Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Can You Imagine- PUFF"

My DREAM was about to come true.
I have waited for almost a year for this,,,
Can you imagine!

I could hardly wait to JUMP out of the truck- dragging my moms along behind me- cause they won't let me off my leash, ya know.
I ran as FAST as I could.
My ears FLEW in the wind.
I headed straight down to the TIDE pools, where I last saw my friend- Star.
As I ran, I saw another one of my friends, Johnathan the Seagull.
I yelled out to him,,,,
" Johnathan- it's me Tweedles, have you seen Star? Have you seen Puff?"

Johnathan POINTED his beak down the beach.
He said that he had seen STAR earlier in the morning,,, so I kept running.

It wasn't very long until we were near the tide pools.
The very TIDE pools of where STAR had been laying in the sand- SLEEPING, a year ago.
Surely she would be here.
I just knew it.
But, I was DISAPPOINTED , as there was no STAR.
There were some little Sea Fishes and Sea Anemomies.
But, no STAR!
I stuck my paw into the water for a second to get their attention. "BURRR",,I said quietly.
"Excuse me", I said, ,,,,I really did not want to bother them, but I was on a mission.
"Have you seen STAR?"
The sea fishes whispered ,,, "she's over there", and they pointed.
I RAN in the direction they pointed, and this is what I saw.

"Oh STAR, I have missed you so much."
"It's been such a LONG LONG time."
"Do you REMEMBER me,,, the Tweedles?"
"I never forgot you Star, Please talk to me, for just a bit okay?
As star looked up at me with her big EYES, I could see she had so much on her mind.
Her mind seemed BUSY.
Star told me about all that has been happening in our big OCEAN.
"You see Tweedles, we Star Fish are like a MAP to the whales and fishes in the ocean.
We direct all the sea creatures in the direction they need to go at times of the year
Right now- the whales are heading,, North with their babys, so I help guide them."
Star told me she was not the only Star Fish in the ocean- there are many, many, millions.
Gee I can't count that much!
They have big jobs, I thought to myself.
As I listened , I could not wait to ask my question about,,,, PUFF!
I felt like I was about to BURST with anticipation.
Star began to tell me that Puff did not exactly just LIVE in just my ocean!
"Puff lived in the whole worlds oceans and seas." Star said.
I was DISAPPOINTED, and my face dropped into a SAD look.
I knew it would be a SKINNY chance of ever finding Puff - if that was the case.
But, Star said, that if I believed and did not give up, I would find him.
She said when I least expected it, I would find him.
Hummm, could that be true?
"Where am I going to look"?- I asked Star.
I wanted answers to all of my questions.

I did not feel like waiting , I wanted Puff now.
You know what that is like when you WANT something now?
I chatted for a while with Star, as she told me how she loved helping send the fishes in the right direction in that big ocean.
I liked talking to her, and she told me about all the other sea life in that big ocean.
But now my hope faded.

My moms and I decided to WALK on down the sandy shores, and in the distance- this is what I saw.
Doesn't it look like a Sea Horse to you"? But it was only a piece of driftwood.
Not Puff!

I sat on this log for a long time- LOOKIING up and down the sandy beach.
I was so sleepy.
I could hardly keep my little PEEPER eyes open.
But,,, I was not giving up!
Nope, not me!

I SEARCHED the ocean waters with my eyes.
It was cold and windy and some rain too.
Through the DARKNESS and SHADOWS, I searched.
What a long long way, it is across the big ocean.
So very far.

In my hotel room, I sat up all night watching the MOON BEAMS.
They danced and shined on the glowing ocean-
I hoped for a GLIMPSE of Puff.
Waiting is so hard!

The next day, I looked up in the SKY, and there was my friend Johnathan the Sea Gull.
He said " Tweedles, I will take a peek from HIGH in the sky , and I will tell you, if I see Puff ."
Have HOPE Tweedles

I looked, but I did not see anything, only SAND and ROCKS.

And then I saw something in the SKY.
Something that I have never seen before.
Johnathan was FLYING through the sky with these colorful flags SAILING behind him.

I decided I should look in this little tide POOL.
But nope- he was not here either., only my REFLECTION.

All of a sudden I heard a SOUND coming from the ocean waves!!
I was getting excited and started to DANCE.
I thought that I heard something say my NAME!!
I recognized Puff's voice.

I danced some more, and then I saw Puff- SPINNING on top of the waves.
First he SPUN this direction and then he SPUN another direction.
I wanted to go RUN out into the ocean to see him!!
Can you IMAGINE how excited I was?
PUFF was the color of the RAINBOW!
I love rainbows!

"Tweedles,,,,, "Puff said,, "you can't come out here in this ocean.
" But, what I want you to do is perch your little self down on that little rocky cliff and listen to me."
Can you IMAGINE how excited I was?
It was hard to make myself sit in one spot, but I did what Puff suggested.
I said to Puff, "Come on out of the water Puff, lets YOU and ME go run down the sandy beach".
But Puff told me he could never leave the water.
I was so sad, big pug TEARS got in my eyes.
Then Puff BLEW from his nose and my tears dried.
And this is what he told me to do. "On the count of 3 my friend , I want you to look into my eyes".

