Thursday, February 18, 2010

'What Does Spring Smell Like?"

I could hear the wind WHISTLING in the breeze.
The sky was blue and the air SMELLED green and sweet.
Birdies were SWIRLING above my head.
I had a feeling like I could FLY!
I WONDER if this is spring?
I can't let go of this feeling!

Little seeds were WIGGLING in the dirt.
The little seeds played "PEEK A BOO " with me.
Little worms were SUN BATHING , and SLEEPING.
I was very QUIET, so not to disturb them.

I knew if I SEARCHED long enough, I would find the first signs of spring.
Look what I found!
These little flowers BLOOMED last night.
First there was just ONE little flower.
And then,
the little flowers STRETCHED their petals to the sky .
One by one, they STRETCHED.
"Little flowers," I said to them softly......
"Don't be AFRAID.
Let the sun TOUCH your petals
Let the rain DRIZZLE around your roots
The RAINY days won't last FOREVER,
Lets just sit here together,
just YOU and ME.
I will wait right here with you
We will wait for spring to come.
Maybe it will be tomorrow.

Tonight I will dream about the sun shining on my shoulders and running in the green grass, and FLYING.
Nitey nite


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'll live my spring through woo -

AND I'll keep my snow too!


kissa-bull said...

oh tweedles love
your words always makes our mommish smile really big
and we love yourpikshures
we have yours up in our room so we can gaxe at you all the time
pibble sugars
the houston pittie pack

Debbie said...

I love spring - I look forward to the cooler months - we have had such a hot summer in Australia. You are the most gorgeous little puggie, I hope you have a great weekend.

AL said...

Umm I can almost smell it from here, I can smell the green leaves with droplets of morning mist as it blended with the smell of roast coffee WOW!

It's really hot here you know, I feel like I am being grilled whew!

Nice to see you again my friend.


BTW your knitted shirt looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

You have some beautiful spring flowers there Tweedles! And we LOVE your sweater.

Yoda & Brutus said...

Those spring flowers are so pretty. We are wishing for spring here!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Sandy said...

Your words are so sweet...Kisses!

Wilma said...

Oh Tweedles, you have given my staffand I all an acute case of spring fever with your post. Still too much snow on the ground to find any blooms yet here in Connecticut. I am new to your blog, and want you to know how much I appreciate your magnificent way with words. Have a lovely day.

Sharon Wagner said...

Spring is almost here? Sweet!

Sallie said...

Yay for spring!

Jan Mader said...

Oh Tweedles, you make our hearts sing. We smell spring, we hear spring, we taste spring, and thanks to your beautiful words...WE FEEL SPRING! HOORAY!!!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

ooooooooooooooooooh - we're in! Whew! Okay, disregard our email, Tweedles!
Mom is so very anxious for spring but we are still loving the snow!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Chatty Crone said...

Tweedles - you are one good looking girl. You are one beautiful lady.

Spring is right around the corner and I just love how you look around and investigate. You just love everything you see.

Have fun.

~Kim~ said...

Hi Tweedles!! You are really stylin' in that sweater--I love the colors!! I'm so glad you found spring, I've been wondering where it was!! :-)

The OP Pack said...

Mom hopes you are right, Tweedles. We had lots of ran today and some wet snow. Now we have a storm coming in over the weekend. No signs of spring here yet.

Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


Hi Tweedles,

We have not heard from you in soooo long and we miss you bunches!

See you're wearing your pretty red sweater again. Hope to hear from you soon!

Riley and Star. stuff for dogs said...

Ms. Tweedles,

so glad you were able to search out some signs of spring. I will keep looking for some this way, haven't seen any yet. :(

And Ms Tweedles, you look just lovely in your bright sweater.

Take care.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi tweedles!
oh what a beautiful poem!
spring is coming my dear friend!
those flowers are so lucky to live in YOUR garden.
you look beautiful in your sweater. i love the new photos!
m & e

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

What beautiful spring thoughts!! We want to dream that lovely dream with you!!

Woofs and Kisses!

Pugsley and Lola said...

We HATE snow!!! So we are soooo ready for spring!! We miss the warm weather and taking our nightly walk with Salinger.

Pugs & Kisses
Pugsley & Lola

P.S.- You look super cute in your sweater:)

Diane said...

The sweet spring is coming! I just love seeing all the little flowers peeping their heads out. It won't be long, sweet girl! You'll be outside playing into the evening. I love your sweater Melissa made. You look stunning, my dear!
xoxo Aunt Diane loves you!

Stubby said...

Hi Tweedles! I woke up the other morning to the sound of the birds singing. I understand bird songs so I translated for Mom:

We're back to sing to you
Spring is coming very soon
Get ready for the flowers to sprout
Time to turn your smile from a pout

Aren't they sweet? We don't have flower buds pushing through the snow yet but I keep searching.

Stubby xoxo

soggibottom said...

I always dream that I am running.

I see snowdrops, but as I am asleep so much never too sure if I did see them, or they were a dream.
x x x Amie soto blossom

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Tweedles, we have signs of spring, too! Our snow is finally melting and making MUD! No flowers yet but the mud is a sure sign of good things to come - at least for us. Momma said that we should not run in the mud...sigh...but we do and then we get the towel-thing when we come back into the house.

Did you know that today is NATIONAL L♥VE YOUR PET DAY! Tell your mommas to get busy!

Hank said...

Tweedles, honey.....Spring can't git here soon enough!

Pee S: ya sure look purty in yer sweater!

sandy said...

Looking out the window and the still large mounds of snow....I want to smell spring, if only I could.

Love your pink's gorgeous! Bright, cheery and very springy.


bbes tribe said...

Tweedles, We have Spring weather here too BUT you say it so much better!!! We love your posts & your sweater is beautiful. Did someone make it for you?
Happy Day!
Ernie, Sasha, Chica

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Tweedles!

Penny and I love your Spring post.
You look great in your sweater too!
Have a great week!

-Dana & Penny

Miss Patty the Pug said...

I love spring! So much better than Winter! I think all pugs love warm weather... I love to sit in the flowers and sunbathe!
Hugs and Kisses from Patty the Pug

Anonymous said...

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