Friday, December 30, 2011

"The Periwinkle Ribbon"

When my sleepy eyes opened this frosty morning, the air smelled like snowflakes.
I was sure a magic paint brush had dusted my world with frozen flecks of star dust.
New adventures were reaching out to my paws, and so I reached back.
As the sun rose, her rays stretched clear across the pale blue sky.
Colors of pink and purple swirls were cuddling with each other, as the moon began to slip behind the sleeping mountains.

I shivered as my paws stepped out onto the frozen blades of grass.
"Too cold", I thought to myself. " But, better cold than wet and soppy."
Frozen forest trees with moss covered branches, stood silent in the distance.
I could see them glistening as the sun began to touch their long needles.

And then I heard the chirp, chirp , chirping of the birdies.
Little Junco birds, with dark eyes, and cold feet, huddled close together on the branches of the naked trees.
Just like spring robin's preparing to sing their morning songs, the little Junco's sat all fat and fluffy, all in a row.
The sun rays reached down and warmed their feathers as they stretched their wings!
And then the Juncos began to sing. " Chirp, chirp, chirp" !

"What do they see?"
"Who do they hear?"
The Junco's dark eyes peered toward the magical forest.
"Ohh, I think the forest is calling to you," I said to the Junco's!
"Can I go with you into the forest, and look, and see, and listen?"
And so we did.
On this very cold frosty morning, me and the Junco's headed off into the sleeping forest.
The Junco's flew above my head, and I ran as fast as my paws could run.
High into the sky their little wings lifted them, higher and higher.
Into the forest the Junco's soared like eagles!

I stopped on the edge of the forest and gazed at the splendor.
I gazed at the shadows that were beginning to stretch among the sleeping giants.
And then I gazed at the long fingered pine needles, where the frozen droplets began to fall like sparkly diamonds.
I softly tiptoed onto the moss, while a sun ray warmed my shoulder.
I stood very quiet and I could hear Owlburt's hoooot-coming from the darkest part of the forest.

The forest looked so different today.
Was it really the forest that had changed?
How can the forest change so much, in just one day?
How can it be?
"I know that the forest was not like this yesterday. "Or was it, I asked myself?"
Wasn't yesterday Autumn- with colors of gold and red?
Wasn't it yesterday when the sunflowers bloomed, and I played with the butterfly's?
I looked at the sleeping giants, and I could hear only silence.
The silence was muffled by a mysterious occasional snore. "zzzzzzzzzz"
The golden ferns were cuddling their fronds into a nest, that had become twisted and tangled by the wind.
I knew the ferns were sleeping too.
"Hush", I said to myself, "I must be quiet."
I did not hear any roots stretching in the cold earth.
I did not hear the trees wiggling their toes.

Was I listening close enough?
Some of the sleeping giants lay silent on the ground, covered with brown leaves.
Oh, I must help them stand I thought, but I could not awaken them.
I tried to whisper into their ears, but their snores were too loud. "zzzzzzzzz".
I felt helpless!
The little creek that used to trickle, is now frozen and it's too gigantic for me to leap across!
Everything was different.
My mind raced backwards to another time when I found the red buttons floating down the stream.
Do you remember?
I remember the little tracks in the snow that I followed that special day, but they are all gone.
I remember the rabbits that lived in the thicket, that was hidden in the briars and thorns.
I remember the colored ribbons and yarn that decorated their hollow, and how I helped Nibblet and his family to make a comforter for Granny Rabbit.
I remember Granny Rabbit taking my paw and placing the threaded pine needle into it.
I remember how all the rabbits and I sewed the red buttons onto the old tattered , but loved, new comforter and how we all joined paws and placed the comforter on the bed, made from the twisted branches.
The forest is asleep. And yes, the forest has changed before my very eyes.
As I sat on the soft moss pondering those special moments, a sun beam tapped me on the shoulder.
I turned around to look and then I saw the little Junco's fluttering across the sky, like snowflakes.
The Junco's were carrying long pieces of periwinkle ribbon in their beaks. Periwinkle ribbons streaming through the skys!
Oh, what a site to behold!!
I pondered my thoughts for a moment, and then I started to run, to a clearing where the giant trees stood long ago.
I ran as fast as a lightning bolt in the sky.
And then I stopped and gazed into the fog, watching the Junco's soar.
I watched as the Perinwinkle ribbons made circles in the sky, like a sky dance!
Around and around the ribbons swirled, and then through the fog I saw it!
My eyes could not believe the beauty before me.
The oldest snag that I have ever seen, stood bravely and alone on the hill.
Once long ago, the snag was one of the most giant and bravest trees in the forest.
But it's time had come, to become more than just a tree.

