Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"It's A Cotton Candy Summer Day"

I feel summer everywhere!
I feel summer when the sun rays touch my shoulders.
I see summer down at the trickling streams.
I see summer when I watch the bunnys hop and play.

Summer's colors are stretched across the sky!
S t r e t c h e d like pink cotton candy!

I smell summer in these yellow daisy flowers.
I see summer when I watch the bumble bees and butterflys.
I think of summer when I taste watermellon and cotton candy!
Today feels like a cotton candy day!

This is my "Cotton Candy " sweater vest made with love
by Melissa at Life is art ... Art is Life

I feel summer time when I chase my ball !

Summer is a fun time when moms play with me!

The warm summer sun

is shining on all of my sweaters, the many colors of the rainbow.

Nitey nite



All of my sweaters were hand made by Melissa at Life is art ... Art is Life -


Benny and Lily said...

Oh Tweedles we love your sweaters. Wonder if we could get one for Lily. Who made them?
Benny & Lily

The Mama Monster said...

Such cute sweaters!!! Are those from Melissa (Archie's mama)?

Hank said...

OMGosh, Tweedles! Your sweaters on the clothesline look beautiful!

Molly had one of Melissa's sweaters. She loved it and would fight us when we tried to take it off!

Minnie Moo said...


You look so beautiful in your sweater!


Minnie Moo

Payton said...

Hi Tweedles! You know what else is as sweet as cotton candy? You! I love your pretty sweaters and such great pictures of you...I really like the first one one with you and your ball. I smell summer when mom takes me swimming at my Gammy and Gampy's house. She's been doing that a lot lately to get me to exercise. I posted about my first try yesterday. Even though I hope for a break from this horrible heat, I don't want summer to end!

K9 Katastrophie said...

Hi Tweedles! You are as sweet as cotton candy!!


Barbara said...

Oh my goodness, Tweedles, you have a lot of sweaters!! But then, you are so beautiful, you need beautiful clothes!!


Diane said...

Good Lord,'ve got some sweaters there! Did Mom pick you up any matching shoes?? Love your cotton candy sweater...such a dreamy beautiful pink color!
xoxoxo Aunt Diane

rottrover said...

You wear cotton candy pink very well, Tweedles!


suzanneberry said...

a beautiful cotton candy post tweedles!! you look so adorable in your sweater and that snap of all of them is delicious enough to paint! beautiful shot! perfect post.
much love, suz

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Tweedles, you look just beautiful in your Cotton Candy sweater - Ms. Melissa does such beautiful work. We finally have a nice summer day here, it is a bit warm, but not sticky and humid - YAY!!! Enjoy the summer, it won't be here too much longer.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Kitty+Coco said...

Tweedles you look so pretty! I really love that shade of pink on you. I wish summer could stay here all year long b/c when summer is over the Farmer's Market ends. Nooooo.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi twee!
oh we are soooo happy you love all of your sweaters!
you look beeeautiful in all of them!
the cotton candy one you designed is just magical!
your photos make us smile from ear to ear!
melissa & archie

Maggie and Mitch said...

All of your sweater vests are just beautiful, Tweedles! You have a different one for different moods!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

Dawling Tweedles,

I love youw cotton candy look so soft and floofy and huggable, but then I love all youw sweatews
You make me love summew mowe and mowe..usually it's not my favowite season(unless I can be neew watew), but seeing it thwoo youw eyes, I have a new appweciation of all the wondews of the season
Thank you
smoochie kisses

Chatty Crone said...

My goodness you are a cutie pie in your sweater. And I see you are the typical girl - quite a large wardrobe.

Mr. Pip said...

Oh Tweedles, I saw that sweater over at Archie's and Melissa's place and I immediately thought of you and how perfect it would look on you!

Watermelon and cotton candy - what a perfectly sweet combination!

Your pal, Pip

Tiffy said...

Every day is a cotton candy day! You look so adorable in your cotton candy sweater vest. Pink is definitely your color.

You have quite a collection of sweater vests. Every color in the rainbow! You can where a different one each day and spread sunshine all throughout your forest.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Tweedles, looks like you have a different sweater for every day of the cute !
Cotton candy days are fun, I'm glad that you enjoy them.

KB said...

Tweedles, I love hearing you sound so very happy. Summer makes me happy too. Cotton Candy is a perfect description!

What gorgeous sweaters!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Tweedles you are the essence of summer's spirit! Just seeing you in your sweater sniffing flowers makes the whole world seem joyful!

Neeko said...

Oh Miss Tweedles ♥

You are soooo ADORABLE in your summer pictures and Meee LOVES your pretty sweaters :o)

Neeko :o)

sophie...^5 ***from sophie's view*** said...

I bet you even smell like cotton candy, Tweedles....I know I smell a slight scent of it permeating through the that you Tweeds!?

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Oh, Tweedles, your sweaters are all so adorable! They look just like a box of salt water taffy.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Thank you for the words of love... I just hope Quinn doesn't mind that momma gave him a new name when he came to live with us.

Schnauzer Days said...

Tweedles, what a ray of sunshine you are this Summer, we love dropping by to see what beautiful words you have for us today, love and licks, Dex and Louis xxx

Bobbi said...

Tweedles, I love your beautiful sweaters...!!! You are so adorable!

The Thuglets said...

tweedles you look simply gorgeous in cotton candy pink! We love all your do you ever know which one to choose to wear?

Have a great weekend

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Sandy said...

That cotton candy sweater is so you! And your collection of sweaters is dreamy. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on little Alfred who is now at the rainbow bridge. We will miss him. I can see Emma wondering at the routine that is not quite the same around here without her "bubbie." Kisses to you all over there in the dreamy northwest!

dw said...
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dw said...

Hi Tweedles! That cotton candy sweater is perfect for you! You're so sweet, just like cotton candy! And it is a summer sorta thing, now isn't it? These summer days are made of rainbows and cotton candy, and butterflies and magic bubbles! Thanks for sharing a bit of your summer with us, Tweedles!

Jan Mader said...

You are a cotton candy puggy...sweet enough to eat! xoxoxoxo

Sharon Wagner said...

Summer is being able to hang cute little knit thingies on the line. And Winter is for the dogs. Sorry Tweedles!

Kippy Marrie said...

Olá... Amei voce e o blog.
Muuuitoooooo fofo e lindo.
Venha conhecer o meu e ser minha amiga seguidora. Estou te seguindo, ok?
Sou a Kippy, uma York do Brasil e amo ter amigos no mundo todo.
Te espero com grande alegria.
Aus 1000 com amor do Brasil...


Oskar said...

Your sweaters look so adorable all lined up!

Nubbin wiggles,

Soggibottom said...

Beautiful colours of the rainbow to keep you warm and snug, to keep you high in the clouds so you can tell us all that you've been up to. :-) x x xluvs from Freya Rose Blossom too X


Hey there sweet Tweedles...
Your sweaters are really beautiful. What a talented designer and maker you have! So those are 'summer sweaters', are they? They are really lovely.
Sending lotsaluv to you all
ps Hope ur've disappeared from FB for a while. Love you lots!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We reread this post today just for the smiles it brings. Thank you.