Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tomorries Is Here Now!

Today I went in the car  to see my Dr. Proudy .
She gave me 3 cookies!
 I have been waiting a long time for this day to come!
My doctor was very happy with how I am doing!
She looked at me walk- and how I hold my toes,
 and she said that I should keep getting better and betters..
No steps for me- anymore- but its all okay.
No jumping to the couch or off anymore-
but thats okay too.
No jumping to the bed or off!
It's all okays- moms will help me!

What I can do is be loose in the house!
And go look in the kitchen for crumbs on the floor,
 and I can  walk a little bit more each day,
 to get stronger.!
Even though I have lots of things I want to do--
 Dr Proudy says
 "take it easy "
 for the next 4 weeks.
This is my new stuffed Bunny that Donald and Daisy sent to me.
I love to shake it, and make it squeak.
 It's very snuggly and soft.
And I like to dig in mamas jacket pocket-
 just in case there is a cookie in there,,
Tomorries is a new day
and I will find some fun for sure.
Thank you everyones for being by my side,
and helping me in so many different ways.

nitey nite
love forever
your tweedles

my friends this is the link to my
some of you have asked me for it


Patty said...

Hi Tweedles, you are looking good. I'm very glad you got a good report at the doctors.

Hugs from your friend in NJ, Patty

KB said...

I am SO happy with your good news, Tweedles. SO happy!!!!! Life is good - and I'm glad that you can start getting back to your normal life!

We love you, Tweedles! Sweet dreams of crumbs and walkies!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That is a wonderful report, Tweedles. Now take it slow and easy and follow the doctor's orders. We know the moms will take good care of you.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Millie and Walter said...

We are super happy to hear you are gaining a little more freedom. Keep up the good work with your recovery.

Millie & Walter

Idaho PugRanch said...

Tweedles we are sooooo happy that you got a good report from your dogtor!!! We bet you thought tomorrow was a long time away and now here it is!!!!
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Adriana Robles said...

Glad to hear that your visit to the doctor went well. :)
And lucky you, for getting 3 cookies! I want some cinnamon cookies now. hahah
Good thing that your mommy is there to help and take care of you; good night, Tweedles. :)<3

Payton's mom said...

Dear Twee,
You are so cute playing with that waskly wabbit. ;-) It's so good to see you frisky again.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Awesome news jumping
Benny & Lily

pugmama said...

what great news! your mamas are going to have their hands full with you!

rottrover said...

Tweedles! This is great news! We are so happy to hear it! Take it easy...

Bart, Ruby and Otto

Unknown said...

That is great news Tweedles. We are so pleased for you. Do take it easy now and make sure you get plenty of naps. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Sketching with Dogs said...

That is such great news Tweedles, stairs and couches aren't that important. Since Bridge has her Cushings, she can't do them either. Finding crumbs is way more fun!
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

tubby3pug said...

this is wonderful news we are so happy
urban hounds

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh happy day, Tweedles! Maybe someone will get you a ramp for the bed :-)

Asta said...

Dawling Tweedles
I think you awe looking so good and I know that each day you awe getting stwongew and bettew..not doing big jumps is no big deal..i discovewed when I was sick..thewe awe loads of fun things to do wifout that..i love youw new stuffie fwiend and I bet she likes playing wif you an dgetting shaken
smoochie kisses

stellaroselong said...

OUR mom says tomorrows come faster than a blink of the eye sometimes..we are so happy with the news Tweedles...I also am not supposed to jump off of things so I understand what the dogtor told you...just take it easy and take care of yourself and mom...also I am glad to see you are starting to get some more help with the monster bill.
Your dear friend
Stella Rose

Chfnman said...

What a wonderful day "tomorrow" became! Dr. Proudy should get lots of Twee kisses as should your Mommies for taking such good care of you! I know you'll make that happen, lucky them!! Now onto the road of playful, but prudent recovery!👷

Love, Gampy

Noodles said...

Hi Tweedles! This is such super news - news we have all been praying for for a long long time! I cannot wait for the day when your health is the last topic on your list.
Love you loads

Mary Ann said...

Gosh! I'm SO HAPPY that you got such good news from your dogtor!!! Now you can walk around in the house and be happy again!

Ojo said...

Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Wow, that all sounds great! Good job getting healed - keep up the good work!

Molly the Airedale said...

Padding around from room to room in your house with winter coming is a wonderful thought! You'll be 100% in no time at all, Tweedles!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Studio at the Farm said...

Tweedles, you little cookie-hunter, the world is open to you again! I knew you would be strong and well again! It is si good to read and see you out adventuring.
Kath XX

Chatty Crone said...

So she got a great bill of health - I am so glad - I know how much you love that little girl... No jumping I can get - don't understand the steps - but if it is doctor's orders!!!!

Sharon Wagner said...

Thumbs down for no jumping. But thumbs up for getting better!

Life with Wrigs said...

Oh, Tweedles, that is fantastic news! I'm sure the doctor wants you to be extra careful and avoid jumping so you don't hurt your back again. Fortunately, your moms will be there for you to offer a helping hand. We are so happy for you!

Wrigs is thrilled to be loose in the house again too. It's so nice to see his smiling face in the kitchen again when I'm preparing his meals. He's still walking a little oddly, but we think he'll keep getting better every day.

Susan and Wrigs

renate said...

Hi Tweedles:) I'm so happy to see and hear you are improving. Now you do as the vet told you to and take it easy! You will be healthy before you know:)A lot of hugs!xxx

Archie and Melissa said...

this is the BEST news in the whole world twee!

you are amazing and bring so much happiness to all the world that you share with us everyday!!!

missy and r-chee

Murphy said...

We see you are focusing on the things you can do instead of what you cannot. That is very impawtent!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Little Reufus said...

Yeu are a gorgeous Tweedles, and I cood knot be habbier wif any news ebber teu hit my ears!!!

Habbs fun, take fings easy and keeb writing boetry... on a counta thiss iss the best of Life.

wif lubbs from Little Reufus

Andrea said...

hope you get all better soon! Glad you've got a toy to keep you company!