Monday, February 16, 2009

When good fortune happens!

Have you all heard the saying to make your own kind of music? I have discovered that I can make my own kind of party. ( especially when it comes to popcorn). I love the smell, I love the sounds of it popping. In fact just the word popcorn gets me quite excited.
This is the story of my party.
Everything seemed quite calm around the house, as mommie went into the living room to relax with her big bowl of popcorn that she had just popped with my assistance of course . Everything was calm -except for me. I was not calm, I was energized, and doing my happy pop corn dance!

Mom offered me my usual few little kernals- here and there- one at a time,, not enough,, i say!
More please!
It was then, that my plan came into action,,, Open mouth wide,,, and one,,,, two,,, three,,, take a big leap,,, pretend I am a billy goat, and jump right into the center of the bowl!
And so I did. I actually did quite well.
However as you can see I caused some sort of a little disturbance when popcorn went sailing through the air unexpectedly. Pop corn went sailing everywhere. On the couch, under the couch, on the carpet, on the other floor (which is actually what I had planned since my moms think I am on rations on how many little kernals, I get to eat. I could not believe my good fortune! Needless to say- you can imagine the scurrying around all over the carpet and floor to get the popcorn picked up before I could gobble it all down. Mommie was hurring as fast as I was! I don't understand what the big deal is here- everything was well planned out- i thought- and then that was the end of the popcorn- that was the end of the party!
One of these days, when no one is looking- I am going to get that machine down myself and make the biggest batch you can imagine! And I will have my own party! It will be more planned , and better thought out.
But the good news is, I did not end up in the dog house. Thank goodness
So onto the next adventure!


Archie and Melissa said...

hi tweedles!
you are a puggy genius!
i would love an invitation to your next popcorn pawty!
i will bring the balloons!
what a great night you had!

GAIL said...

Oh my, you are very lucky that we pug mom's are so patient & loving. (I really would have loved to see a picture of you you in the bowl though) :o)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Gail, I wish mommie had gotten a picture too- becasue then I would have had that much more time to gobble (if you know what I mean)

Manon said...

Oh Tweedles! We share something in common! My family has popcorn all the time and they don't like to share with me. Although I've never jumped in the bowl I patiently wait until a small morsel flies my way! I looooove the stuff like you! You hit the mother load of popcorn Tweedles..... horray!


Unknown said...

Tweedles, you are our heropuggy!!! What a brilliant idea. No more sitting and waiting patiently for us, nossirreee. We're gonna be just like TweedlePug next time it's Popcorn Saturday.

Diane said...

Hi Tweedles, I would love to come to your popcorn are very smart & so funny. I can just see you running around in an attempt to inhale as much as you could before mommy cleaned it up.
We'll talk again, little puggie:>)
xoxo Diane

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

I think this khould be a new age I Love Lucy episode!

After all, popkhorn is much better fur us than chokholate!


Sandra y Coco Pug said...

haha this was funny! I wonder what Coco would do if he ever tries popcorn...

Kelly said...

hahaah Oh Tweedles! You are the SMARTEST! I looove popcorn too, and I whine at the microwave the whole time it is popping! Thanks for the great idea!

Unknown said...

hey little doggie and I share the same love...popcorn is the best food ever!! I wish my family would feed this to me instead of that hard stuff they call "good for me" dog food. I do get treats just like you do, and I've found the more noise I make for them, the more I get...I've learnd to say "mama" and Mama give me extras!!
Loved reading your adventure, I will check back often to read more!
Zeke "the BIG dog" aka Jennie Reedy's dog

Salinger The Pug said...