Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rules and Regulations

This is my special area where I go when moms eat their food- and can't share with me. This was a little kids bed that mama found for sale on the side walk in the city. She sawed it down to a little over 3 feet just for me. But,,, this is not my bed- no way!

This is me with one of my hobbies.

I have had something that I have been wondering about lately- so thought I would ask you my friends.

Do you have rules and regulations? Who would ever think that dogs needed rules- of course I imagine little kids wonder the same thing- and for that matter- mommies and daddys probably wonder why they have rules too. At least I guess they do. Who set these rules anyway? Does everyone have rules?
Do you hear what I hear?

-,,,,, don't you be eating that roll of toilet tissue!,,,,,, but it's one of my favorite hobbies, to sneak upstairs when the baby gates get accidently put down- or I am racing mom up the stairs and I immediately run in and start dragging and gobbling the toilet tissue, eating as fast as I can.

Or do you ever hear " you must stay out of mommies purse",,,,,
Don't you eat that cat food (like it was poison or something").,,,,,
How about stay out of the mud-and don't be tracking that dirt into the house,,,,.
No you can't go outside without your harness and leash,,,,,,
Don't you be stealing from mommies pockets.,,,,,
No you can't have any chocolate,,,,,,,
No you can't eat that penny that dropped on the floor,,,,,,, ( I always heard we should save a penny for a rainy day).
No you can't eat that plant leaf that fell on the floor,,,,,,, (I want to know why its on the floor in the first place- tempting me!)
Have you ever been told that you need to sit still in the cart when your parents go to Home Depot - instead of jumping out and running down the aisles?
Do you ever hear "don't bark at the man at the gas station?"- who comes to the window to get mommies money- well why not, its our money?
Another rule,,,,, How about " now have some manners if we go visiting"
Or how about the one of "no barking when we are talking on the phone "
( I was trying to say hello)
Do you hear " No ,,,,,you shouldn't be drinking mama's coffee,,,,,,,(I wanted to know what all the hype is about coffee- so I thought I would check it out for myself, and why was it on my table?)

I hear this a lot " you have to go into your "special little area" , when moms eat- because they do not trust me to not grab whats on their plate and run like the dickens! (like they have reason to fear)
I guess I can be thankul that I don't hear many rules and regulations about all my toys, thank goodness. They are strung all over the place and mom's don't complain to much. I can play with any of them all day long. And I don't have any curfew laws- as I sack out real early in the evening. So that is something to be thankful for too.
So far I don't hear too much about sharring- since I am the only puggy- at least for now.
My thinking is we shouldn't have so many rules- but when I think about it- sometimes the rules have saved my life. So guess mama knows best!
Nitety nite



Manon Doyle said...

My mom has got plenty of those stupid rules for me too but I try to break as many as possible! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who loves to eat toilet paper...... love that stuff! My mom got real mad at me when she found me standing on the dining room table.... it was only because I saw a paper napkin I wanted! I know rules are good Tweedles .... your right.... but what our moms don't know won't hurt them! hee, hee!


Sonia said...

Oh Tweedles,

My mommy has many rules. Like " no behind the recliner", "Leave big brothers food alone", " No biting faces", "Dont bite Big Borthers back ankles", " Leave the ant hills alone"....Right now I think I am breaking every rule. But testing my boundaries is what I am suppose to do. I dont know unless I learn, I am learning everyday something new. But one day I will be like my Big Brother and "ROCK!!!!"....


PS...Big Brother is 4 yrs old and he likes to push my Mom's button once a week or so. To keep her on her toes and not be tooooo comfortable.

GAIL said...

Your mom's do know what's best for you so try to be patient with them and be thankful you are so well loved.

Sunny said...

Yep, I have 'em too! I'm not allowed to eat my doggie sister's or kitty sister's food. I almost never get any people food. My little boys have plushies galore that I'm not allowed to carry around, even when they're just left lying around! So many rules. But I gotta say, I'll take living with the rules over living in the shelter they got me at any 'ole day! Have a good one Tweedles!
--Mr. Cash Pugface

Puglette said...

yep, we have rules too...most of them are for safety. i love your snowdrops! i agree about spring, i feel it too. your popcorn story was very funny! did you see bajas being tossed into the air? i imagine you flying in the air and poof! landing in the bowl of popcorn!
oh...we love lincoln city too. we also love depot bay, and florence, and newport and tillamook...

Anonymous said...

Wow, you do have a lot of rules at your house! My momma's cool. She just says not to break things when I stampede through the house, not to eat yarns, and not to stomp on her bladder when she's sleepin. Maybe dogsies have more rules than cats?


Pugsley said...

Hi Tweedles-

I found your blog through Emmitts. It is very nice to meet you:) I feel your pain on the "RULES" thing!! My mom has alot of the
same rules for me. When I ask her why the rules she says- "Because your the dog and I'm the Human" or "Because I said so". Whatever that means:)

Have a good Wednesday and stop by and say HI on my blog if you get a chance:)


Farm Gal said...

Hey Cuz,
I can sure tell your mommie is related to my mommie. Yep, just today she enforced one of those "rules". Well, she had this box of Valentine chocolates on the Tea Table. It is real pretty with a ribbon on top. It's been there like for two weeks you know and I knew it was getting close to being empty and she hadn't even shared any with me. So there I was on the rockin' chair next to the tea table begging as softly as I could. She ignored me, so I reached over and picked up the ribbon with my teeth and up came the whole lid. Well, guess what? Mommie saw me standing there with this box lid in my mouth and boy did she come unglued. She hollered so loud the whole neighborhood could hear. Well, at least my Daddy heard and opened the door to see what was going on. Needless to say, I didn't get any chocolates from the Valentine box. Then she even removed the bowl of yummy dark chocolate Dove candy from the table. I've been pouting ever since. I love chocolate - I got that from my mommie if you already didn't know that.

I sure love your coats, Tweedles. But since you have so much more less hair than I do, I guess you need them to keep warm. If you ever lose weight and want to give them away you can pass them down to me.

Cousin Harley says hello to and wish you'd come over and play.


Cousin Pansy

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Tweedles,
there's an award for you on my blog!
PS I wrote a huge comment the other day here but couldn't post it, and right now mom is running late. I'll come back tomorrow!