Now the snag was a home to many forest animals.
Squirrels and mice and birds, and bats and raccoons found a safe shelter in the snag.
The Junco's swirled around and around the snag, and then they dipped their feathered wings and dived into a big hole!
As I came closer to the snag, I could see ribbons of many colors, draping from their weathered and crooked limbs.
Ribbons of every color were overflowing from the snag, and blowing in the breeze!
It was at that moment when I saw them!
The rabbits!
The rabbits had encircled the snag!
There they sat, shoulder to shoulder, clutching the periwinkle ribbons in their tiny paws!
Their little rabbit voices cheered!

Suddenly a shadow appeared over my shoulder. I felt the air move!
I recognized the wings, the eyes and the hoooot!
The splendorious, wings began to swoop from the sky!
And then I gasped, as the fluttering wings landed on top of the snag.
Owlburt- the wisest Owl in the forest had come home to the grandest snag of all.
Welcome home Owlburt!

Nitey nite

ps my mama painted the Junco's and Perwinkle ribbon.


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Happy New Year Beautiful Tweedles! Thank you for sharing your heart.

Meredith & Scarlet

The Daily Pip said...

Oh Tweedles, this was lovely and so perfect for the ending of a year and beginning of a new year. I am hoping this will be a wonderful year for all of us - even the forest animals and birds.

Love, Pip

P.S.: I love your mama's beautiful painting.

Jan Mader said...

Sweet Tweeds your words always take me on a journey with you. What a wonderful way to start the new year...a journey with you. xoxoxo

fromsophiesview said... are the bestest....Happy New Year to you and all you family!

Wilma said...

Oh Tweedles! Thank you so much for taking me on your journey through the changing forest. I felt like I was right next to you. Oh how wonderful it must have been to see your old friends again. I love your Mommas painting of the junkets with their periwinkle ribbon.

Barbara said...

You tell a story so well, Tweedles! I felt like I was there!

I LOVE the painting!! It is beautiful!!

i love you!

Chatty Crone said...

A year full of different seasons and seeing things throughout the year - I wish you the very best 2012 ever - love, Sandie

Payton said...

Tweedles, that was just beautiful! I think your words transported me to the forest with you! Stay warm this winter, ok? I'm wishing you and your moms the best New Year!

Two French Bulldogs said...

very very cool
Benny & Lily

White Dog Blog said...

Thank you for reminding us of the incredible wonder and beauty that surrounds us...even on a day when there is so much sad news. You are a blessing.

Mama painting is filled with joy.

We wish you a Happy New Year filled with all of the bountiful treasures that are most important to the soul and ask the Universe to shower you with blessings.

Molly the Airedale said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful painting, Tweedles! We love the Juncos with their white tummies, expecially in the snow.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Beautiful words and lovely painting. I am so ready to hear the trees wiggle their toes, but it will be a while.

Happy New Year Tweedles!

The Thuglets said...

Tweedles what a wonderful story. Your mama's painting is clever.

A very Happy New Year Tweedles. May all your dreams & wishes come true in 2012.

extra Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Scout and Freyja said...

Tweedles, darling, you never told us that your momma had such artistic talent! She paints very, very well!

I loved your story today about the forest because what you see now is something that I see for several months each year. The quiet stillness with new snow drifting down to land on fur and fowl always brings me closer to the beauty all around me. It is in that quiet that I learn so much about the Circle of Life and how all of us play such an important part - how all of us are connected, and how all of us need each other whether near or far.

On this last day of the year, we send you much love, dear Tweedles, wishing all of your friends in the forest a brand new year filled with happiness and beauty.

Studio at the Farm said...

Tweedles, your story is so very moving. I could see everything that you saw and did in the magical forest. I went for a LONG walk in the forest yesterday. It always feels to me so good and safe and magical in the woods. I thank you for your most wondrous story, for taking my mind back to the magic of the woods!!! And thank your mom for her lovely, happy painting.
I wish you and your moms a Happy and Marvelous New Year!
With Love,
Kath and all her animal friends

K9 Katastrophie said...

