. More than yesterday! Now what do I do? Do I put mud on them?
And now, my hair is disappearing, and I am getting more nakeder than ever!
It's not fun for your hair to fall out. It's not called shedding- it's called going naked!
Do you ever worry about such mysterious changes?
Will you still be my friends, if all my hair falls out, and I have lots of wrinkles?
My doctor is trying to help me. So, twice a week, guess what I get to do?
A bath - twice a week,,,,this is getting old!! And horse pills!

I asked mother Nature to help me understand.
She told me I was blessed with new wrinkles so I would get more kisses.
Another kiss, one for each new wrinkle, and to not worry. (and the warts too).

Me worry? Why should I worry?
I have lots and lots of clothes that my mama made for me.
All the colors of the rainbow.
I can wear my clothes when I get cold.
Or, I can wear my clothes for fun! I can play dress up. I can wear the same color clothes as you!

Look at me in my pretty pink dress and my pink boo boo toy. I am still waiting for you to tell me if you want to play.
Will you still be my friend if I am all warty and naked?

And look at my clothes rack that mama bought to hang all my clothes.
My origional closet got too small. Does your closet get to small?
This is the view from the top. Look at all the little red hangers. All 20 of them.
Can you tell that it was ment for shoes? Well, who cares!

I am trying to choose what I am going to wear, and it is a very big decision.
(this picture was taken when I still had hair.)
Look at all my clothes!
The time has come for me to go to bed and dream about fun times, that you and I will have soon- after all- we are friends -
Nitey nite


chicamom85 said...

Tweedles, I love you and I will always be your friend no matter what. You could lose all of your hair and teeth and I wouldn't care. You are my Tweedles. I am very scruffy right now because I don't like to be groomed but you are still my friend, right? I am still looking for the magic bubble that will bring me to Tweedles. Have you found any lately. I haven't been seeing any bubbles, but I will wish real hard and hope they are there when I wake up. I hope you feel better soon and don't have to take pills made from horses(yuck)and taking a bath twice a week, the horror of that. I had a problem one time and kept scratching and leaving wads of hair all over. I had to take special baths and keep the soap on me for 10 minutes. Can you imagine that, my Mom will never forget it and hopes we never have to go there again. Be well my friend and I will dream of finding Tweedles on my magic bubble.

licks and sniffs and lots of love, Sasha

AL said...

My friend even if your wrinkles overlaps with each other I will stay here for you. Your profile picture makes me smile whenever I thought of you. Wrinkles are not bad, and I don't know why humans are afraid of it. I don't really shed that much...I can give some of my coat, if you like it.

You got lots of clothes to choose from, I only got one. And guess what? Al gave me a new teddy bear.

Taking a bath twice a week is a no no! It will only lessen the glossiness of our coats. I hate taking a bath you know that...but I like my coat to get combed everyday, so they wont notice that I don't take a bath often LOL.

Stay just the way you are.

Love and hugs


Maggie and Mitch said...

Even if you had a zillion wrinkles and you were bald, we would still love you, Tweedles!
You have such cute clothes!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Manon Doyle said...

Tweedles..... don't worry everyone gets them should see my! Wrinkles are a sign of wisdom and you sure have that!
love, Otie

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

If woo don't mind being the kholour of ME, I'll save woo my hair?!?

We will still love woo no matter what!


Katie, Mollie and Bobo said...

You have quite a nice clothing collection. I LOVE the red hangers. You like loofa dogs (or Bobo's if you watched the petsmart commercials) too. I have quite a few of all materials and collors.

As for the wrinkles I think they give you a unique look that is all your own. I think you look fabulous and you shouldn't give them a second thought.

The OP Pack said...

What do you mean you are losing your hair??? You look great to us, and yes, we really do want to play. You look great in pink.

woo, the OP Pack

Anonymous said...

Oh Tweedles, we think you should listen to Mother Nature and not worry. Everyone goes through changes. Think of how boring it would be if you looked the same for always and always. It would be like wearing the same outfit every day forever. BORING! We hope you don't have to take horse pills and baths *shudder* for always but we'll be your friends even if you do!

jane & Alice & the Momma

Becky said...

Hope the vet fixes you up right away! I'm sure you will look normal again but if not we will love you no matter what. Your clothes rack is so cute and I love the pink on you. Fuji had a loofah dog but he got a hole in him so I hid it from her. Didn't want her eating the loofah stuffing! Get better soon!

Pearl said...

Oh miss Tweedles! I would still love you no matter WHAT you looked like, ok? Dont you ever forget that!

I am going bald right now too. We are twins! Momma says my allergies get so bad in the summer that I lose my fur.. and then when it gets cooler, it all comes back. DOn't you wory about how you look, ok? You are beautiful!

Salinger The Pug said...

Tweedles sweetie! Wrinkles are just a sign of wisdom so wear them proudly!

I would be your friend whether you looked like Chewbacca or Mr. Clean!!!! You are a beautiful Puggy inside and out and the amount of fur you have doesn't matter at all as long as your Dr. says you're ok!!!


Jan Mader said...

You know Tweedles, you are wrinkled art in motion. I see beauty in every photo of you. I wish I could take pictures like your mom!

Hank said...

Tweedles, honey......everybody puts too much importance on looks, boy howdy. Shoot, almost every perfect lookin' person I know is a jackass!

You will always be a special little gal to me - no matter what ya look like.

GAIL said...

Tweedles, there is NOTHING that would make us stop loving you!

Stubby said...

Hi Tweedles! Hair and wrinkles do not make the puggie - it's what's on the inside that counts. You are a beautiful pug that loves life, her family, and the world. I will love you no matter what.

Stubby xoxo

The Great Rock Eater said...

Tweedles, I will always love you dn be your friend. I have lots of wrinkles too!! Mommy says it makes her love me more. Even with my two one pink adn black belly (see Misadventures of Pugs adn Bugg for the visual) Mommy still says I'm beautiful and so are YOU!!!!!

The Great Rock Eater said...

Tweedles, my dear, I tagged you in my new post!! I can't wait to see you there. Wrinkles, warts, no hair and all!!!! =)

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Always will be your friend! Wrinkles are so cute! We love our wrinkles.

The Devil Dog said...

Tweedles, we will always be your friend. No matter how many wrinkles, warts or clothes you have. Wrinkles are a sign of wisdom, experience and intelligence. Don't let anyone give you any grief about them. I think your wrinkles are very pretty.


PS mom says thank you

Nancy Medina said...

TweedleyPoo, this here is your galpal Anniebelly. I think your wrinkleys just add MORE layers of loveliness to gaze upon. And warts are great ice breakers at pawties, doncha think? I have asked my mommee to BOOKMARK your picture of the nifty clothes wrack. can you BELIEVE I do not HAVE ONE OF THEM yet??? *steam comes out of Annie's ears*
love and little kissies...

Diane said...

My little Tweedles, you need not worry about little things like wrinkles! We love you sooooo
much & nothing will ever change that! You are beautiful inside & out, young lady!
Big kisses & hugs to you, sweet girl!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi tweedles!
oh sweetie! wrinkles are perfect for a pug and who needs fur when you have all of those beautiful sweaters! we love your wardrobe and closet!
if there is one thing that emmitt has taught me is that all we have to do is relax and be ok with whatever happens. finding a way to be happier in any situation is the secret to feeling good. feeling good is the secret to a wonderful life experience.
fine tune how you feel sweet tweedles and know all is well. you are a beautiful puggy inside and out.
we love you!
m & e

Checkers said...

that face made us really smile! THANKS!