Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"The Forest Is On Fire"

A huge shadow drifted mysteriously through the gray clouds.
I saw the shadow on the tree tops, and then it soared around me, in circles.
I spun around until I was dizzy.
In the blink of an eye, I recognized who the shadow belonged to.
It was my friend Owlburt, the wisest owl, in all of the forests.

I noticed that some of Owlburts feathers were a little ragged looking,
a little frazzled
and tattered looking,
and some feathers were burnt!
"I have come so far to find you, Tweedles. I flew as fast as my wings could fly." Owlburt said.

"I need to ask for your help. Can you come and help me?"
"You see Tweedles, the forest is on FIRE, in Colorado"
"Forest animals are running for their lifes.
They don't know where to go. Animals are afraid. We must help them."
With huge owl eyes, Owlburt looked at me,,,, he opened his huge beak, and said....
"Will you help me? "

What's a Tweedles to do?
Of course, was my answer, of course I will help you Owlburt!!
In an instant, I climbed onto Owlburts back.
I tightly clinched ahold of the soft feathers on Owlburts neck, and I rested my face, on his head.
As Owlburt looked back at me, he winked, and then and with a leap, we were in the air!
I held on tight as we soared over the billowy storm clouds, and over moutains.
The wind tickled my ears, but I did not care.
I watched the earth below, and my eyes caught a glimpse of all the green and golden colors, of our wonderful world.
I saw the desert and the lakes and rivers and snow capped mountains.
And then,,,, I smelled smoke, black, black smoke.
Animals were running in all directions!
The forest was on fire!!
I had no time to think. Now was the time.....,,,,,
I reached my paws into my pockets and pulled out a fist full of bubbles,,,, one by one,,, the bubbles,,, the magic bubbles floated into the smokey sky.
Magically the bubbles joined hands with each other,,, the bubbles swirled and swirled in the sky and then slowly they drifted to the ground below..
The bubbles surrounded all the animals, protecting them and leading them to safety.
I looked down through the smoke , to the animals below. I watched the animals follow the trail of bubbles to safety.
They followed the bubbles to water, and to where the air was not smokey.
There were bunnies and deer, and racoons, and skunkies,,, and so many birds....
The animals were safe at last.

It's a long journey for all these animals,,, I keep them in my heart tonight.
I keep mother earth in my heart, too,,,,, I know her heart is sad.
I believe in hope,,,,, I know the earth will heal.
Nitey nite my friends
This story is dedicated to the brave workers who are fighting the fires with their shovels and helicopters and hoses. To the many familys who lost their homes, or those who are afraid.
To our friends Melissa, Fred, Emmitt and Melanies family, and to the forest that burned .
And our many forest friends,,, may they all follow the trail of bubbles.
And to Owlburt, the wisest owl in the forest,,, I dedicate this story.


Art with Liz said...

Ah Tweedles, so wonderful helping the animals get free of the fire. Those fires are scary but are sometimes Mother Earth's way of making way for new growth!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Tweedles & Tweedles' Mom's!! I follow a blog which is very close to the fire and they mentioned yesterday that they are trying to keep all the animals safe, but I know that some won't be--Which is why I'm glad you're sending bubbles to help them find their way away from anything that will harm them; we are doing the same thing.

Wilma said...

Oh Tweedles,
You are the best friend to the forest and all the creatures in it. Thank you for sending help for them. maybe some will find their way to your forest to live.

Kelly said...

Tweedles, you are so sweet. As always.

I saw those fires on the news and I didn't even think about Melissa and Emmitt being close to them! Oh now I am so worried. :(

I hope all of the animals and people are safe now.

Unknown said...

Oh must be worrying for all our friends - including "KB". We hope that the fires are quelled soon - it is really frightening...I know!!
Sending lotsaluv to all your friends too.

Kent Island Red said...

Hi Tweedles,

Thank you so much for sending the animals to safety. You're just like a superhero :-)!

Barbara said...

Tweedles, you are the greatest! Thanks for sending the bubbles for the animals and the people helping to fight the fire.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them (and you) that this fire stops very soon!!

K9 Katastrophie said...

Tweedles you are so smart!!!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Thanks fur doing what woo khan from there -

Woo are such a special furiend to all!


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh, Tweedles, we were worried about Emmitt and his family - we so hope they are not in danger. We know another blogger who is very close to the fires but so far they are all OK. You were so nice to go and try to help all the animals. We have our paws crossed for the fires to end soon.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Soggibottom said...

Fire Spirit are tricky !
One good thing about them !
They live again x x x

Have enough puff to blow the bubbles Tweedles. Or I will have to come and help you out.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh we don't like fire! We're glad you're helping and we're going to purr really hard for everyone to get away from the fire!

Archie and Melissa said...
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Archie and Melissa said...

oh tweedles!

what a beautiful story!

thank you so much for the bubbles!

they are working!

although the fire is still here and homes have been lost, no lives have been taken. :)

we are so blessed that not one homeowner or firefighter has been hurt!
the animals are all so very smart and have made their way to safety with your magic bubbles.
all will be well soon twee!
thank you for your love and magic!

m & e

Melanie, Moe, Ollie said...

Thank you sweet Tweedles for your wonderful story and thoughts. The brave firefighters are here and working hard. Your well wishes are just as important to keeping us all safe and comfortable. Thank you! We will have good progress today on the fire.

Much love,
Moe and Melanie

Molly the Airedale said...

You are always so thoughtful and thinking of others, Tweedles! We sure hope this fire is under control soon and that all hoomans and animals are free from harm.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Jan Mader said...