What beautiful birds!! We love the magic of your world!

Soggibottom said...

You have such talented Mama's Tweedles :-) A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR :-) X X X X X XX X X X X X

♥ Sallie said...

Happy New Year!

Art with Liz said...

How wonderful to see your mama's painting! And thank you for a beautiful story. Hugs and all the best for this new year.

Archie and Melissa said...

oh twee!
we are clapping and clapping!
what a wonderful story and magical painting your moms created!

yes, yes, the forest is sleeping and looks a little different this time of year but it is not asleep!

it is filled with life and warmth and love and new things!

they are just in different places and the fun part is finding them like gifts!

you are a gift!

thank you twee for sharing your story, painting and love with all of us!

i love seeing the world through your eyes!

missy and archie

KB said...

I understand, very deeply, what you are saying Tweedles. Today, I looked at photos of my forest from the summer, and it looks so different now. It's barren and almost silent, as almost everyone, plant and animal, sleeps, storing energy for the grand party of summer. But, the juncos, chickadees, rabbits, and squirrels keep chirping and bustling. You told the story so well.

Your mom made a gorgeous painting. I absolutely love it.

dw said...

Tweedles, I love your travels and always enjoy the journey through your sweet words! The Juncos and perwinkle ribbons are beautiful and inspiring! Happy New Year!!

K9 Katastrophie said...

Hi Tweedles, of course I will pray for the poor dear puppy. Thank you so much for looking out for him! The world needs more people like your Mommy!! And more puppies like you!


Sharon Wagner said...

I see Junkos on the ground by the feeder right now! I'm sure they have an adventurous day ahead. And Tweedles and Moms started the year off right. With another magical journey among our sleeping trees.

Sharon Wagner said...

I see Junkos on the ground by the feeder right now! I'm sure they have an adventurous day ahead. And Tweedles and Moms started the year off right. With another magical journey among our sleeping trees.

Suka said...

hey Tweedles,

What a pawsome story! I was totally transfixed and could see in my mind's eye your adventure unfolding. What a truly magical forest you play in, and such amazing animal friends you have made. Thank you for bringing me along on your incredible journey. Such a pleasant way to begin the New Year - with a fantastic Tweedle's adventure!

Wishing you and your moms a great New Year!


Suka said...

P.S. My human K and I love your mama's painting! It is so magical and ethereal. Lovely!


Hank said...

Tweeds, as much as I don't like cold winter mornings, you sure have a way of making them sound delightful.

Happy new year to you and your moms!


Sarah and Hank

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Tweedles, what a beautiful post! You are so poetic... Happy new year!

PS Your mama painted a beautiful picture!!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a sweet story, and the painted picture brought it to life, just perfectly.
Stay warm sweet Tweedles !

Opaka said...

Tweedles you write the most wonderful stories, I love seeing the forest through your eyes. You always make me feel so calm.

Frank The Tank said...

Tweedles, I was enchanted by your wonderfully beautiful tale of the trees and the forest and of all your friends who live there! You truly transport me in to your world with all its sights, sounds and delights! Your writing is so wondrous and soulfully descriptive, its amazing to see through your eyes! I love to come on your journeys with you, we are both little Puggys in a big world but every time you tell me a story I feel so close to you, that you never seem to be really that far away at all, keep on sharing your world and the love you have for it! Love, Licks and Snuggly Puggly Hugs from your fellow Nature lover Frank x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Cocorue said...

hey TweedTweed,

happy new year and tq for bringing us along your beautiful journey

biiiig hugs and chikisses
coco and tiffy

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Tweedles!

Daisy, Bruce and I love this post!
We hope 2012 is a wonderful, sexy year
for you!

-Dana, Daisy & Bruce

Sandy said...

Little Tweedles, your nite-nite story is wonderful. I would love to have someone read me your stories at bedtime. My daddy used to tell us stories at nite-nite. He made them up and the character in the stories was really him and the adventures he went on when he was a boy. I love your stories because I can hear about where you live! It must be most beautiful. Kisses....

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Oh Tweedles, your words are so soothing. We love you.