Friday, February 6, 2009

Living in the moment - part 2

Hi everyone,

Mom says I stepped on the key board and now the picture went before the words. So now, here are the words. I think the PUBLISH key is just in the wrong spot on the keyboard.
I was thinking - as it seems that, I always am-- and I was thinking about "living in the moment".

This thought first began with the Resolution log- which you see in the one picture burning in the wood stove- (that I already sent.)

This was a time my moms and I will never forget- when we were barracaded in our back room for 5 days at Christmas without water, or electricity. None- zippo. We did have the little wood stove which sure did help the situation out a little. There was no driving down the road to town to get me treats or anything! And no goin to get coffee for them. The roads were blocked by big trees and a mess of wires all over the roads. And minor detail-( 2 and a half feet of snow in some places.) There was no going over the valley and through the woods to Grandmothers house for Christmas. It was just us- and the cats. ( 4 of them.)
Anything we had to eat was in that box out there in the snow- that I was looking for something to eat- from.
So here we were- making the best of it- after all- what else could we do?

And the picture of me trying to get snacks from the box in the snow- already got sent by me.I wanted bacon!

I know, I am a silly puggy. On Christmas Day my moms put a log in the little wood stove and sat to warm their toes. As you can see one of the socks is pulled partially off- that was because I needed some entertainment of some kind- so I played tug of war. The log looked pretty - laying in there buring .That's when my moms said it looked like a Resolution Log. So that is what it became.

What kind of resolution log ? How about living in the moment? When we were experiencing all that - it was not too much fun. Can you imagine getting into an ice berg bed at nite? Especially when your used to a nice warm electric blanket? Or dragging water down from the pond to flush the moms toilet? Not fun....

Was that a live in the moment - or was that FORGET IT.
We decided we would never forget it, and it was a special time- even if it was strange.
And I did get my presents from Santa Paws. So, I was a happy pup!
There are sometimes that are not very good "live in the moment times", and they should just be forgotten- ,,,,
And sometimes to "live in the moment" is to not worry so much. Maybe that is what it is all about. Today- we have each other. And the electric blanket works!
I guess we all have to figure that part out- when we get to it.
It's kind of a big topic for a little puggy- ya know. But it was worth- bringing up.
But for now- it's the weekend- and I am going to "live in the moment"- cause I have lots of playing to do and mom's and kitties to entertain all weekend long-, bloggies to read from all my friends, food and snacks , and I love it.


Diane said...

Good morning little Tweedles,
What a wonderful post this morning. I love your wonderful, uplifting attitude. You are definitely one of the sweetest little Puggies around & it's so much fun to stop by & visit with you. Big puggie kisses to you, my sweet angel & hugs to your moms for sharing you with all of us! xoxo Diane

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Oh my yes!

Tank woo fur sharing such khool words and images!


GAIL said...

You are one smart little puggie!

Molly the Airedale said...

We've hauled water from the pond in a sheetrock bucket to flush toilets too, Tweedles, and it's NOT fun! Living in the "early American way" gets old really fast!
We're glad you're safe and warm now!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Unknown said...

TweedleyPuggy, what an amazing experience that must have been. We're so glad you were safe and were able to stay warm, even though there were some things you had to do without!
we are sending you some warm Texas hugs...

Kelly said...

Hi Tweedles! You make a great point! Sometimes it's experiences like that, when things seem to be going bad, that ya look back on and smile! You had your Mommas and they had you... what else do you really need?!

Manon said...

Hi Tweedles,
I know it's hard to live in the moment but it's good to try! Life goes by too fast not to enjoy each day! Remember that every experience brings a new opportunity!

Unknown said...

Hi Margrit and henry want to say HI and that
Margrit had learned to jump up the steps and all....yeay....


Sonia ;)