Your story is amazing as usual. I love it that you dedicated your story to Owlbert...that is so special! xoxoxoxoxo

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Tweedles!

Daisy and I hope all the animals and
their humans are Ok. Your post is
so nice. The animals are lucky
to have you looking
after them.

-Dana & Daisy

Stubby said...

Hi Tweedles! I'm so glad Owlburt found you. I knew he'd know where to find you and that you would help him with the fires. I have been so worried about all our friends that may in the path of the fire but now they are all safe due to you and your magic bubbles.

Thank you so much for saving all our friends from harm, Tweedles. They all love you and so do I.

Stubby xoxo

Diane said...

Hello my angel!
Aunt Diane was so enthralled with your story. You are so so GOOD! You are always willing to help whenever you can. I am so glad you got to see Owlburt. He really needed some help from you. Thank you for all you do Tweedles to help all the animals in the forest!
I love you sweet girl!
xoxoxoxoxoxo Aunt Diane
Kisses & hugs to moms too!

Becky said...

It's so wonderful and loving of you to think of others as you always do. You are the sweetest and gentlest of all the dogs I know. Your Mommas raised you up right. Kids today should take lessons from you on being kind to others. Love ya, Tweedles!!

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

We miss you toos Ms. Tweedles! Wesa just been so busy with Shelby's Auction that we have been not leaving as many postums. We love your poetry and stories and are so glad the OWL took you to protect the woodland creatures. Did you know we live on a street called, "Woodland"? Uncanny huh?!?
Much pug luvs and licks,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

Chihuahua Girl said...

Hi Tweedles – you are too cute for words! I am visiting you from Welsh Terrier “George” Blog. You have a great blog! Those fires are awful...hope they stop soon.

Looking forward to reading more from you. I invite you to come visit my blog and follow me if you’d like at

Have a great weekend! :-)

~ Tina

Roxy Ann LaRue said...

Hi ya Tweedles and Moms,
My Grandma and Grandpa live in Colorado too and the fires are doing very bad things to some beautiful land. Grandma told me I shouldn't worry to much. They are also taking care to help the animals. Grandma said she seen some bubbles on the news...and thought that was strange until I told her they came from my friend tweedles and they were magic and brought on the back of an owl all the way from Oregon to help. She was so impressed that you cared so much. She ends her love to you for helping.
I send all my love to you also...sniff sniff

The Daily Pip said...

Hi Tweedles, thanks so much for the thoughtful birthday wishes! I am your newest follower and hope we can be friends!

That fire looks very scary - I hope everything will be OK!

Your pal, Pip

♥ Sallie said...

Awww. What a great story!

zenmasterlars said...

Tweedles you are so brave to go on such a big journey! The animals and the forest are lucky to have you and your magical bubbles! Thank you for sharing with us your adventure...we also send our love to those in need (the forest too!!!) xoxoxo

bbes tribe said...

Tweedles you & your Mom are awesome. What a great story. You are the best. We loved it. Do you think you will ever put all your stories/poems in a book???

Simply Pug said...

Oh Tweedles! We were so worried about you and that fire! We were also worried about the other puggies that are living in that area. We hoped to hear from some of you! Thank goodness you helped the animals of nature. We would need to to fly to get over there to help. =( We wish we could help as well. Life just plain sucks.
~Baby and Lucy

sandy said...

If only the bubbles could really do that, wouldn't that be wonderful.

Awesome picture, even though the topic is sad.


dw said...

Oh Tweedles, thank you so much for helping the animals in the forest and for wishing the best for everyone affected by the forest fire in Colorado. It hurts to watch about it on the news, so I haven't seen too much, but I do know it's very bad. You're such a brave puggie to take on such a big challenge! I sure hope everything works out okay for the people and animals out there.

Chatty Crone said...

Now I heard about those fires but had no idea you would be able to see the glow from where you live. Glad you are saving the animals out there Tweedles.


Winston Wilbur said...

Tweedles, forest fires are so scary for all beings that live there. We keep our paws crossed that the fires don't destroy too much. We had lots of rain today and maybe just maybe it went your way to help with the fire.

GAIL said...

Great story & lovely dedication!

Ziggy Stardust said...

Tweedles, you and Owlbert are sooo brave! I was so frightened for you. Were you scared, I am so glad that you both are safe now. What a wonderful thing you did. I had no idea the magic bubble could do so much good. It is amazing, it makes me wonder what other things we might do together. Oh I must think about this. Rest now my precious friend, you deserve it. Please come and visit when you feel up to it. I have shared the Thanksgiving that we missed together last year.

love, licks and sniffs to my hero and she-ro Owlbert and Tweedles.

Puglette said...

we all need to keep sending bubbles of peace and happiness to our friends and family all over the earth. keep reminding us, tweedles, to remember that we share our planet.

Sharon Wagner said...

You have so many adventures Tweedles. I hope your magic bubbles will save as many little animals as possible. We could all use a little magic in our lives.

fromsophiesview said...

SO SO sad to hear this is happening in your area. Fire is so unpredictable and devastating. We endured a forest fire in 2007 and almost had to be evacuated. This alert was hanging over our heads for 2 days. Mother Nature can be so powerful. Pls be safe.

Scout and Freyja said...

What an absolutely lovely post, sweetie pie. We just knew that you would help the scared animals of the forest escape from the fires. You are so furry mucho brave and have a heart that is as big as the tallest of the tall trees of the forest. Yes, you do!