Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rainbow in the Stars

Hi everyone,

You would never know that PartyPalooza 2009 is on its final days. Everyone has been still having such a good time. Dogs and cats running everywhere. Games being played and plenty of food from Emmitt's kitchen. Emmitt has just plain outdone himself with all the entertainment and food that he has provided for us. Card games are being played, hoola hoops are twirling, tug of war games, keroki (not sure how to spell it) , more paw painting, face paintings,hiking, fishing. Some dogs and cats are still walking around in costumes. Toys are everywhere. Big balls of yarn are unraveled, and hanging from the curtains, and even up the trees. Virus , Alice and Jane are looking quite entertained.

Pop corn is everywhere! And no one has started packing to leave!

I woke up early this morning to the sound of the roosters crowing, and the sounds of snooring from all the dogs. I am not sure what was the loudest. I pulled off my ear muffs, and tiptoed quietly, being very careful not to step on any tails or paws, and I went outside just in time to see the clouds disappear. Another day- is here and I want to make sure I live every second of it.
I am not sure if it is going to be sunny or cloudy- it really does not matter. It is very beautiful.

I took a little walk and saw some pretty rocks along the path. There, among the stones was this word,,,,, Imagine. It is my mama's favorite word in the whole world. It was carved so delicately ,,,,, Imagine. That word is my favorite word too. I miss my moms. Tomorrow I go home and I should have a Birthday cake for me, cause I will be 3.
I did not want to be gone for long, cause I knew everyone would be getting out of bed and the partying will once again begin. I did not want to miss a minute.

But, as I was heading back to the house, I noticed a hot air balloon was sitting in the middle of the yard. I followed the trail of cookie crumbs from the balloon to the pond,,, and there was Stinky Feet, James Parker Art with all the dogs and cats and they were skipping stones! I ran as fast as I could to join in the game! The party had already begun!

At our bonfire tonight, we were all sitting around in our big circle, shoulders- touching- shoulders, paws touching paws. We sang songs and told storys. We talked about the wonderful time we had.

Emmitt talked about what it was like having an artist for a mom and how his mom inspires him, and then he inspires her, it's a sharring thing.

And Stinky Feet was with us too. Sitting there with Taco Bell and Pokey, listening, just as if he was one of us furry creatures. Every now and then he would wink at us, and his eyes just sparkled with smiles. He had some great stories and poems that made us laugh!

During a quite moment, I looked up in the sky and saw something very strange.

The stars were moving, they seemed to be following each other . They stretched across the sky and then formed this,,,,,, what does it look like to you?

To me, it looks like a rainbow of stars. If you look very closely, you will see what looks like names on the stars. Do you see them? What do you think about the rainbow of stars?
I have my own thoughts that are through my eyes, but I wondered what you thought. Tell me.

Suddenly dancing broke out around the bon fire and everyone was up dancing, singing and eating. I started stuffing food into my mouth and joined the party.

This party has been something to remember forever! Tomorrow I think we will all join in the clean up, as we want everything spic and span for when Emmitt's parents come home. And we have got to get some tricks or obedience learned! We have a lot to do!

T h a n k y o u so much Emmitt, for sharing your home and your world with us. We know the word thank you, does not seem like much, but it comes from our heart. We had the time of our lives
Nitey nite


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Woo deserve lots of skhritchies and skhratchies fur being such a grrrreat skhribe fur THE pawty to end all pawties!

It was soooo much fun!

Sleep tight Tweedles!

PeeEssWoo: Happy M'day to your moms!

Puglette said...

hi tweedles! i got to meet emmitts mommy today! she is super cute and as nice and sweet as you can imagine from her wonderful blog. i also got to meet her sister melanie, she is also super sweet. i will post photos and more on my bloggie tomorrow.

oh! would you please let emmitt know his mom will be home tomorrow around lunch time? he'd better get to work on cleaning up!

Suzuki said...

Hi Tweedles!
It sounds like you are having the most pawsome time :)
Enjoy evfurry moment of it!
Big licks to you

James Parker said...

TacoBelle here. ..Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!! Youse sownded likes youse had one beeg fiesta with Emitt and dem other pups. I had me a sooper dream butt I gonna lets Pokey tel youse bouts it coz she rites mucho mejor than me.
Pokey here. I had de same dream that TacoBelle had so I got a couple hours and I'm gonna tell ya alls about it....uh oh...
STINKYFEET here. Those two...they'll yap your ears off. I had that dream too, Tweedles,... with the hot air ballon, and the stories and the campfire and the stars. So maybe it wasn't a dream...just being "real" somewhere else for a while...maybe over the rainbow, cause I had this little pup named ToTo begging for scraps. I saw those stars but I was laying on the ground the other they looked like a big smile in the sky. is sure good to hear from you, and now that we've gotten settled a bit, we'll come see ya often. Be good and be happy...hasta la vista...James

Anonymous said...

Hi Tweedles! Yep, the party was a HUGE success and I'm so glad that we gots to climb trees (and curtains) and play with yarns. Please be sure to share pictures of your birthday cake when you get home to your moms! I hope it's tuna flavored!!

jane & Alice

Unknown said...

Hi Tweedley, this here is Annie. I just want to apologize for Howie's behavior at the pawty, peeing in the punch bowl, tipping over the snack table and then devouring everything that hit the ground. I tried to warn EmmyPants not to invite Howard, but, as usual, the boys never listen to me! Don't worry, I'll give him a spanking later. It's my special-ee-allity.
*blowing kisses to TweedleyPants*

Anonymous said...

Hi Tweedles,

The party sounds like it was great!! Happy early Birthday!

Sniffs and licks,


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

What a fantastic party, Tweedles! You are one lucky girl to witness that Rainbow of Starz, and to have Mr. Stinky Feet there with you. Even though he is Stinky!

Now, Tweedles, give your momma's a big smooch each for Momma's Day, and see what big treats they give you;)

And, Happy Birthday, baby!

GAIL said...

Happy Birthday Tweedles. I hope you get lots of cake and Happy Mother's Day to your mom's.

Diane said...

Hi little party pug! Sounds like you all had a blast! I am so glad. Thank you so much for describing the party in detail. I felt like I was there! Happy Birthday to you sweet girl & Happy Mom's Day to your mamas!
Yum yum...birthday cake for Tweedles!
Kisses & hugs, Diane

Molly the Airedale said...

It's your birthday? Happy birthday, Tweedles! We hope you have the most specialist day ever!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Tee said...

Hello there! Sound like you're having a grand time pawtying away. Happy Barkday Tweedles! We hope you gets many many presents!

Warm birthday greethings from Dog Woods - licks and wags,

The Dog Woods Pack

the TN Bull Terrors said...

That sure was a great party, even if Pappy was tryin to make 'smores turkey legs! LizzaBella really had a good time, every-Bully was really helpin her learn how to be a dog & stop worryin so much! We'll have to do it again in a couple months!!

Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

Apollo said...

Hey Tweedles! I had a blast partying with you at Emmitts! Happy Birthday!

Kelly said...

Tweedles, my sweet friend! I hope you had the BEST birthday!!!! Did you know I am 3 too? We are the same age, and it's a great one!

I hope you did lots of playing and cuddling! You are just the sweetest girl!

The Devil Dog said...

Hi Tweedles, yes it was a fabulous time at Emmitt's, even if Lucky and I had to leave early. It was great to me you and everyone else.


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Thanks Tweedles and Emmitt. It was a lot of fun. We read this am that the house was in mint condition when Mom arrived home.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Archie and Melissa said...

happy happy birthday my sweet tweedles!

we love you! thank you for sharing in on the fun! you are a very special pug with two very special moms!