Wednesday, February 4, 2009

See the Happy Faces!

Look at these happy little faces! They came in the mail today, and I love looking at them! Each one tells a different story. I would love to curl up and hear each one talk to me about what they are thinking. Betcha they would have a lot to say- and of course I have plenty of time to listen.

I say to them "who's the cutest" , and they all raise their hands!
My moms and I have been wanting to order these cards, we finally did, and glad we did!
We got them from Melissa and Emmitt's shopping store, and even the packaging was special- all wrapped up in a celaphane wrap.
I think we might frame everyone of them. As you can see- we could not decide which ones to order- so we picked all different faces - and we love them!
We are so glad that Melissa and Emmitt have such talent- that now their art is in our home.
Happy Days- yippee



Diane said...

Hi Tweedles, These are so cute. I bet you have a lot of friends to send cards to. Who wouldn't enjoy these?? Melissa's work is wonderful!
xoxo Diane

Manon said...

Tweedles, each one of those cards looks like you... lol! Melissa does terrific work ..... you are very lucky!!

Kelly said...

Hi Tweedles! Those cards are the coolest! I have always loved Melissa's work. Momma says one day we will order some stuff from her too! Personally, I want to order Emmitt. :)

I hope you have a great day! It's getting closer to the weekend!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi! It is so hard to chose one design, isn't it? I have ordered some stuff from Melissa, too, and had a hard time choosing!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Mom and I agree!

Emmitt is soooo furry talented!


Unknown said...

Oh wow they are so nice, I am going to have to check those out. Thank you for your comments. Henry and Margrit are enjoying your blog also.



Archie and Melissa said...

hi tweedles and moms!
oh emmitt and i are so happy you like your cards! you totally made our whole week!
we love you and will miss you while i am gone next week.


Molly the AireGirl said...

Melissa's pugnotes are so cute! She is one very talented artist! We'd be admiring them too, Tweedles!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Linda O'Neill said...

Melissa is the best! All her cards are beautiful and she has a wonderful model (Emmitt) helping her!:)

Allison Walton said...

We wuv Melissa and Emmitt's work! What a cute addition to your home!

Gus and Waldo