Saturday, September 5, 2009

They Choose Their Challenge"

Hi my little friends.
I have been thinking about challenges. I have challenges, do you?
The fact is, I have a EXRTAORDINARY amout of challenges.
I think that participating in, and making challenges FUN would be the icing on the cake!
Making a challenge fun for me is spelled TREATS!
I would love to be a famous Artist and paint a song for you! I am ready, as you can see. Now, I just need to hear the tune (which I am listening for) and then I will put the words to it.
For this challenge- I would not need any treats, just some help from my magic bubbles.

I was just traveling through bloggy land, and tripped over a new posting from Mr James Parker, the Artist.
He always has stuff on his boggie to make you smile, make you think, make you laugh, and gives you the feeling that you want to participate in challenges and have fun.
James Parker is young at heart- so he thinks up FUN stuff. He is the one that can make the Artist challenge's FUN.
His posting made me think, and reminded me of an amazing challenge that Mr. Parker hosted in July. Oh YES.
The challenge was through Windows To The Words, It was open to ANYONE who could use their magic paint brushes and paint portraits of Dogs.
As Mr Parker says, "there was a lot to bark about!"
There were 16 Artists that entered the challenge. Can you imagine- 16!
I thought I would include their names, so you can see if you recognize any famous Artists. You may even see your name. They may even live in your house.
Here is a list of the famous. Lauren Mauer, Ed Burton, James Parker, Catherine Jeffrey, Gwen Bell, Deb Keirce, Tracie Brown, Arti Chauhan, Candy Manuel, Dennis Bailey, Liz Pearson, Cindy Deweese, Kelly Mac Donald, Carmello Tanner, Angela Elledge, Maggie Mayer.

My moms and I were just toodling around in Windows to the Words- James Parkers bloggie, smiling at this and that, and low and behold, who's picture do you think was among all the Dog entries to paint? ME! The Tweedles.
Seven artists painted my portrait, wrinkles, warts and all. The seven Artists names are in red.
If you like , you can go look. It was back in July, around James Parkers birthday- the middle of the month.

All kinds of dogs had their portraits painted and what PAWSOME jobs the Artists did.
Those artists ability's would take your breath away! Big eyes, little eyes, faces full of expression and love.
You can only imagine the looks on my moms faces to see ME all painted up and pretty.
Each Artist captures a different side of my personality in their painting, and each one was totally spectacular.
We would like to have everyone of those portraits. Time to dream!
What brave souls to take on a challenge like that! Yes BRAVE!.

In reading James Parker new post- he announced there is another Windows to the Words challenge coming, right now in September, and Artists will be running to capture the amzazing portraits of some chosen kitties. Go check this out

I can't wait to see which Artists will be brave enough to enter, and take on the cat challenge .
There are Artists out there, that I did not know even existed. How would anyone know- unless I told you!
Windows To The Words has other challenges for photographers and Writers too.
Go see. That's what I do. I go everywhere!

Well my friends, I think that I will go play with my red ball and wait for the stampede of Artists, that will join the challenge to paint the kitties! I wonder if I will see any Artists that I know.
And I will also think up a way to paint you a song!


Benson and Lily said...

I bet you can beat those artists. You already have your crayons...your good to go.
Benny & Lily

Hank said...

Tweedles, honey.....I went to that fella's blog but I can't find yer dang pitcher! I mean, I saw yer photograph but where's the paintin's of ya?

chicamom85 said...

Oh Tweedles, I can't wait to go and check it out. Of course they painted you, who wouldn't want to capture that special little face of yours. Thank you for telling us about the place to go look and now we are going to explore. Happy Labor Day weekend to you and your Mommies. I hope they are both well. I hope to visit you soon.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

chicamom85 said...

Tweedles, I just looked at your paintings and they are incredible. They really captured your beauty. It was so amazing. I wish Mommy could get one for us. I love my Tweedles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tweedlie-poo!

That's so awesome that you got painted by so many talented artists! Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Jan Mader said...

Hi Tweeds! I just saw that you had a new post and came right away. I'm leaving for a family picnic, but as soon as I get home you can bet I'm going to go check out all those cool places you sent me.

AND...of course they painted you. What artist in the world wouldn't want to paint YOU? If I was an artist, I'd paint the last photo of you on this post. It made my day....I'm walking out the door thinking of your picture and bubbles!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure the work woo khreate fur us will be PAWESOME!


MAX said...

Hey Tweedles
Thanks for an interesting and creative post.
Lots of licks

Cocorue said...

hey Tweeds, the paintings of you are awesome....

but the one that floored me was not a painting but the rendition of you with 600 photos......THAT was fantastic

time to go dancing again friend


Hi Tweedles,

We luv your art work. Boy, you are sooo talented and you compose songs too? Wow! I'm gonna tell our good buddy, David Letterman about you.

Keep up the good work and we luv the red ball, it's sooo REDtro!

Riley and Star.

Sandy said...

Oh if I could paint, I would paint you. I am paint and drawing challenged. I can sometimes make a stick person, thats about it for me I'm afraid. I didn't get talent in that area.

What fun though it will be for you to see all the artist renderings of you.

Go take a bath and put on you Sunday best to look your best, some might want you to pose while they work.


TC said...

What an honor Tweedles!! We saw a puppy that looked like you on the ferry going to Galveston the other day, of course you are much more photogenic!!

Benson and Lily said...
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Benson and Lily said...

Hey Tweedles
Check out our blog. We tagged you with an award
Benny & Lily

Angela Elledge said...

Tweedles thank you so much for writing about James' Windows blog and linking all of the artists to your blog. I enjoyed painting you so very much, you have much love in those little pug eyes of yours and now reading your blog, I see why - it's because you have lots of love to share from your heart. Take care.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi tweedles!
oh what a wonderful challenge!

the portraits of you are amazing!

you are an extraordinary puggy!

m & e

James Parker said...

LOL, Tweedles....Pokey and TacoBelle still growl at me for posting all those cats on my blog. They'll get over it. You were the star of the pups woofin'. Painting cats is a whole new furball.