Of course I did,,,, and you would not believe the MAGIC I saw.
In an INSTANT I was in Puffs WORLD.
I was deep in the ocean with Sea Horses of all colors, and Dolphins.
Fish flowers were BLOOMING.
There were HUGE whales and so many fish I could not count them.
The moon was shining down through all the water and looked so magical.
The moon glistened like DIAMONDS floating in the sea.
I was in Puffs WORLD and we went to the BOTTOM of the big ocean.
The water was warm. And then in an instant, the water was cold.
I could see HUGE iceburgs floating on top of the water.
But I was not cold! I was riding on the back of Puff!
To the bottom of the sea we went.
Puff showed me BALLS, balls of all COLORS, big balls, small balls.
Fish flowers lived in the balls and they GLOWED.
"This is what I do "Puff said. "I gather these balls that come off the fishing ships and I take them to the bottom of the sea- where they become little homes for sea creatures.
The balls GLOW in the night, and they light the paths for all the fishes in the sea."
"It is a big job, and the whole world ocean is my home."
"I like to make the ocean WATERS safe for all sea creatures".
"Their are many Sea Horses, I am not the only one. We come in many colors , just like you do."

It was a dream come true - spending this time with Puff, and I did not want it to end.
We DANCED on the ocean waves.
And then Puff told me that he must go.
"But don't WORRY my friend, because I have something special planned for you."
"When you go back with your moms- I want you to go look in the sand for something special.
And when you see it. You will know- it was planned by me.
Anytime that you want to talk to me all you have to do is look at that "something . "
I want you to go find it now.
So go run along with your moms and don't be SAD.
"I will never forget you Tweedles, and we will do this again......If you believe. "
Those were the last words that Puff said to me,,,,,,
As I ran to my moms, I repeated the words,,,,,

Can you IMAGINE what we found on the sandy beach?
Only if you believe !
I believe in MAGIC , I BELIEVE in fairy tales!

This is me- getting comfy with my new friend.
Its not Puff, but he's mighty comfy to lay on.
He doesn't have a name yet.

And this is the ending of a perfect story.
I am sacked out!
Moms and I had such a good time and we will share more later.
And yes, I got ice cream!

Nitey nite


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Welkhome bakhk my little pal!

SO, woo had a good time?


Archie and Melissa said...

hi tweedles!
welcome home!
we missed you!
what a beautiful trip and story!
your photos are amazing too.
we are so happy to see your sweet face!
m & e

Anonymous said...

Hurray!! Tweedles is back!! And with great stories to tell! What fun you had, we're going to look for Puff or his kinfolk next time we go to the ocean!

Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terrors

Suzuki said...

Welcome back Tweedles! It looks like you had a pawsome time!
Big licks to you

Manon said...

Welcome back Tweedles! You know I missed you! Looks like you had an awesome time!! I like your new friend..... he looks pretty!


Sandra y Coco Pug said...

what a great experience, Tweedles! i cant wait to hear more of your adventures by the ocean. Let me know once you find a name for your new friend!

Diane said...

Welcome home, Tweedles! I sure did miss you. I had such fun reading about your trip to the ocean. I'm so glad you were able to see Star, Puff & now Jonathan! What a fun time! Love your new friend, too...he's a big guy!
xoxoxo Diane

Unknown said...

We're so glad you had such an exciting trip, Tweedles. What a wonderful story, and thanks for sharing your great pictures.

Puglette said...

hi tweedles!
what a great trip to the ocean! you are so lucky to find the glass ball. we have looked and looked for one of those and haven't found any yet. that is a really special part of visiting the oregon coast. i love that artists have shared their art by leaving them on the beach to find.
your new puggy pal looks fun...maybe he should be named Puff to remind you of your vacation?

Anonymous said...

Hi! What a wonderful place to go visit! And those pictures are really great.... It made me want to take Meilin to the beach. Maybe next week end!

Kelly said...

Tweedles!!! I was just sitting here thinking 'is Tweedles not home yet? I miss her!' and I came over here, and you are BACK! I don't know how I missed it on my blog list!!

Your story was so captivating! I just KNEW you'd find Puff and Star!!!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Especially the ice cream. :)

Allison Walton said...

Welcome back, Tweedles! We missed woo! We iz glad that woo had a good time.

Gus and WAldo

GAIL said...

What a wonderful vacation and story. Nice to have you back!

The Devil Dog said...

What a great adventure, Tweedles. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

Roxy & Lucky

Sunny said...

Such an adventure! Rest up little Tweedles!

Molly the Airedale said...

yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee, you got ice cream! We are so happy for you, Tweedles!
Your new friend is adorable! We can't wait to hear what you name him/her!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Salinger The Pug said...

OH WOW Tweedles! What a cool story!

We love your wardrobe changes and sweet face!

How about naming your new big friend "Jonathan StarPuff?"

Have your moms give you lots of kisses and tummy rubs from us!

Salinger and his peeps

Mr. Puggle® said...

oh, so nice

Tee said...

What an exciting tale! You sure had a great trip. Now that's definitely something to bark home about!

Licks and Wags

Tuffy of Dog Woods